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If you ever saw iCarly, then you must have met the younger version of Noah Munck. For some fans of the show, their favorite character is Gibby, and the reason is simple; he is the funniest on the show. But not only has he had a relatively good career so far, we believe there is more in Munck, and he can offer us in the following years.

Noah has appeared in the ABC comedy series The Goldbergs. Another talent of note that usually skips fans’ eyes is Munck is a fantastic producer. In this article, you will get to meet Noah Munck and discover facts you probably never knew about him.

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Noah is among many things a YouTuber and has several followers. Still only 25 years old, the world is still up for grabs. In the meantime, he has had a promising career. Here are some facts about Noah Munck you probably never knew about.

1. Munck Has Four Siblings

Noah Munck is the first child of his parents. On May 3, 1996, he was born in Mission Viejo, California, US. To be born in a city like California meant you would have to face a lot of competition. There isn’t too much information about Munck, but we know his parents gave him and his siblings the liberty to express themselves in the arts from a young age. For Munck, his sister inspired him to take acting lessons. He started auditioning for roles at the age of 10.

For fear of their children being overexposed to the media and the public, there are stories where parents hinder them from pursuing their dreams. Not Munck’s parents. They fully supported him, and today, he is better for it.

2. Noah Munck’ Brother Featured on iCarly

Not many know that on five of the episodes of the award-winning Nickelodeon iCarly, one of Munck’s brothers, Ethan made an appearance on the show. Ethan played Gibby’s brother, Guppy. For many people, iCarly was that show they fell in love with because of the spontaneity of the characters. Also, if you are looking for a TV series that has won the hearts of many teenagers across the world, then iCarly it is.

3. Noah Munck’s Father is an Executive Pastor

Noah grew up in a Christian home. Maybe not as stringent as some conservative Christian homes, but we will never know as we do not have enough information to substantiate this. Noah Munck’s father, Greg Munck, is an executive pastor at the Crossline Community Church in Laguna Hills in California. We do not know the duration of his pastoring years, but it must have been for many years.

4. He Received A Nomination At The Kids Choice Awards

It is no question that Munck was one of the funniest characters, if not the most comic on the show. He received a nomination for the Favorite TV Sidekick award at the Kids Choice Awards for his efforts.

5. He was an Almost Graduate of Media Arts

Sometime in 2014, Noah Munck started his journey as a student at Biola University, where he was admitted to study cinema and media arts. But, along the way, he dropped out after becoming uninterested in his studies. However, through this experience, he was able to get other roles.

6. Noah Munck Has a YouTube Channel

Noah currently runs a YouTube channel called Sad world, which he started in 2016. The channel has received thousands of subscribers. The channel contains videos with experimental comedy sketches. For people who want to see absurd videos, the channel to go to is Munck’s Sad world YouTube channel.

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7. Noah Munck is a Music Producer

Aside from being an actor, Munck is also a music producer. He produces Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM. He is also a singer. He released his first single, Beginnings, in 2012. The single didn’t do too well, but Munck is not a man that gives up easily. His relentless pursuit paid off.

In 2013, he released another single, Killjoy, on SoundCloud, which has become his most successful song to date. However, the last time he released a song was in 2020. The reason for this is what we don’t know. Noah Munck goes by the name NoxiK.

8. Munck and His Friend, Ethan, Have a Patreon Account

Both Noah and Ethan have a Patreon account where they talk about their videos and music with their followers in their thousands. They also sell merch alongside.

9. Noah Starred Alongside Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

To feature in the same movie as legends Timberlake and Diaz must have been huge for the young actor in 2011. Noah Munck played the role of a bully in the movie Bad Teacher. The film received mixed ratings, but it still did well.

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10. Noah Munck Was A Panelist On “Figure It Out.”

In 2012, Munck was invited to be a panelist on the kids’ game show Figure It Out.

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Noah Munck looks like he may not be particularly present in Hollywood. But, for now, it seems like music is what he wants to do.

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