8 Facts About Noah Shannon Green and Parents 2023

Noah Shannon Green is the first child of celebrity couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Some people automatically become famous by their parent’s fame. Shannon Green is no exception. While Shannon is still very young, he is already commanding a lot of attention from the public. There have been comments about how good-looking he is and many other pleasing comments. But, two years after his birth, he had to share his fame with his baby brother, who was born in 2014. 

Noah Shannon Green
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Noah Shannon Green has two younger brothers, Bodhi Ransom Green and Journey River Green, born in 2014 and 2016. He also has a half-brother from his father’s former relationship. The love story of Shannon’s parents is enthralling. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green met in 2004 on a movie set Hope and Faith. They somehow fell in love and started their relationship. For several years, everything went fine till only recently when we heard that they had finalized their divorce. Is this true? You can read to find out. 

To tell us more about Noah Shannon Green, we will be examining some facts about the young man and how he is commanding attention from the public. 

1 Noah’s Mother is a Fashion Icon

There aren’t many fashion models who command a level of respect than Megan Fox. Fox was born to Thomas Fox and Gloria Darlene. She started her career at an early age. As early as 5, Megan Fox was already taking dancing lessons. By the time she was 13, Fox had won all available awards for modeling in her age bracket. Fox has appeared in top-tier magazines like Rolling Stone, Maxim, FHM, among many others. In addition, she was a video vixen in music stalwarts Eminem and Rihanna Love The Way You Lie. 

2. Noah Shannon Green’s Mother Is A Movie Star

Her career grew, and she made her film debut in the film Holiday In The Sun, where she played the role of Brianna. However, while her performance was sterling in the film, her role as Shia Lebouf in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen shot her to fame. She was still a teenager at the time. She won several awards for that performance, including Choice Summer Movie Star Female in the Teens Choice Awards MTV Movie Award, among many others. Fox has gone on to feature in several other movies, which have in turn won awards for their excellence. 

3. Noah Shannon Green Dresses Like A Girl

When Shannon dressing up as a girl, brows were raised when pictures first surfaced. But, according to Megan, her son has a very “interesting” fashion sense and likes to dress up in a dress. Even though he gets jeers from his peers, the young boy still wouldn’t stop wearing the dresses, and his mother believes that he has the freedom to express himself. 

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4. Noah’s Father is An Actor

Noah’s father, Brian Austin Green, is quite a popular actor. He has appeared in a couple of hit movies and has quite a good discography. He started his career because of his father, a trained musician. The handsome-looking man has featured in the hit medical series 90210, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Beverly Hills, Anger Management, Wedding Band, and many more. 

5. Noah’s Father is Also A Rapper

Influenced by his father, Brian Austin Green is a rapper. His father is a musician, and it is only right that he passed the genes down to his son. His music career didn’t go as planned, but he released his debut hip-hop album One Stop Carnival in 1996. While the album didn’t do badly, it didn’t do great either. Green later focused on acting. So far, he has featured in over 100 movie projects across his career. 

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6. His Parents Are Separated

After about five years of being married, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green finalized their divorce in 2021. Unfortunately, the public does not know what transpired behind closed doors, and the ex-couple would prefer it stay that way. 

7. Megan Fox is Currently in a Relationship With Machine Gun Kelly

Today, Meghan Fox is in a relationship with popular American rapper Colson Baker, who is named Machine Gun Kelly. Coincidentally, Meghan featured in the rapper’s music video of Bloody Valentine and got hooked on him. The lovers are public with their relationship. 

8. Noah’s Mother is Bisexual

Over the years, Noah Shannon Green’s mother, Megan Fox, has reiterated that she is bisexual. She doesn’t hide and has said in countless interviews that she doesn’t mind being in a relationship with a woman. Today, she is in one with a man. Would we see a woman next? Fingers crossed. 

Noah Shannon Green
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There isn’t much to learn about Noah Shannon Green, yet Ashe is only a little boy. Would he also go into showbiz as his parents, or would he choose a different career path from what his parents are currently navigating? Time reveals all. 

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