10 Best Notion Widgets

Notion stands apart in the crowded field of note-taking apps, which is quite competitive. Many customers adore it because of its simple interface and compatibility with a variety of devices. But the fact that you can customize the dashboard with third-party widgets is another important factor in why users like Notion.

Although popular plug-ins for Notion include Indify and Apption, other programmers have also produced entertaining and practical Notion widgets. To use the widgets, simply copy their URLs and use the “/” command to insert them into your Notion dashboard. In your Notion account, adding a widget can help you operate more efficiently, more effectively, and more aesthetically.

Consider all the widgets you have access to on your tablet or smartphone, as well as how convenient they are. The best widget alternatives for Notion are shown below, even though you might not be sure what kind of widgets you would require or desire.

What Do Widgets Mean in Concept?

A widget is a straightforward application that you may incorporate into another software, to put it simply. A Notion widget in our situation is a section of web code that we may add to our Notion dashboard or even a single page.

You will receive useful and pertinent information from the widget, and in most situations, it may be adjusted to meet your needs. You may add a variety of items to Notion, such as a calendar, local weather guide, a whiteboard, or even a daily quotation widget, depending on which website you are using to get your widget.

Widgets automatically update after being added, thus you don’t need to constantly refresh them. Now that that has been said, let’s look at how to embed widgets in Notion.

1. Weather Notion Widget

notion widget

Your Notion page can seem more professional with a nice weather widget. You may check the temperature where you are, keep an eye on the forecast, and adjust your plans appropriately.

The minimalist weather widget designed by the Indify team will blend seamlessly with the Notion page design. All you have to do is copy the provided link and put it on the desired Notion page.

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2. Clock Notion Widget

notion widget

People now have to manage their time more effectively than ever because of the new work-from-home culture. It’s only natural that you want to keep track of the second when deadlines are looming over your head. You need a virtual clock widget inside Notion for all of the above reasons and many more.

You can alter the clock widget to suit your needs, convert it to digital from analog, and even change the minute or hour hand designs. You can add a world clock and modify time zones. Consequently, choose the clock widget that best meets your requirements and integrate it to keep track of the time.

3. Whiteboard Notion Widget

notion widget

This widget will work wonders for you if you’re a student seeking for a whiteboard to draw on. Even though it is embedded within a document, the whiteboard widget for Notion has all the tools you could ever need and operates without any lag.

In case you make any mistakes, you also have access to several highlight colors and an undo shortcut. Therefore, use the whiteboard widget the next time you want to quickly scribble down something in a class or meeting.

4. Spotify Notion Widget

notion widget

When working, do you like to listen to music or podcasts? A Spotify widget will then completely transform the game. If you already have a Spotify account, this might be the next natural step. You may skip music and change playlists without switching from tab to tab while working if your favorite Spotify lists are right there in Notion.

5. Quote Notion Widget

notion widget

A motivational saying may be just what you need to see initially to get in the correct frame of mind if Notion is the first app you open in the morning.

It’s possible that catching a glimpse of inspiring phrases placed on a pretty background can give you the push you need when productivity dips throughout the day. Consider using the Quote widget from Indify if you’d want a quote of the day on your Notion page.

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6. Greetings Notion Widget

notion widget

Every day, a fun and helpful widget that is simple and easy to use will welcome you and provide you with the essential information you need to get started.

Depending on what time you open Notion, the Greeting widget will greet you and inform you of the day, date, and time. Although it is not a beautiful widget, it will work perfectly with almost any Notion page you design.

7. Astro Charts Widget

notion widget

While not everyone will enjoy this widget, many people will. The Astro Charts widget will look great on your Notion page if you enjoy astrology and regularly consult your horoscope. Although it might not initially seem to have any bearing on productivity, if your horoscope inspires you, then it is the ideal supplement.

8. Pomodoro Notion Widget

notion widget

For those who are not familiar, the Pomodoro technique is a time management strategy in which individuals use blocks of time divided into 25-minute work sessions interspersed with 5-minute breaks. Many people have tried and tested the Pomodoro Technique, which increases productivity.

Try adding a Pomodoro widget and working in 25-minute increments if you use Notion for work on a regular basis. Moreover, be sure to register for the Aesthetic Pomodoro Widget below if you would prefer to try a timed widget with a lovely appearance. Users can check these out and maintain their highest level of productivity whether they’re interested in Pomodoro applications or the top apps overall.

9. Notion Prism Icon Pack

notion widget

Numerous features are added to Notion by this widget. But what if you want to completely change your Notion doc for a different experience? A new icon pack fills that need. The Prism icon collection was created by an independent engineer and includes more than 1200 simple icons that work in a variety of categories and support 20 colors. These lovely icons give your documents a distinctive appearance while keeping them simple. Check out this icon bundle if you need a new icon set and have some extra cash.

notion widget

There are other additional ways to stay current on news, similar to how you can use Twitter. You can include Google Trends on your Notion page if you frequently use Google, even if it’s more of a tool used by professional content providers. The most popular search terms are monitored by a tool with the name “Google Trends.”

The widget will provide a list of searches together with search volume, more information, and other data in Notion itself, depending on the country you have selected. But before you add it, make sure to change the nation.

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Utilize Notion Widgets to Simplify Your Life

The aforementioned Notion widgets are intended to increase productivity and simplify your life. There are a ton of fantastic Notion alternatives, though, if you’re sick of it and want to stop using it. Check out these top note-taking applications for Android, which will do the trick nicely, so Android users won’t feel left out. Which of the aforementioned Notion widgets did you prefer? Please share your choices in the comments section.

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