14 Best Off Road Camping Trailers

A long, sigh of relief. A prescription for greater mental health, getting away from it all is not simply a treatment for some people. While planning beforehand is always a good idea, spending time outdoors doesn’t have to be difficult.

off road camping trailer


When it comes time to actually go camping, choosing the ideal off-road camper trailer early on can help ease a lot of packing anxiety. Off

road camping trailers, like their more compact big brothers all-in camper vans and elite travel trailers, can help you pack and prepare for your vacation more efficiently.

Which of the many camper trailers available today will help you relax the most given an off-road trip’s ultimate purpose is to unwind? Let’s look over the top choices and the perks that the greatest off-road campers have to offer. We’ll look at 4×4 off-road camper trailers, severe off-road campers, and off-road campers with restrooms. In no time at all, we’ll have you outside taking pleasure in Mother Nature’s soothing embrace.

1. Opus OP15 Hybrid Caravan

off road camping trailer

Here’s one for all you Down Under and Australian supporters. Opus’ OP15 hybrid caravan is a homegrown product and an off-road trailer with a lot of features packed into a compact design. The pull-out fridge and pantry will keep you well-stocked, and once you’ve unpacked and set up, you’re ready to enjoy the Outback views from your cafe dinette with optional bunk beds. You can configure your OP15 in three different ways using the three base setups and a variety of add-on choices. It is, after all, your off-road experience.

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2. Conqueror UEV-25

off road camping trailer

Conqueror is renowned for producing tough, off-road camping trailers with military-inspired styling. However, the designers have significantly expanded their reach into the luxury trailer market with Conqueror’s UEV-25 (Urban Escape Vehicle). First of all, elements from the aerospace sector were used to strengthen the suspension. Additionally, the side-bed design is a novel invention for the sector that enables quick setup. The genuine oh-la-la extras come with an upright refrigerator, a video center that is optional, inside fans, and lots of storage room for your pricey bags.

3. Sunnyside Offroad Boony Stomper

off road camping trailer

While driving side-by-side, it might be annoying and time-consuming to set up a tent. The Boony Stomper, created by Nevada-based Sunnyside Offroad, is a remedy. Despite having few frills, it weighs only 600 pounds (depending on extras), making it possible for it to be pulled by virtually any vehicle, including a UTV. Additionally, a bespoke long-travel suspension and hard-walled, aluminum-sided construction are specifically intended to prevent trail performance from being hampered.

4. Airstream Basecamp 16X

off road camping trailer

For a good reason, Airstream is a titan in the sector. They made a commitment to their clients that they would only make improvements rather than changes for the sake of making changes. This philosophy is evident in Airstream’s Basecamp 16X, which blends the company’s traditional streamlined lines with contemporary metallic styling. The 16X’s inside, which likewise has a clean, contemporary appearance and enough space for your top-tier duffel bags or luxury-level Dopp kits, reflects the nearly 100 years of experience that Airstream has amassed.

5. Patriot Off-road Camper X3

off road camping trailer

Consider a unit like the Off-road Camper X3 from Patriot Campers if you want to go extremely robust. Almost as if Patriot Campers’ developers dare campers to throw anything they can at this tough little camper trailer. It pops open to reveal a comfortable interior, complete with a 100mm pocket sprung gel-top mattress and space for an optional bed in the sitting area.

6. Mobi Nomad Mobi X

off road camping trailer

The Mobi X from Mobi Nomad is small while in motion, but when parked and unfolded, it offers most of the conveniences of home, including a kitchen, bathroom, shower, and the ability to sleep up to six people overall and two in the internal bed. Additionally, it is practically ready to use as soon as it comes because of the extensive standard equipment, which includes a fold-out bathroom with a Sanipotti toilet and an outdoor shower.

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7. Black Series Off-Road Trailers

off road camping trailer

Don’t hold that against Black Series off-road trailers; they have nothing to do with those hot AMG vehicles. With steel armor, independent suspension, and a 360-degree rotating hitch, this initially Australian company makes all-terrain trailers that are tough as nails outside but offer Airstream-like comfort and elegance inside. There is a Black Series model for almost everyone, with pop-top and full-height options with lengths between 20 and 26 feet.

8. Taxa Outdoors Woolly Bear

off road camping trailer

Come on, let’s be simple. Designing an off-road trailer this compact while still being able to carry all the necessities requires some serious engineering (and then some). To their credit, the Woolly Bear team at Taxa Outdoors has succeeded. Nothing is wasted as this compact trailer opens to provide a kitchen room, storage possibilities, a privacy tent for a WC, and a top-deck tented sleeping area. a wonderful way to encounter nature.

9. BRS Offroad Pursuit

off road camping trailer

The Pursuit from BRS Offroad is a cunning little monster. When in travel mode, it appears small and snug, but as soon as you put it in position and start pulling out the options, you discover that you have a lot of luxury at your disposal. The expansive stargazing window located above the queen-sized mattress may be the room’s most outstanding feature. The list also includes options for storing weekender bags for men and women, mounts for an exterior awning, a fully enclosed slide-out shower, and a slide-out outdoor kitchen.

10. Bruder EXP-6

off road camping trailer

The incredibly adjustable EXP-6 from Bruder, made in Australia and offered all over the world, has room for six people to sleep. Whatever features you equip the EXP-6 with, you can manage everything with a convenient app. There are two primary variations of the EXP-6. The lifting canopy on the EXP-6 PT enables you to collapse it while you’re driving or store it when you get home.

The EXP-6 GT, on the other hand, has a fixed roof and is often higher than the PT. Additionally, it is better suited for colder situations than the PT because it offers additional insulation. Additionally, it provides additional storage space, enabling you to travel with larger packing cubes for all of your gear.

11. Black Series HQ21

off road camping trailer

Here is a huge, strong lad for when you need a lot of internal room. Black Series’ HQ21 is a contemporary-styled trailer with several extras that comfortably sleeps four. a high-heat burner that is removable? Check. electric awning with remote control? Check. a bathroom with a shower and toilet that are separate from one another, as well as an ergonomic mattress? Check everything once more. And that’s only the beginning. The HQ21 is the best option if living in minimal luxury is your notion of roughing it.

12. TC Teardrop ORE

off road camping trailer

The ORE (Off-Road Expedition) by TC Teardrop is very adaptable. You will become obsessed with experimenting with various combinations of sizes, colors, and accessories if you visit their website. Despite its diminutive size and affordable price, this little guy is packed with functions and accessories, making for a comfortable but opulent setup for nature lovers.

13. Australian Off-Road Sierra ZR

off road camping trailer
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The movable bunker-like Sierra trailer from Australian Off-Road is reimagined as the Sierra ZR. It has almost infinite adaptability, allowing you to transform it into whatever you desire: it may be a fully furnished mobile campsite with a tent platform, a well-equipped kitchen, fridge, and barbeque setup, awnings, even a shower or, it can just be a rig to store your belongings. It can also follow your off-roader pretty much any place with a departure angle of 40.7.

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14. Colorado Camp works Nomadic System One

off road camping trailer

Burning a lot of fuel for electricity, heat, and cooking seems at odds with the goal of Overlanding, which is to commune with nature. With the Nomadic System One, Colorado Campworks’ innovative trailer, they have found a solution to this problem also known as the NS-1. It has up to 11,000 watts of battery storage and is entirely solar-powered, but it still has all the features and comforts one would expect from a high-quality trailer, including impressive off-road prowess.

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