10 Online Spanish Games For English Speakers

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Playing games in Spanish is a fun and productive method to pass the time when you’re not working. While playing Spanish learning games won’t make you fluent, they can help you build your vocabulary and perfect your grammar. The greatest Spanish learning applications have games or challenges because they encourage more participation in the subject.

When we consider games, we consider enjoyable diversion. However, there are several aspects of the games that provide them with a lot of educative potential. They are quite interactive, which accounts for a large part of it.

Studying may be mentally stimulating in a way that makes it actually enjoyable when it becomes interactive. Many of the tools and systems used today for language acquisition follow this methodology as a result.

For instance, FluentU offers interactive clickable subtitles for real-world videos that translate words. Additionally, you may create sets of multimedia vocabulary flashcards and take custom tests that accept both written and spoken responses.

It follows that games, being as engrossing and involved as they are, can go incredibly well with something as challenging as learning Spanish. They may not be as effective at teaching as language learning programs, but they can still help you improve your skills and have fun while doing it.

With the help of these 10 games, you may brush up on a particular vocabulary topic, practice translation under pressure, and learn novel advanced terminology that you can use in everyday discussions.

Here Are 10 Online Spanish Games For English Speakers:

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  1. Word Toss


    For newcomers who wish to learn Spanish words while having some fun, Word Toss is the ideal game. Although it was designed particularly for children (but don’t let that stop you!).

    Click “Start” after selecting one of the available categories. You will then be given the option to play from Spanish to English or from English to Spanish.

    Reading the word in the lower portion of the screen and detonating the balloon with the appropriate translation will be your duty. A fresh set of words will show up if the word is accurate. But be cautious! Your score will drop if you pick the incorrect balloon, and you will receive one strike. Make a good choice because if you get three of them, your game is over.

    This game is ideal for kids or kids at heart to play from a learning perspective. Users can enjoy the vibrant UI and user-friendly website while learning or reviewing vocabulary in a fun and simple way.

  2. Rockalingua

    Rockalingua is fantastic because it provides Spanish language instruction through music. As a result, if you learn best through listening, this game is perfect for you. Children or anyone learning fundamental words and phrases can play their games.

    Each game has a different theme, covering things such as fundamental verbs, feelings, animals, colors, and more. On a computer or tablet, these vibrant interactive games are playable.

    The Rockalingua games’ ability to play with all possible answers—not just the right ones—enables you to practice listening and repetition while also learning new words. Even when players make the wrong decisions, the game narrators gently encourage them.

    The music is freely accessible! Many of their other games and tools are also available to you without charge. Paid subscriptions are also an option and start at $20 per month or $99 per year.

    In conclusion, using this website to practice listening skills in a novel way is a great idea. The games are enjoyable for kids. If you’re more experienced, the free sections aren’t helpful because they’re so small. Check read our article on learning Spanish with podcasts if you want to improve your listening abilities.

  3. Cycle race

    The Flash game Cycle Race is fantastic for individuals who enjoy the excitement of racing against time.

    A new little window will appear after you click “Play Now.” You will be prompted to select your racer and the level of difficulty of the questions before the race starts.

    A cycling competition between your racer and another racer will start. You’ll see questions on the lower portion of the screen, and you’ll need to select the right response.

    The questions primarily include languages from everyday life, such as colors, numbers, days of the week, and months of the year. Your racer will go along more quickly with the more accurate responses you provide. Your goal is to respond as soon as possible and correctly so you can ultimately win the race!

    Even though the questions are quite simple and there isn’t much new vocabulary, this is a wonderful way to review fundamental vocabulary or pick up simple Spanish terms at the start of your Spanish-learning journey.

  4. Fast Hands

    Playing Fast Hands while under time pressure is a fun method to learn or recall new words.

    Despite the fact that this game was initially developed for beginning Spanish students, I now think that any learner can benefit from it. Beginner students should select the slower version, while more experienced students should select the faster version.

    After selecting your game mode, a variety of categories will be shown to you. Each of these will display a list of words when your mouse has hovered over it.

    This would be the ideal time to learn the words and write them down. If you don’t know them, look them up in a dictionary; if you do, just write the word and the translation next to it.

    Once you feel confident with the words, select the category to launch the game. You must select the correct image after hearing the word read aloud in Spanish. Some of the possibilities will start to disappear if you make a mistake or allow the time to pass; finally, there will only be one option left the right one.

  5. Word Search + Hangman

    For individuals learning Spanish or interested in learning more about the language and culture, Don Quijote is a fantastic website. It includes a list of Spanish-language schools and summer camps around the world, as well as courses, study materials, a section on culture, and learning tools.

    The traditional word search and the hangman are two other activities that will undoubtedly aid novices in honing their spelling skills and expanding their vocabulary.

    Both games have rather basic and uncomplicated rules. You’ll need to find the words in the word search game that has been presented to you. You can focus on one category of words at a time thanks to the categorization. You should make your own vocabulary list by noting the words you find and including their translations.

    There are categories for the game of hangman. By selecting the letters you believe to be in the hidden word, it will be your responsibility to determine what it is. Be careful since every error will bring the hangman’s identity to light and cause you to lose the game.

    Both games are suggested for beginners who wish to learn and review vocabulary in a simple and enjoyable manner, whether they are kids or adults. They are much more helpful because they are divided into various categories because the learner can focus on a different topic each time!

  6. The Dialogue Game

    For intermediate and advanced students who wish to practice their dialogue abilities and review what they’ve learned, The Dialogue Game is a fantastic Flash game.

    You will initially have to select between two categories when you first start the game. This is wonderful since you may focus on going over a particular grammar point or you can select your dialogues based on what interests you.

    After selecting the grammar point or subject you want to work on, you will get a list of various dialogue options. Choose the one you want to start with after reading the titles.

    You can read the transcript of the dialogue before you click on it so that you are more familiar with it. Click “Play” to listen to the conversation again while you continue to read.

    A new page will load once you click “Start Playing” when you’re ready. Then you can listen to a conversation between two persons as many times as you like before being presented with a series of questions or prompts, from which you must select the appropriate response. You will be shown the right response if your response is incorrect. To continue the conversation, click on it. Once you have finished the dialogue, the practice is over.

  7. The Numbers Game

    The best and most enjoyable number game I have been able to locate online is this one from Spanish Uno. The ideal method for learning and/or reviewing Spanish numbers with up to six digits! You’ll spend hours enjoying this game if, like me, you have a childlike mentality.

    Selecting the digit range you wish to practice is the first thing you need to accomplish. You can choose to drill with one to six digits or a combination of them.

    Following the selection of your digit range, a Spanish salesperson and a number of products will show on the screen.

    You select the item you want to purchase, and the salesperson will translate the price for you in Spanish. Your job is to enter the proper price in the box in the screen’s lower right corner. If you need a little assistance, you can choose the “display clue” option to see what the woman is saying. 30 seconds will be given to you to input the right pricing.

    This game is amazing since it allows you to practice even more by haggling with the salesperson. If you type in the right price, you’ll have the choice of paying that amount or haggling for a different price.

    The salesperson will speak the price you suggest for you when you enter it. She will then let you know if she agrees with the new price or not, at which point you can either buy the item or offer a different price.

    Although I am aware that this game is meant for kids, I have played it with some of my adult students, and they seem to truly like it. They have no trouble at all once they realize that the goal of the game is to learn how to recite the numbers in Spanish (and some of them already use it daily).

  8. Advanced Vocabulary Builder

    There are several ways to study Spanish in Digital Dialects, but the Advanced Vocabulary Builder is the one that most interests me. This is not a website for those who only wish to brush up on their Spanish. Digital Dialects will challenge you and stimulate your brain’s neurons to their maximum capacity.

    There are four categories visible when you access the “Advanced Spanish” section: vocabulary builder one and two, animals, birds, insects, and verbs (in the infinitive). You’ll find a lengthy list of new terms to learn under each category. Read and contemplate them thoroughly.

    Do whatever it takes to recall them—write them down, copy them onto a Word document, etc. The new terminology is challenging. Don’t be too hard on yourself at first; you’ll learn vocabulary that only a fluent Spanish speaker will require!

    Once you are familiar with the list of words, click “Play Game” to be taken to a new page where you must test your knowledge. You must select the appropriate translation by clicking on the appropriate red arrow once words display on the top of the screen. Simply click “Change” if you believe a mistake has been made.

    Before moving on to the next round, you will be informed at the conclusion of the round if your answers were correct or incorrect.

    The nicest aspect of this website in terms of grammar is that it indicates if a word is masculine or feminine so you don’t have to look it up in a dictionary. Try to construct sentences with the words you’ve learned once you’ve mastered them, is my recommendation. Use them when speaking with your pals as well. Overall, utilize them as frequently as you can to avoid forgetting them.

  9. Spanish Scrabble

    I think Scrabble is my favorite word game of all time. There isn’t a single home party when I don’t bring it; I have it in seven different languages.

    I assume most of you are familiar with Scrabble and how difficult and amusing it can be. You probably already know that beginners shouldn’t play this game if it isn’t their mother tongue. Don’t pass up the chance to play one of the greatest word games in history, though, if you feel as though you have enough Spanish vocabulary to give it a shot.

    Although you won’t be able to play Scrabble on this website, we do have some helpful resources. The game’s Spanish letters are available on this website. Before printing and cutting the letters, click the image to enable saving. It’s up to you what type of paper you choose and how you make the letters useful. I advise printing the letters on photo paper or adhering them to some corrugated cardboard.

    The only thing left to do is play once your letters are prepared!

    The website also has a ton of Spanish-language information relating to Scrabble, including associations and clubs, competitions, and even Scrabble-based downloads and online games! Enjoy!

    Of course, you can also get the Scrabble Spanish version board game on Amazon if copying and pasting isn’t your thing.

  10. La lotería (The Lottery)

    We’re not speaking to Powerball; instead, if you hear a Spanish speaker use the word “lotería,” they probably mean a bingo-like game sometimes known as “Mexican Bingo.”

    However, la lotería employs pictograms instead of numbers and letters, which is different from the bingo you may be used to. You will therefore be marking off images with titles like “el borracho” (the drunkard) and “el Catrin” instead of working up a sweat while waiting for the emcee to scream out that elusive “I29” (the dandy).

    There are 54 pictograms in all, several of which contain words you would not have learned in school. To increase your vocabulary and experience a classic aspect of Mexican culture, you can play by yourself or with a group.

    The whole game and the lotería deck (for emcee use) are both available as apps, and the playing cards may be downloaded online. The cards are also easily accessible for purchase; depending on where you reside, you might be able to find a set in the toy or game department.

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