The 11 Best Online Synonym Search Engines

Finding what you’re looking for can be difficult because there are so many different word synonyms. So, here are helpful online synonym dictionaries. When you can’t spell the first term, you use its synonym. That was merely a joke, quip, wisecrack, jest, jive, or jape, so go ahead. But I think you see where I’m going. By using synonyms, we can never run out of words.

Knowing your synonyms will give you an advantage in word games like Scrabble and crossword puzzles. Because employing a single phrase repeatedly sounds flat, writers have the opportunity to enhance their writing with a variety of words that have similar meanings.

We all experience word blocks from time to time. We no longer need to pick up that bulky hardbound thesaurus thanks to the internet and online dictionaries of synonyms. These free thesauruses will provide dozens of terms when you fill out the small area. Which of the available synonym websites is the best? The top internet resources for synonyms are listed below.

1. Collins English Thesaurus

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Another tool for finding synonyms is the Collins English Thesaurus, which offers various words with related meanings. Collins English Thesaurus will be beneficial for you if English is not your first language.

To find a word’s synonyms, first, go to the Collins English Thesaurus website and enter the word or phrase. Whenever the Collins English Dictionary comes upon an adjective. Additionally, it will discover that numerous adjectives have the same meanings.

Each pertinent term is listed in the Collins English Thesaurus based on how relevant it is to the keyword. Collins English Thesaurus includes your sought word in various languages along with English synonyms. You may also hear how certain words are spoken.

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One of the better websites for synonyms is this one. It provides one of the most outcomes for a given term. The website is’s second personality. You can browse the menu bar while the synonyms are displayed to find definitions, games, the word of the day, and practical advice to help you study and write better. You may learn more about a term by scrolling down the page, which includes its definition, synonyms, and usage advice.


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This word site does the task of finding synonyms and providing a ton of associated information around the findings considerably better. Again, the synonyms themselves have hyperlinks. You can also pick up word pronunciation without adding another click.

A graphic display and word translations in several languages are also included on A citation guide and a section on how to use a searched word in a sentence are also included. For the words “nearby and related inquiries,” you can find additional search options. To make it simpler for you to find synonyms, the website also includes a Chrome plugin.

4. The Free Thesaurus 

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For locating synonyms, The Free Thesaurus by The Free Dictionary can be helpful. In addition to providing synonyms, the Free Thesaurus lets you research a word in fields like law, economics, and medicine. A related word is also provided, along with a visual demonstration.

If the exact word escapes your memory, the “Starts with” and “Ends with” choices allow you to acquire comprehensive lists of words. Acronyms, idioms, and word definitions can all be found on this website because it is a component of The Free Dictionary.


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You may easily find related words online with the aid of our website. Additionally, it gives you the history of the word in question, antonyms, and multiple definitions of it. has more words listed, but there are fewer listed here. The order of the synonyms centers on the “message” that each one is intended to convey. The website also features a word of the day and trending searches.

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6. Word Hippo

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Another useful resource for finding synonyms is WordHippo. You’ll feel right at home the first time using it thanks to its user interface, which is fairly simple. When you enter a word and choose Synonyms from the tab, the website will offer you a number of possibilities.

In addition to presenting you with synonyms, it also identifies the word’s precise part of speech in some circumstances. WordHippo goes above and above by offering synonyms for your keyword in various situations.

WordHippo also suggests words and sentences that are similar. Additionally, the website serves as a one-stop shop for antonyms, rhymes, translations, and pronunciation lessons. WordHippo can be accessed online, but if you want, you can also download its iOS and Android apps.

7. Big Huge Thesaurus

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The Big Huge Thesaurus (BHT) is based on the Carnegie Mellon Pronouncing Dictionary, Princeton University’s WordNet database, and other sources. The word tool returns a sizable hyperlinked list that you can further explore.

It’s important to consider your choice of synonym carefully because BHT doesn’t supply word definitions. You can find antonyms on our page just like on other websites. If you’re looking to launch your rap career, you can also find words that “sound kind of like” the one in question and ones that rhyme with it.

8. Cambridge Dictionary’s English Thesaurus

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The English thesaurus on is an additional free resource for expanding your vocabulary. Enter your word or phrase in the Cambridge Thesaurus over here. You can see an interface like this once your search is complete.

Synonyms for a specific word are included on this page. Additionally, Cambridge Dictionary provides a wealth of resources on English grammar and translation. Any tool will work to help you improve your linguistic abilities.

9. Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

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Online dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster include synonyms as well. You have a choice of using the website or downloading the special app, which is available for iOS and Android. The website functions as a complete dictionary application, providing definitions, synonyms, related terms, close antonyms, and more. You can find similar words and citation support there as well.

10. Word Web Online

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It would be challenging to modify them in a phrase even if you found equivalent meanings. steps in at this point. You may discover examples of how to change each word or verb into a phrase under each section. It’s nice, isn’t it? You can install the WordWebOnline Dictionary mobile app on an Android or Apple device, or you can download the software for free on your Windows computer.

11. Synonym Finder

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You can find terms with hyperlinks, their definitions, usage examples, and a graphic representation using Synonym Finder. Different synonyms are provided by Synonym Finder, organized according to the context.

Although it lacks the same level of functionality as or, it nevertheless has a straightforward user interface. The top menu box can also be used to get meanings and antonyms for a term.

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The finest dictionaries and tools for finding synonyms are thus those. They all function in a similar way. Once a word is entered and the search button is pressed, vocabulary checker tools will offer synonyms. But if you’re looking for an appropriate online synonym dictionary that can substitute each term for you, I suggest using Grammarly.

I use Grammarly to check my grammar, so that explains everything. The Grammarly grammar checker appears to be working well. It belongs to the Pitiya’s armory of power tools as well. If you are aware of any additional resources for finding synonyms or have utilized any, kindly let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to spread the word about this post to your Facebook and Twitter friends as well. If they know how to expand their English vocabulary, they might be pleased.

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