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There are few people whose beauty can command your eyes to stare for long. Paris Berelc has to be one of them. With a stunning face, fantastic body, Paris would pass for a model from a distance. However, she is still relatively young also means there is more to this beautiful lady than meets the eyes. It would have been a crime for no modelling agency to snap her up after seeing her body. This is why it is no secret that she is currently engaged in the modelling industry.

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Famous for her role as Skylar Storm in the Disney XD TV series Mighty Med and Lab Rats m: Elite Force, Paris has taken the movie industry by storm indeed. Her filmography may not be as long as you would expect, but that’s because Paris is also a gymnast and a model.

How she can combine the three professions is impressive. But there is more to Paris Berelc, and this is what we will try to explore as you read ahead. What is Paris age? Is Paris in a relationship? Does Paris have a mixed heritage? Read on to find out more.

Who is Paris Berelc?

Paris Berelc was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the U.S.A. on December 29, 1998, to Maria Berelc and Joe Berelc. Interestingly, Maria Berelc, Paris’ mother, is of Filipino descent, while her father is half Canadian and half French. All of these ancestries make Paris of multi-descents. She wasn’t the only one born to her parents as she has siblings; Bless Berelc, Joelie Berelc, Skye Berelc. Unfortunately, there isn’t too much on her siblings. We do not know what career paths they have chosen.

Paris Berelc’s Career

Ford models snapped up Paris at the tender age of nine. She has featured in several commercials for some of the biggest companies globally like Kohl, K-Mart, Boston Store, among many others. Not only has she made appearances in ads, but she has also made the covers of some magazines, including American Girl. After taking acting classes at a studio in Chicago at the age of twelve, she decided to become a professional actress.

Paris berelc
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Her parents were supportive of her actions, and at the age of 14, she was cast as Skylar Storm in the Disney sitcom Mighty Med. This opened up opportunities like the following year; she was cast in the role of Molly in the Disney Channel Movie Invisible Sister. Even when Mighty Med ended its run, Paris still played her role as Skylar Storm in the spinoff, Lab Rats: Elite Force.

Paris’ career has been on the rise, even though she may want more, but Paris in 2017 played the role of Alexa in the Netflix special, Alexa & Katie. In 2019, she played the role of Liz in another Netflix original movie, Tall Girl.

Is Paris Berelc In A Relationship?

Paris first dated Aramis Knight in 2015, according to reports. Later, she would end the relationship after some months and then start a relationship with Peyton Meyer in 2016. Unfortunately, this also didn’t last as the ex-lovers ended the relationship for reasons best known to them.

The following year, Paris got into a relationship with Jack Griffo, who played Dylan in the Netflix unique Alexa & Katie. The two lovers began their relationship in 2017, and it looked all rosy till four years later, in late 2021, when the duo announced that they were done with the connection. It must have hurt faithful fans of theirs who saw them as the perfect couple. Today, it looks like she is in a relationship with Rhys Athayde.

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Paris is A Gymnast

At the age of six, Paris was already a versatile gymnast. She was so good that she attained the highest level of the Gymnastics Junior Olympic Program in subsequent years. With her talent, she won several awards. But when an international modelling agency saw her immaculate body and offered her a contract, she couldn’t resist.

Is Paris Berelc Married?

Not yet. She recently broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Jack Griffo. So, there isn’t anyone that is in her life right now. But, perhaps in later years, she will reveal who she will get married to.

Paris berelc
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Does Paris Berelc Have Cancer?

Contrary to opinions that Paris may be harbouring cancer, she does not. In the movie, her character Alexa does have cancer, but people have confused that with real life, which is not true.

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Is Paris Berelc on Social Media?

Paris has over 2.7 million followers on Instagram, so yes, she is on social media. She has a lot of content that she posts, which also drives engagements on her page. She is a social butterfly.


Paris Berelc’s career is only kicking off. We cannot wait for her career to bloom as she is talented. Hopefully, nothing details her dreams.

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