Pete Davidson: 10 Interesting Facts You Don’t Know About Him

Pete Davidson is a well-known name, but you may not know much about him. Here’s all you need to know about him, from his age to his work and dating history, since he and Kim Kardashian announced their romance.

Pete Davidson: 10 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Him

Who is Pete Davidson, and where is he from?

Pete is a 28-year-old comedian, writer, producer, and actor who was born on November 16, 1993. So yet, he’s only received a few honors.

He was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2016 and taped his debut stand-up special, Pete Davidson: SMD, the following year. Alive from New York, his second Netflix stand-up special, premiered in 2020.

Pete’s father, Scott Matthew Davidson, was a New York City firefighter who died in 2001, when Pete was seven years old, during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Amy Davidson (née Waters) is his mother.

Pete was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel condition that requires intravenous therapy, while he was a teenager. In 2016, he told High Times, “I had Crohn’s illness when I was 17 or 18.” “All day long, my stomach would hurt and I wouldn’t be able to eat.”

Pete disclosed he has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder during an interview with Variety’s Actors on Actors series in 2017. “I was diagnosed with BPD a few years ago, and I was always just so confused all the time,” he said at the time. “I just believed something was wrong, and I didn’t know how to cope with it. 

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Pete Davidson is well-known for what he does

Pete has been a cast member of NBC’s sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live since 2014. He’s also a successful stand-up comedian who has appeared on Adam DeVine‘s House Party and Jimmy Kimmel Live, as well as performing live.

In 2013, he made a special appearance on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and in 2020, he co-wrote and featured in the semi-autobiographical comedy-drama film The King of Staten Island. He starred alongside Margot Robbie in the movie The Suicide Squad in 2021.

His Relationships

The actor-turned-comedian-turned-producer has a long history of courting celebrities. It started with US actress and stand-up comedian Carly Aquilino in 2015, followed by a two-year relationship with writer and actress Cazzie David in 2018.

Pete had a quick romance with Ariana Grande beginning in May 2018, proposing to her one month after they were first linked. In October of that year, the couple called it quits.

Pete was then linked to actress Kate Beckinsale in January 2019, with a kiss in March confirming the connection. They broke up in April.

Pete and Kaia Gerber confirmed their romance in November 2019 when they were photographed holding hands, putting an end to uncertainty. The couple dated for a few months before breaking up in January 2020.

In March 2021, rumors of Pete dating Bridgerton actress Phoebe Dynevor initially surfaced. In the summer, they were seen kissing at Wimbledon before parting in August.

Pete Davidson: 10 Interesting Facts You Don't Know About Him

Pete and Kim Kardashian made their love public on November 19th, when they were photographed holding hands. They collaborated when Kim hosted Saturday Night Live in October, and sources claim they’ve been ‘texting all day’ since then, and even wore matching outfits to his birthday celebration.

Here are interesting facts about Pete Davidson:

1. He’s a Harry Potter fan.

According to The Talko, Davidson has acknowledged in interviews that he is a major Harry Potter enthusiast. He enjoys both books and movies, and he recalls seeing the first one on his seventh or eighth birthday. Davidson has even admitted that he is a Harry Potter fan who has gone to the trouble (and anguish) of getting many Harry Potter tattoos. When he was dating Ariana Grande, they shared photos of themselves dressed up in Hogwarts gowns on social media.

2. His Film Appearances

Although Davidson is most known for his television comic roles, he also has a career in the film industry. In the short film ‘TubbyMan,’ he played PipeKleener, which was his first cinematic role. Since then, he’s appeared in films such as ‘School Dance,’ ‘Trainwreck,’ and ‘Set It Up.’ ‘Big Time Adolescence,’ ‘What Men Want,’ ‘The Dirt,’ and ‘Going Places’ are among his upcoming flicks. The latter is presently being edited.

3. He has a net worth of $4 million.

Davidson has amassed a personal net worth of $4 million as a result of his successful career in the entertainment sector. The majority of his earnings come from his television appearances as a comedian, while he also earns money from film roles. He is said to be paid $15,000 per Saturday Night Live episode.

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4. Ariana Grande Wrote a Song about Him.

Ariana Grande’s album ‘Sweetener,’ according to Twenty Two Words, includes a song about Pete Davidson. It’s not one of those songs with a hidden message that makes listeners wonder if the singer’s ex is the subject of the song. ‘Pete Davidson’ is the real name of the song. ‘Thank U. Next,’ a song by Grande, also references him. She almost married him, according to the lyrics, and she thanks Pete for that.

5. He had been bullied at school.

St. Joseph-by-the-Sea High School, Tottenville High School, and Xaverian High School were all where Davidson grew up on Staten Island. According to The Talko, the comedian’s school days were not very cheerful. He was bullied and had no friends at school, which is why he went to three different schools. He wasn’t content until he moved away from Staten Island to attend college.

6. Davidson has a wide range of different tattoos on his body.

Davidson’s Harry Potter tattoos aren’t the only ones he’s had, and some of them are quite strange. According to Useless Daily, he has the number 8418 tattooed on his left arm. This is his late fireman father’s badge number, thus it’s a tribute to him. He also has four tattoos dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, the singer. Her initials, their favorite song, and a bunny ear emblem, which refers to an inside joke they shared, are among the tattoos.

7. During the 9/11 tragedy, he suffered a personal loss.

September 11, 2001, is a day that has become imprinted on all Americans’ minds. This was the date of the 9/11 terrorist strikes. This horrific tragedy had a significant influence on the people involved as well as the entire country. According to Fan World, Pete Davidson’s firefighter father died as a result of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

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8. He’s dated four well-known women.

Pete Davidson has had four high-profile relationships with notable ladies since he became famous. According to Gossip Gist, he was dating fellow comedian Carly Aquito between 2014 and 2015. From 2016 to 2018, he dated Cazzie David, Larry David’s daughter.

Following their breakup, he started dating singer Ariana Grande. They got engaged in the same year but separated in October of the following year. He dated Kate Beckinsale for four months most recently. In April of this year, the couple announced their separation.

9. Not all of his works have been successful.

Although Pete Davidson is now a great success, not all of his initiatives have been a success. Fascinate cites his appearance in the title of a Fox sitcom called ‘Sober Companion’ as an example. The pilot episode aired in 2014. Unfortunately, the pilot was a flop, and the series was never shown. Pete Davidson has moved on to larger and better things in his career despite this.

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10. Syracuse, New York, is a place he despises.

According to Refinery 29, in an interview with Variety, Davidson stated that he despises Syracuse, New York. One of the primary settings for his film “Big Time Adolescence” was here. He claims that there isn’t much going on there and that he despises everything about it. It didn’t help that he was pulled over by the cops in Syracuse, which he blamed on the cops’ lack of other things to do. Although Davidson passed the sobriety test, his friend was arrested for drug possession.

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