Peter Paul Loughran: Early Life, Career And Controversies Of Lena Headey’s Ex-Husband

Peter Paul Loughran

Peter Paul Loughran is an Irish musician, photographer, and hairstylist. He is best known for being the ex-husband of English actress Lena Headey, who portrayed the villainous Cersei Lannister in the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” for which she received four “Emmy” nominations.

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Early Life

Born and raised in Ireland, Peter Paul Loughran attended St. Aloysius College in Athlone, Westmeath. He graduated from the college that later closed in 2017, having taken a general course in business administration and management. He has always had a deep love for art, music, fashion, photography, and hair.


Peter Paul Loughran lena headey

He worked as a hairstylist in the United Kingdom for eleven years before to moving to the United States. Later, in Los Angeles, where he now serves as Creative Director, he founded Peter Paul Hair. He established Peter Paul Inc., which he runs as CEO, and uses it to publish “an exclusive magazine.” With a “very creative crew,” he began songwriting and recording for the “Anchor Jack” project in February 2015.

Peter Paul Loughran chose to go to Los Angeles, California, in 2007 after 10 years of working as a hairstylist in the UK. Even as a “stylish Irish boy,” he felt overwhelmed by the “quality and quantity” of handsome city dwellers who were plainly concerned about maintaining their appearance.

In order to capitalize on the opportunity to position himself as a preeminent hairstylist in the area, he opened Peter Paul Hair in the city in 2011. He concurrently provided online consulting to clients through his website

He was a photographer in addition to expanding Peter Paul Inc. into the city to look for “the untapped sources of Artist talent” among the locals. Despite all of these initiatives, the majority of people are familiar with him because of his romance with Lena Headey, the well-known “Game of Thrones” actress.

He met her in 2007, not long after moving to Los Angeles, and they later got married. He’s been in the news ever since because of their tumultuous marriage and protracted custody battle over their son.

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Personal Life

At a friend’s wedding, when they had a little dance, Peter Paul Loughran first encountered Lena Headey. Later, Headey claimed in an interview that she fell in love with the man right away because he struck her as being really serious right away. “This is the most healthy, beautiful thing that has occurred to me,” she further said.

The ceremony was held on May 19, 2007. Their only child, Wylie Elliot Loughran, was born on March 31, 2010. Headey openly admitted to experiencing postpartum depression following the birth of her child.

The couple separated around a year after Wylie was born. Headey filed a petition for divorce from Loughran with the Los Angeles County Superior Court on July 20, 2012, alleging irreconcilable differences as the reason for the separation. The divorce was finally finalized on December 26, 2013.

Some reports claim that Headey and Jerome Flynn, her “Game of Thrones” co-star, hit it up immediately away. The two had to remain separate on the set of the show as the romance allegedly came to a disastrous end a few months later.

Later, she began dating childhood friend and filmmaker Dan Cadan; on July 10, 2015, the couple had their daughter Teddy. They eventually got married in 2018. However, it is now unknown if Loughran is still single or has found love again.

Controversies And Scandals

In September 2016, several years after their divorce, it was revealed that Peter Paul Loughran and his ex-wife Lena Headey were having a contentious custody battle over Wylie.

According to the legal documents he received, Headey had consented to bring their son back from the UK soon after “Game of Thrones” filming was slated to be complete. She was supposed to take the child back home by September 5, 2016, but she broke their agreement by deciding to keep the child with her even after the deadline had passed.

Headey claimed that her ex-musician husband had claimed that he had consented to let the child live in the UK with his mother, nevertheless. She had previously testified in court, highlighting his prior traffic violations, and had mandated that he download an app that would stop him from texting while driving.

She had also shown him a picture on social media of him holding an AK-47, and she had been able to stop him from taking the child on a trip to his native Ireland.

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Who is Lena Headey?

Lena Headey

Lena Kathren Headey, a British actress, was born on October 3, 1973. She received a great deal of praise for her roles as Cersei Lannister on the HBO epic fantasy drama series Game of Thrones (2011-2019) and Queen Gorgo in 300. She was nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for these roles.

Early Life and Career

Lena Kathren Headey was born in Hamilton, Bermuda, on October 3, 1973. Her parents are Anglican and of Irish ancestry. Her father was a Yorkshire police officer stationed on the island working for the Bermuda Police Service, a British law enforcement agency. There is her younger sibling here.

When she was five years old, her parents spent some time in Somerset before relocating back to England. They moved to Highburton, West Yorkshire when she was eleven. She was a teen who studied dance and spent her entire adolescence acting in school productions. When she was seventeen years old and performing in a school play at the Royal National Theatre in London, she was spotted by a casting director.

She was granted the role after being asked to participate in an audition for the 1992 film “Waterland.” She had an appearance in the thriller movie with Jeremy Irons and Ethan Hawke.

She made guest appearances on a number of television shows in 1993, including “Splendor,” “How We Used to Live,” and “Soldier Soldier,” and she also had a supporting role in the critically acclaimed drama “The Remains of the Day.” She appeared in three television movies the next year: “The Jungle Book,” “Fair Game,” and “MacGyver: Trail to Doomsday.”

She appeared in eight episodes of the British television drama “Band of Gold” in 1996, and the following year, she also had appearances on “Gold,” “The Hunger,” and “Kavanagh QC” as well as in the drama movies “Face” and “Mrs. Dalloway.” In the 1999 drama “Onegin,” which also starred Liv Tyler and Ralph Fiennes, she made an appearance. With this film, Martha Fiennes made her directing debut. The film failed both commercially and critically.

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Net Worth and Earnings

Lena Headey, an English actress who was born in Bermuda, is worth $12 million. Lena Headey’s portrayal as Cersei Lannister in the acclaimed HBO series “Game of Thrones” is what most people know her for. Lena had an appearance in 62 of the 73 episodes of Game of Thrones that aired between 2011 and 2019.

Between 2008 and 2009, she appeared as Sarah Connor in 31 episodes of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.” She has also received praise for her work in the films “The Brothers Grimm,” “300,” “Mrs. Dalloway,” “The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones,” and “The Purge.”

The final two seasons of Game of Thrones, which had 14 episodes and were broadcast between July 2017 and May 2019, paid Lena Headey $1.1 million for each episode. $14.3 million is the total for those two seasons. The amount paid to this actor for each episode is currently the sixth-highest amount any actor has ever received from a TV show (tied with several of her GOT co-stars).

For the 20 episodes she directed in seasons 5 and 6, she received $10 million or $500,000 for each episode. Lena’s overall earnings from the entire run of Game of Thrones, before taxes, are probably in the $30 million to $40 million level.

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Personal Life

Lena Headey married guitarist Peter Loughran in 2007. Before divorcing in 2013, they were married for a year. Lena Headey made news in April 2013 when she claimed that she was close to filing for bankruptcy following a drawn-out and acrimonious divorce. Despite being a star of one of television’s most well-known shows and earning $150,000 each episode at the time, Lena supposedly had just $5 in her bank account.

In 2015, she began dating the filmmaker Dan Cadan, with whom she later had a child, although the two later broke up in 2019.

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