Phil Swift Biography, Net Worth, Company, Family & Salary

A considerable number of celebrities seem to be unknown because they don’t belong to the entertainment or sports sector, such as the case of Phil Swift.

Philip Swift, popularly known as Phil swift, is a successful entrepreneur, frontman, and co-founder of Flex Seal Products. He began to initiate emojis on various social media platforms when he became the face of the company’s product.

Though not much about Phil swift has been made known to the public, a few things are known about him.

Phil Swift Background

Phil was born on the 3rd of March, 1944, in the United States. Before his fame, he worked in direct sales and marketing. As time went on, he, alongside his brother, Alan swift, decided to venture into the sales of high-performance products. In addition, they provided end-user services using a one-on-one customer approach method and other electronic means.

Their small-scale business became a household name and gained more fame because of its high performance and positive feedback from customers. He advertised the company’s product as the brand’s electronic media spokesman.

Consequently, this made him appear more on television than his brother. His accommodating nature also helped in bringing the public closer to him. However, what do we know about his marital status?

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Phil Swift’s Relationship And Family

He walked down the aisle with his college girlfriend Edna Swift, and they are blessed with three amazing kids, Nic swift(son), Medina Swift(daughter), and Ramona swift(daughter). Phil and his family reside in Texas, United States. Before we talk about Phil’s net worth, let’s talk about his company and what it’s about.

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Phil Swift Company

Swift Response LLC is a private family organization owned by two brothers, Phil swift and Alan Swift. The company has various products, but its brand product “Flex Seal” actually took the company to the limelight. The company was founded in 2011 and headquartered in the west of Florida, USA.

Flex Seal is an American adhesive product used for binding objects like wood and plastic materials. Its primary service area is the United States, though they reach out to neighboring communities and other countries.

Additionally, the company has a wide range of products which include:

  • Flex Tape Flex Glue
  • Flex Max
  • Adhesive Remover
  • Flex Shot
  • Flex Mini Foamazing
  • Slick Fix
  • Flex Seal (Company’s brand)
  • Off Winter Wax
  • Traction Blast
  • Flex Paste

As of 2019, swift response LLC has employed and maintained 100 employed staff. In addition, the company displays its products on its website. So you can check the website to view its effects and how they function on

How Potent Is The Product (Flex Tape)?

As an outstanding business person, Phil Swift has displayed the company’s product through innovative advertisements on television and his social media handles. One striking achievement he attained was when he sawed a yacht in two halves and then used the flex tape to glue it back together before setting it on the water for a ride. This display wowed viewers, and that video attracted more customers. The video gained the attention of countless viewers, and it became the most viewed video on YouTube with over 42 million views on the 30th of September 2017.

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Phil Swift Salary And Net Worth

Being the company’s CEO and spokesman, Phil acquired his wealth working at the company, and that is his primary source of income. In addition, the advertisement he runs on television has earned him his fame since many people love to hear from him and see his face. Phil Swift earns about $800,000 annually, and as of November 2021, he is worth $10 million.

Is Phil Swift Dead?

Phillip Swift is alive, hale, and hearty. Although, when trying to check him on the internet, a similar name pops up, talking about his death. Thankfully, that is a different Phil. The recorded dead Phil was walking his dog one afternoon and was shot dead. However, Phillip Swift, the business mogul, is very much alive, tending to the family’s business and making his customers smile with his comic advertisement.


Phil Swift is one businessman you’ll love to learn from because he has his unique way of enticing his customers with the company’s product.

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