The Best 10 Billiards/Pool Games for Android and iOS

Billiards has existed for a while. It’s been played for years, and people enjoy playing it in bars and pubs. Digital pool, meanwhile, has only been around for a few decades or so. Since the genre first appeared as a Flash game on Candystand, a lot has changed.

Nowadays, there are several online pool games, and the smartphone versions aren’t that terrible either. You may even play many variations of pool games, such as 8-ball, Snooker, Carrom, Crokinole, and a lot more.

People have enjoyed playing cue sports like billiards for a very long time at taverns and pool halls all throughout the world. Billiard games have been available to play since mobile gaming became a thing, and there are many different options.

You’ll enjoy trying out these apps with the largest player bases if you enjoy playing pool games on your phone.

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1. 8-Ball Pool by Miniclip

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According to its profile page, 8-Ball Pool has maintained an active player base for many years that numbers roughly 8 million people. Due to the fact that it is one of the Facebook Instant games, it is very possible that you have played this particular mobile billiards game.

8-Ball Pool is a content-rich game with dozens of cues to unlock, a variety of expensive tournaments, and even add-on games like Scratch Cards and Spin and Win. 8-Ball boasts some of the smoothest mechanics available in billiard games, as well as amazing physics, crystal-clear sightlines, and excellent physics.

You can play mobile pool with pals very easily with 8-Ball Pool thanks to Facebook connection. The leaderboards assist to foster competitiveness among offline and online friends, while the gifting mechanism encourages sharing and gives people gaming time.

2. Pooking: Billiards City

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Poking: Compared to the polished design of 8-Ball Pool by Miniclip, Billiards City’s addictive pool gameplay feels a little more natural. Naturally, the game’s mechanics and physics are identical to those of 8-Ball Pool, but you may adjust the shot’s aim and power with dials on either side of the screen.

Compared to previous billiards games, the dials allow for considerably more fine-tuning, and there doesn’t seem to be as much follow-through dragging of the cue ball in shots as there is in 8-Ball Pool.

You’ll probably enjoy the app if you like the notion of playing a single-player 8-Ball game. If you have access to a PC, you can also play it as a brief web game.

3. Kings of Pool

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Kings of Pool is a pool game with a basic design that supports internet play right away. Similar to Pooking: Billiards City, you can adjust the aim and power using the knobs on either side of the screen. However, you can also tap and hold close to the actual sightline to change the shot. If 8-Ball Pool is your only experience with billiards games, you should be prepared for a battle because Kings of Pool is far more difficult.

You’ll have to make more educated guesses and deliberate decisions about your shots because the physics are a little heavier and the sightlines are so close together.

If you enjoy playing pool games, Kings of Pool is a good choice because it integrates with Facebook and is simple to play with pals. The game has challenges, leaderboards, and tournaments so you may feel like you’re progressing while you play.

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4. Billipool – Ball Shooting

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Pooking: Billiards City and Billipool are pretty comparable. a single-player pool game with larger physics and sightlines that allows you to shoot balls in a variety of pre-set circumstances over dozens of stages. This software is worthwhile to try if you enjoy the more laid-back single-player billiards gaming experience.

In Billipool, instead of using the right-hand dial to adjust your aim as in the previous games, you use the slider at the top of the screen to change the shot’s power. There is less fine-tuning available with the power slider than in other pool games, however, this is offset by the absence of any multiplayer pressure.

5. Snooker Stars

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The billiards game Snooker Stars stands out from the rest fairly distinctly. The game, which focuses on snooker rather than pool, manages the larger table by using a customizable, user-friendly camera that aids in finding the ideal aim for a shot while keeping track of the impact the shot will have on your cue ball afterward.

You can easily transfer your abilities from previous billiards games to this one because of the fundamentals, but watch out for the shorter sightlines.

After playing Snooker Stars for a while, you can play a game 1 on 1 against an online opponent. The game offers a variety of drill conditions for you to practice over its various stages. You can participate in a variety of live online activities that are competitive in the game.

6. Pro Pool 2022

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Pro Pool 2022 was likely designed with veteran mobile pool players in mind. The game offers a considerably wider variety of strokes and shooting strategies, but because they are hidden under nested icon-only menus, this can be confusing for new players. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth buying because both Pro Pool’s offline and online modes offer loads of entertainment.

There are several training stages to help you get acquainted with the game, and you will certainly like the level of variety provided in this game if you enjoy having a lot of options for camera angles, shot types, spin, and other factors. especially in comparison to other available mobile pool games.

You may even select the game type and rule set you like, adding more fun and personalization that will help you quickly get through the game’s learning curve

7. Pro Snooker 2022

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It only makes sense to attempt the Pro Snooker 2022 game from the same creator if you enjoy Pro Pool 2022 and are a lover of snooker. As you can anticipate, the game’s mechanics and layout are identical. The distinctions between this app and others that cover pool and other pool-related billiards games are in the game modes and rule sets.

You may play at your own speed, whether you want to study and practice or want to test your talents against other players from across the world, thanks to a combination of online and offline gameplay. For a sense of competition, there are many online live events that give you the chance to compete against the finest Pro Snooker 2022 players.

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Only Android Pool Games

8. Real Pool 3D

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Another pool game with a lot going for it is Real Pool 3D. You can play against your pals using the Facebook sign-in functionality if you want to. The game also offers a 2D and 3D view, online competitions with random players, social groups (such as a guild or a clan), and a variety of pool cues to amass.

You can also play snooker or 8-ball. If you invest a few dozen hours in it, it’s a decent experience. It takes some grinding to feel like you’re playing real pool in this game because the early game isn’t the best.

9. Real Snooker 3D

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A snooker arcade game with 3D graphics is called Real Snooker 3D. The snooker experience in the game is quite straightforward. The game’s pass-and-play feature allows you to play by yourself or with a friend. Three difficulty settings, five table patterns, and a practice option are also included in the game in case you wish to practice your strokes. The game itself plays quite smoothly and is generally rather decent.

The regulations aren’t always strictly followed, which occasionally leads to awkward shots, which is really the only problem we’ve seen. The sound effects are excellent, but the music is a little lackluster, therefore we’d also want to see more detailed sound controls. In all other respects, the game is good.

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10. Pool Tour

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Pool Tour is a captivating game of pool. Instead of merely giving you the fundamental pool experience, this one offers you a range of pool riddles. This one is fairly enjoyable to play. It feels wonderful, however, we advise using the fine-tuning adjustment function to make sure everything is just right.

Additionally, you can unlock different pool cues and other similar items. The different obstacles keep the game interesting. As a free game with advertisements, this one complements other, more conventional pool games effectively.


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