Queen Elizabeth-The Courageous Woman Of All Times

Prosopography of Queen Elizabeth

The mighty Queen Elizabeth whose name in full is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was birthed by Duke Albert George VI and Duchess Elizabeth Angela Margaret Bowes-Lyon, Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, on the 21st of April 1926 at 2:40 am at her maternal grandfather’s house at 17Bruton Street Mayfair.

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Elizabeth was her parent’s first child; her father was the Duke of York, Prince Albert who would expectedly become King George VI.

The little princess was fortunately given the name of her mother, so also took some names of her grandfather’s mother, which are Alexandra, and then her paternal Mary. Elizabeth was rapidly growing elegantly into the pretty princess she was!

Once, young Elizabeth remarked to her riding master, Solace Smith ‘’……..I would like to be a lady living in a country with lots of Horses and Dogs…..’’. This statement completely illustrated that young Elizabeth understand the role she had been born t fulfill at the same time demonstrating her desire for a simple life

Little Elizabeth spent many of her early years at the family home at 14 Piccadilly, her parents remained focused to prepare the future queen with the knowledge of understanding of both her privileges and duties

By 21st August 1930, Princess Elizabeth had a little sister Margaret unfortunately five years later, in 1936, King George V died. As the princess, Elizabeth still taught academically at home, despite her parent desiring her to attend public school in other to possess both intellectual and social skills.

The New King, Edward VII who was Elizabeth’s uncle made the decision that educating a princess along with commoners was not a thing to do. So the young princess continued her schooling in private

The reason behind king Edward’s suggestion was because his relationship with divorced Socialite Wallis Simpson was already causing irrelevant national gossip even before her marital status had come to light, yet by the end of 1937, Elizabeth had taken an irreversible turn, with King Edward’s relinquishment towards having seen her father crowned King George VI

Behold! With time nothing is impossible, Elizabeth was Heiress presumptive to the throne. Elizabeth was only 11 years old, yet she still adores her pranks as a child, but with obligatory royalty discipline, she personally took it upon herself to be more dedicated and also consider her role as the head of the monarchy.

she attended lessons at Eton constitutional history and began bothering her knowledge 0f a subject that she cherished European history.

Ruefully the little princess studies were restrained by the catastrophe series of happenings in motion by Hitler in 1939 .it was decided that both Elizabeth and little Margaret should withdraw to Canada. But their mother was completely not in support of the idea she declared  The children won’t go without me. I won’t leave the king, and the king will never leave. With that the princess stayed at Balmorals, followed by Sandringham and then Windsor.

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After the first world war in 1939, princess Elizabeth soon decided it was high time that she was fully ready to embark on her responsibilities. In other to invigorate her morale, she embarked on a series of national visits with the king and queen. In 1943, Elizabeth turned 16, gracefully, and that was also when she visited the Grenadier guards in her first solo public appearance Later when she was almost 18 years, she was one of the five counselors of state to visit the Italian battlefield in July 1944.

Subsequently the following year the month of February, Elizabeth joined the women’s auxiliary territory as a driver and mechanic. By the end of the war, Elizabeth was promoted to junior commander and also a qualified driver


Suddenly came the engagement of Queen Elizabeth and Lieutenant  Philip Mountbatten the son of Prince Andrew of Greece and great-grandson of Britain’s former monarch, Victoria was announced.

The announcement didn’t really surprise the people; rather it was praised and appreciated. The Fickle British press was not left out in commenting; which was ‘’carry a match of choice, not arrangement’’ Queen Elizabeth and Philipp got married on November 20th, 1947 in Westminster Abbey. queen elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s offspring

Nearly exactly one year later, which was 14th November 1948, Princess Elizabeth gave birth to Prince Charles, who was doubtlessly the exact counterpart of his great-grandfather George V. Two years later, Elizabeth successfully put to bed, although this time it was a girl.

The baby was named Anne, just like her mother and the prince’s way. She also made a promise to herself that her children would never be spoilt nor shielded, and that unlike her, her kids would attend public school right from the start.

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth

In the year 1951, during the summer, King George VI became seriously ill, and so Princess represented him at the trooping the color, and also their various states’ occasions. On 7th October Elizabeth and her husband set out on a grand tour of Canada and Washington D.C. immediately after Christmas in England she and the duke set out early the next year which was 1952, for another tour of Australia and New Zealand, the king’s death reached them while they were still at Sagana, Kenya.

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Elizabeth quickly flew back to England, she mourned her father’s death for over three months, but in the summer of that same year, she moved from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace, she undertook the routine duties of the sovereign and carried out her first state opening of parliament on November 4, 1952, her coronation was held at Westminster Abbey on June 2, 1952

General Knowledge of Queen Elizabeth

Aside from being the Queen of England, she was also the head of state for other commonwealth countries. Presently Elizabeth is 95 years old, with four children, eight grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren children, with her late husband who died November 23, 2021.

Her heir who was also her eldest child Charles, Prince William Duke of Cambridge who was Elizabeth’s grandson, and son of the Prince of Wale’s

Queen Elizabeth’s Net Worth

Queen Elizabeth’s net worth is $600 million. The queen’s annual payment, a single payment by the government called a sovereign grant, lately, her account was disclosed, and she had about 86.3 million pounds

Does Queen Elizabeth have any intention of surrendering her position?

Despite Elizabeth’s long-time rule and old age which could also be seen as weak bones, her Excellency is not ready to give up her throne to allow her son also the heir to over. The queen would be celebrating her 95th birthday by April, yet she was zero intention of stepping down from the role of a Monarch

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