Queen Naija: Interesting Facts About Her

Queen Naija was initially exposed to the general audience in 2014 as Queen Bulls on American Idol. She made it to the Hollywood round before being eliminated before the top 30. She moved back to Detroit, got a job as a security guard, and focused solely on building her YouTube channel alongside her husband, Christopher Sails.

She had a public split with Sails in 2017, following an adultery scandal. After that, she started her own channel. “Queen Naija” is the name of its mother’s grandmother, “Queen,” and “Naija” is the name of her father. Her father is Yemeni, while her mother is African American.

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Who is Queen Naija?

Queen Naija is an American singer and television personality who was born on October 17, 1995, in Ypsilanti, Michigan but spent much of her childhood in Detroit.

Queen Naija is a well-known American YouTuber and singer who co-founded the Chris and Queen YouTube channel with her ex-musician husband, Christopher Sails. Vlogs, buggies, challenges, and other videos she made of her ex-husband were shown on her YouTube account. The channel is now defunct, however, it still exists as a YouTube alias.

Naija’s ability to sing earned her fame and acclaim as a former American Idol finalist, as well as a path for her future career. Naija launched her YouTube channel shortly after she was fired from the show.

Her YouTube account showcased her incredible singing abilities and even hinted at her vlogging abilities. On the internet, she quickly became a sensation. Her relationship with Chris, marriage, and, finally, her dramatic disruption earned her a massive following that seemed to grow by the day.

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Queen Naija’s Career

Naija started focusing on her YouTube business after her Idol days were over. She created her own YouTube channel, where she shared vlogs about her story time, music, and makeup. She launched a YouTube channel called Chris and Queen with her boyfriend Chris.

The couple shared videos of themselves vlogging, playing pranks, and challenging one another on social media. By looking after her account, Chris offered her managerial assistance. In the videos, he also took part. Their romance, however, was short-lived, and the two parted ways. Chris and Queen are no longer available on YouTube.

Their divorce was well reported. In a series of recordings, the two made cheating accusations against each other.  Queen Naija then used a song called Medicine, which was published on December 31, 2017, and details the events leading up to her divorce from Chris.

The song has gone on to become a huge hit, garnering over 56,000 page views on Genius. It was ranked 31st on Genius’s Top Songs list. It also reveals how new-year YouTube stars use drama and flick to pique the interest of suspects and fans.

The song has amassed over 199 million views on YouTube and has become a huge hit. Naija’s emotional state, Chris’ infidelity, and her drive for vengeance are all depicted in the song’s lyrics. Medicine was created with the express purpose of causing controversy and attracting millions of followers, which it accomplished.

Queen Naija’s Personal life

queen naija
Source: Chris And Queen

Her parents’ information is not accessible to the general public. Tina and Terrell, her younger siblings, run the Tina & Terrell YouTube channel.

Naija meets Christopher Sails, her future husband, for the first time in high school, despite the lack of accurate information regarding her academic credentials. Chris and Naija first met during a basketball game in April of 2013. In 2017, they married after four years of dating.

In addition to being genuine partners, they were YouTube partners as well. Chris not only ran the channel, but he also took part in online videos on a regular basis. ‘The Wife Is Cheating,’ is his most well-known video.

Chris and Naija’s amicable connection, however, was short-lived. When they used their blog post to address their relationship issues after their widely publicized divorce, it thrust both of them back into the spotlight.

Chris Sails was arrested by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office in Texas for aggravated assault and significant bodily injury, Queen Naija became concerned when she was unable to locate her little son CJ.

Following a call from Houston’s Social Services Department alerting her of Sails’ incident, Queen Naija got concerned. When she couldn’t reach anyone to figure out who had CJ, she turned to social internet for help. She eventually found her son, though it’s unknown who had him.

Queen Naija wrote on her Instagram story, “To be clear, I found where my baby was & spoke to him & will be with him soon. I would never post anything like this for attention. I posted that on my story out of fear after receiving a call from someone in the social services department. I then tried to contact only who I knew in Houston and nobody was answering me.”

Fans were concerned, and many took to social media to ask about CJ. Queen Naija and Sails welcomed their first child, CJ, in February 2015 before divorcing in 2018 due to Sails’ affair with another lady.

After giving up the couple’s renowned YouTube channel to Sails and starting her own, Queen Naija would have to rebuild her public reputation from the ground up. She went on to be a huge success, with over 4 million members and a significant record deal with Capitol Records.

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Queen’s sister

Queen Naija’s younger sister, Tina Frost, is a stand-up comedian and YouTuber. Their feud began over the same issue: Naija’s son’s graduation. Tina began the squabble by announcing that her baby had graduated, and she was thrilled and proud of her nephew. Despite the fact that she was unaware of his graduation, she continues to pray for him and wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Clarence, Queen Naija’s ex-lover, responded that anyone who slut shames her sister and calls her the B-word should not be invited to any of her joyous occasions. He stated she was envious of Naija and wanted to ruin her life. Tina was incensed by the remark and responded “Oh! now her present Boo will talk for her.” And she added to her statement that “Yas too much for being jealous that she can’t even talk for herself.”

Following this, the feud erupted into a full-fledged family battle, with both sisters revealing family secrets that were a disgrace to their parents and upbringing. Tina had been a liar since they were kids, according to Queen Naija, who humiliated her for her appearance by writing, “You have more trolls in your comment area than admiration.” Naija overstepped her bounds when she said that you established a failing career by doing what you do best, which she described as “insulting yourself.”

Tina was even body shamed by her mother, who claimed that if Tina had gone to the gym, she would have had a good chance of compiling with Naija, but she obviously didn’t. You can’t win, Tina. “All Bodies Are Beautiful,” Queen Naija alleged to have preached. Where did that go? Tina has suddenly become unattractive?

Tina responded by alleging that Naija had never treated her mother well and that Clarence had stolen money from her. She claimed that Naija was a bad daughter who was always snubbed by her parents. Tina also posted a video titled “Not Again” on her YouTube page. Tina’s charges, on the other hand, have elicited no response from Queen Naija.

Queen Naija’s Net Worth

Following her divorce, Queen Naija dropped the single “Medicine.” She addressed the subject and answered all of her fans’ questions in it. At the time, she told The Fader, “‘Medicine’ was essentially produced to confirm what happened in my marriage to my YouTube supporters.” “Instead of talking about it, I promised them I’d write a song about it,” she said.

“Karma” was an even bigger hit: it debuted at #1 on the iTunes Charts on its first day of release. She took advantage of the quick popularity of her EP, which sold over 1 million copies and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Queen Naija’s record deal was said to be worth millions of dollars. However, nowadays, unless a musician tours, musical engagement is rarely a lucrative career, and there is nothing to do in the face of a global pandemic. As a result, YouTube accounts for the vast majority of Queen Naija’s earnings.

Commercials on Queen Naija’s YouTube video, which has about 4.6 million views, bring in nearly $180,000 every year. As a result, its total net worth is estimated to be $4 million, including its music initiatives.

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Queen Naija, a pop-R&B singer noted for her frank songwriting and agile vocals, rose to fame thanks to her platinum-selling single “Medicine” (2018). The Queen Naija Bulls, who was born in Ypsilanti and currently resides in Detroit, began performing in church and writing songs when she was a child.

During her adolescent years, her name was well-known across the country because she appeared on multiple seasons of American Idol, including the 13th season in 2014. Following that, she became an internet sensation thanks to her YouTube channel, where she and her husband shot prank films. When the couple broke up, Naija remained active on social media and resumed singing.

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