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Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves is one of the best artist managers in the world. He is the owner of Pina Records, an urban music company created in 1996. It is a Puerto Rican record label that is famous for producing reggaeton music. Raphy Pina works with several unique talents, ‘Natti Natasha,’ ‘Daddy Yankee,’ and a lot more around the world. Who is Raphy Pina? What is Raphy Pina net worth? Is Raphy Pina married?

Raphy Pina net worth
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Asides Raphy Pina being great at his job, he is also a proud father of four children, who came from two different women. His hard work is evident in his career success, and in his net worth, earning him the moniker, ‘Mr Sold Out.’ Raphy Pina has also seen a couple of bad days, which got him a few charges, and the presence of iron bars. In this article you will find out all about Raphy Pina, Raphy Pina’s children, Raphy Pina net worth, Raphy Pina’s relationship, and a lot more. 

The Early Life of Raphy Pina

He was born on July 4, 1978 in Isla del Encanto, Puerto Rico. There is no public information about Raphy Pina’s childhood, family or education. Although he said in an interview, that his interest in music started from watching and working for his father. He has not disclosed the names of his parents, but his father was in charge of an underground production of reggaeton music. 

Personal Life and Relationship 

Raphy Pina was once married to Carolina Aristizabal, a beautiful entrepreneur. The couple got married in 2011, and decided their marriage was not working after eight years. In 2017 they separated, and in 2019 they finalised their divorce. During that period, Raphy Pina was already seeing someone else, a stunning Dominican singer. He had three kids with Carolina, Antonio Pina, Rafeal Pina, and Mia Pina. 

Raphy Pina started dating Natalia Alexandra Gutierrez Batista, popularly known as, ‘Natti Natasha,’ when he was processing his divorce with his ex-wife, Carolina. 

Raphy Pina net worth
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Natti Natasha was born on December 10, 1986, she is a Dominican singer who is managed by Raphy Pina, and also engaged to him. They got engaged in 2021, after shooting the music video, ‘Inedito.’ The beautiful singer now has a baby for Raphy Pina, a beautiful baby girl, Vida Isabelle Pina. 

Raphy Pina’s Career 

Raphy Pina net worth does not only grow from being an artist manager, he is also a powerful business man. He owns gas stations, mini buses and car garages in Puerto Rico. His record label, Pina Records, has produced songs for R.K.M, Kay, Daddy Yankee, Plan B, his gorgeous fiancee, Natti Natasha, and other celebrities. He was also the executive producer for the documentary series, ‘Everybody Loves Nitti.’

Raphy Pina net worth continued to grow as he moved on to begin a YouTube channel in 2020, ‘Pina Records.’ The channel was created to keep their followers glued to their screen, watching their numerous activities, and music videos. The channel currently has over 10 million subscribers, and the videos have accumulated over 4 billion views. 

Raphy Pina Controversies

In 2012, he was suspected for being involved in fraud and money laundering. About $4.1 million was embezzled from Doral bank, and this put Raphy Pina behind bars. He pleaded guilty in court, and was given a two years sentence of supervised release. 

Raphy Pina net worth
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Few years later, Raphy Pina was charged for the possession of a handgun and an automatic weapon. That situation did not cause much of a frenzy, and was easily settled. 

What is the Artist Manager Net Worth? 

Raphy Pina net worth is currently $10 million, obtained from his record label, Pina Records, and several owned businesses in Puerto Rico.

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