Rhett And Link Net Worth, Bio, Awards & Achievements

Rhett and Link net worth is an estimated sum of $30 million. This is a calculation of the earnings from their YouTube Channel, which is notably one of the most-watched channels on the platform today. They also make their earnings through revenues from advertising for local companies and use most of the money for sponsored videos.

Rhett and Link is an internet-based comedy group comprising two members, namely Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. The two individuals have described themselves as “entertainers”, which illustrates their entertainment through the internet. With their tremendous success as YouTubers, Rhett and Link net worth becomes interestingly questionable.

The comedy duo is popular for their YouTube series titled ‘Good Mythical Morning.’ They also run an independent film channel, a YouTube premium series, and their podcast show, “Ear Biscuits”. They have gained recognition as one of the best comedians of our times.

rhett and link net worth

Where The Two Friends Met

The friendship and cooperation of these two individuals date as far back as 1984 when they met in Elementary School. Rhett was born on October 11, 1977, in Macon, Georgia, while Link was born on June 1, 1978, in North Carolina. However, their journey together began when they met on September 4, 1984, in Buies Creek School, when they were placed under punishment.

They had both written swear words on their lockers, earning them a sit-back-in-class during recess. As they remained in the class, their teacher gave them a coloring book of mythical creatures to keep them busy. This will eventually become the inspiration behind the “mythical morning” idea.

As teenagers, they wrote a screenplay and began working on a movie they called Gutless Wonders. Though they began filming, they never finished the series. They also played roles in high school in a 25-minute parody they knew as Oedipus Rex.

They eventually went to college and graduated as engineers. During this time, they parted ways as they worked on their individual jobs. They soon quit their jobs and decided to face comedy completely and begin their career as full-time entertainers.

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Their Journey As Internetainers

Their career began on January 3, 2011, when they set up their studio and began the show titled ‘Good Morning Chia Lincoln.’ The series ended soon because of the massive death of the Chia which they used for the show.

After the cancellation of their show Commercial Kings, the duo launched Good Mythical Morning after they moved to Los Angeles. The Good Mythical Morning show became the duo’s step into the limelight. As they ran the seasons of the show on YouTube, they introduced several ideas that kept the viewers entertained.

They soon paused the series to begin The Mythical Show, which won the Best Variety Series at the International Academy of Web Television Awards in January 2013. This show also featured several new and creative ideas and the channel received many viewers and subscriptions. After a very long time of running this show, they returned to doing Good Mythical Morning.

Good Mythical Morning continued to be a success over the years even until the duo uploaded the 1000th episode on the channel. They largely celebrated this tremendous success across the net.

Both anchored other shows, including Mythical Kitchen, and ‘This is Mythical,’ both of which did excellently well. They also launched several podcasts for iTunes, Spotify, and iCloud. The major podcast programs included RhettandLinkast, Ear Biscuit, and Ronstadt.

rhett and link net worth

Rhett and Link live behind the scenes

Both members of the team are happily married with children. Rhett is married to his wife, Jessie with two sons, while Link is married to Christy with two sons and a daughter. They both live in Los Angeles, California.

From the comfort of their homes, they run their self-established company, Mythical Entertainment, and its subsidiary – Smoosh – in Burbank. 

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Other Endeavors of the duo

Aside from comedy, the duo has also released its music tracks. Rhett is an expert guitarist while Link plays a recorder and harmonica. They have released two albums together and have made other songs in the course of their shows.

Rhett and Link were among the first individuals who aimed to transition from internet entertainment to television. They did this with their show titled ‘Online Nation,’ which had a million views on premiering. Despite the huge success, it was canceled after four episodes.

They are also authors and their two books have reached the New York Times Bestseller List.

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