11 Best Rib Tattoos For Men Who Can Tolerate Pain 

Despite the fact that everyone’s threshold for discomfort varies, most people will concur that the ribs are an area that is very uncomfortable! The proximity to bone and the region’s thin skin are the causes of this. This position ought to be saved for designs that are incredibly cool and have deep meaning. The area is not for the timid, but getting tattooed here typically has a very strong and masculine appearance.

There are many possibilities available as well, whether you want something big and complex or tiny and straightforward. You can embrace your inner strength with a lion or dragon tattoo or commemorate your beliefs with a crucifix or bible verse. Roman numerals and phrases look great there as well, allowing you a chance to honor the dates or quotes that inspire you. Continue reading to get ideas for your next design.

1. Side Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

If you decide on a side rib tattoo, you probably won’t want to wear a shirt very often because they are so amazing. They look to be strong and manly, making them a great location for a meaningful design. When correctly executed, they may be rather striking.

This area is big enough to support something substantial, like a complicated design with numerous themes, like exploring your religious side or paying tribute to a loved one, which explains why there are so many options for tats there. On the tattoo pain scale, modest or basic pieces might also look well in this location and be less uncomfortable. It is important to remember that one of the areas where getting tattooed would hurt the most is the rib. The thin skin and close proximity to bone are to blame for this.

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2. Cross Tattoo on Ribs

rib tattoo

A cross is one of the most typical and well-liked tattoo designs for religious people who want to commemorate their beliefs. The love of Jesus Christ and the sacrifices he made for humanity is frequently symbolized by the cross tattoo.

It can also signify an enduring affection or a desire to continue being good and following the road of righteousness. This design can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on what it means to you. You can add the name and date of your departed loved one or your favorite verse from the Bible to make it a memorial item as well.

3. Bird Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

The answer to the question “does a tattoo on my rib hurt?” is “yes,” so only ink that holds special importance for you should be placed there. Birds are a fantastic choice for any man because they are connected with freedom and daring. However, you do not want to put yourself through significant pain for a design that you might regret. The fact that our avian friends can fly and frequently migrate in the winter makes them a wonderful option for someone who enjoys movement or travel. Your bird tattoo’s symbolism may vary based on the species of bird you select.

4. Roman Numerals Tattoo

rib tattoo

Everyone is associated with a particular number. This might be anything from your birthday to the day you got married, and many guys choose to have a roman numeral tattoo to commemorate this occasion. This numerical system is more interesting because we rarely use it in daily life and because most people have to do a double-take before understanding what it signifies.

This increases its uniqueness. You can pay tribute to a departed loved one or rejoice in a child’s birth. Additionally, the symbols are effective when combined with many other pictures, such as flowers and clocks. The ribs are an excellent place to get inked because they are close to your heart, which gives your tattoo even more significance.

5. Feather Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

The ability of birds to fly is among the characteristics of birds that humans find most fascinating. With our obsession with aviation methods and technology, we have attempted to imitate this quality. Without their feathers, birds would not be able to fly, and as a result, feathers are associated with freedom.

In other traditions, particularly the Native American culture, the feather also stands for bravery, sturdiness, and knowledge. Your feather tattoo may have additional meaning depending on the bird you select, making it special and individual to you. If you practice religion, you may also transform it into an angel wing.

6. Dragon Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

A dragon tattoo is an excellent option if you want a design that expresses passion and confidence. The mythical beast is feared and revered, thus being tattooed with it is a strong and macho decision for a man. Considering that it can wrap over the back and onto the rib cage or feature down the side, the dragon’s design also makes it a wonderful choice for this location. Your design’s meaning can also vary depending on its size and color. A black dragon is a representation of courage and strength, but a red dragon represents knowledge.

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7. Angel Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo


Angels are regarded as God’s messengers. They are frequently related to morality and good deeds and serve as a symbol of the harmony between heaven and earth. However, there are a variety of various angel tattoos available, which can slightly modify the meaning of your body art and also symbolize wrath or retribution. This is the ideal tattoo design if you identify as religious or find inspiration in the symbolism attached to these entities. Another great location for work with this much symbolism is a ribcage.

8. Simple Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

A straightforward rib tattoo can look effortlessly chic. This might be anything from the name of a loved one to the outline of your favorite animal. The beauty of this choice is that this type of ink is frequently simple and devoid of detail. As a result, it won’t take long to finish, and less pain and money will be spent. The majority of simple compositions are finished in black ink, emphasizing the message of the piece rather than the design itself.

9. Bible Verse Tattoo

rib tattoo


A tattoo of a Bible passage is a fantastic option if you want to communicate what is essential to you, honor your faith, or remember how you wish to keep on the right path. Choose the one that means the most to you or your favorite, and use it as a reminder of the crucial details. Additionally, it is a lovely way to uphold your morals and religious beliefs. The rib is a great location since you can choose not to share your ink with the public, which adds to its special and private nature.

10. Heart Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

A common tattoo design is a heart because it is so well-known. Depending on your own style, you can select a basic symbol or a tattoo design with an anatomically accurate heart. Both have a lot of symbolic meaning and frequently stand for passion, love, and life. There are many ways to read this inking. Relationships, heartbreak, and even personal loss may be involved for some people. There are a variety of techniques available, from straightforward tiny pieces to intricate heart tattoo designs that include options for geometric and watercolor tattoos.

11. Quote Rib Tattoo

rib tattoo

The placement of a quote tattoo on the rib cage is one of the most popular due to how good the lettering looks there. The area is also big enough for a few phrases or simply a few words from the quote you choose. The variety of this inking is one of its beauties, and whatever you decide will have a significant personal meaning for you. It might be the words to one of your favorite songs, a heartfelt poem, or perhaps a handwritten note from a close friend. It is easy to understand why a man would want to have phrases that have had a significant impact on his life inked so near to his heart.

How painfully indent your ribs?

You might be wondering how uncomfortable the procedure is if you’re considering getting a tattoo on your rib. This is one of the most painful places for most people, and for other people, the pain can be very severe. The reason is that it can make the discomfort worse when you breathe because of the thin skin, close contact with the bone, and all of these factors.

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Is getting a tattoo on the ribs the most painful option?

Although each person has a distinct threshold for pain, generally speaking, the ribs are among the most uncomfortable areas to be tattooed. The armpit, groin, elbows, kneecaps, and behind the shins are additional areas that will be extremely uncomfortable.

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