Top 6 Richest Dogs In The World And Their Net Worth

Wondering if a dog can be rich? It is no doubt some dogs have a net worth some people can only imagine of. The majority of these dogs acquired such a huge amount by inheriting the fortune from their owners. Every dog owner has been taught how his/her dog is going to feed and be taken care of if they pass away before it.

Dogs can not directly own property because they are not a legal person. Most of these dog owners have willed millions of dollars to their pets for their well-being even if they have passed away. The money and properties are willed to them through animal trust funds.

Some dogs earned their wealth through entertainment like acting, marketing, and TV shows while others by being internet memes.

Top 6 Richest Dogs In The World And Their Net Worth

In this article, you will get to know the 6 richest dogs in the world and their net worth.

1. Gunther IV

Gunther IV

Gunther IV is a second-generation millionaire. The world’s wealthiest dog is a German Shepherd, with an estimated net worth of $500. He gained his wealth through inheritance from the Gunther family. Gunther VI has many mansions around the globe, have a personal maid and eats caviar every day. His dad was Gunther III who inherited about $80 million from his owner, Karlotta Leibenstein who was a German countess who died in the year 1993 with no children and close relatives.

After the father’s death, Gunther VI inherited his father’s money and a house among others. Gunther IV bought the $9 million Miami Villa formerly owned by Madonna. The villa is a nine-room, with an eight-and-a-half bath. The villa has an extensive landscape, pool, City view and a fountain. Gunther enjoyed the sun around the fountain and dock when he visit Miami from Italy where he bases permanently.

The identity of the person who purchased Gunther IVs is still unknown. The house was later listed for $31.75 million and sold for $29 million. Over the years, the dog’s estate has earned him over $500 million making it one of the richest dogs in the globe. His wealth is being reinvested around the world, buying mansions and villas.

2. Oprah’s Dogs

Oprahs Dogs

Over the years, the famous talk show host has had 20 dogs. She is one of the richest self-made women in the world. Sadly, she lost most of them. She said dogs give the truest and purest form of love. She has shown the public her unconditional love for her dogs.

If you are an old fan, then you know Solomon, Sofie and Gracie. As a dog mom, it is heartbreaking when you lost one of your lovely dogs. In 2008, she lost Sohfie after 13 years. Who wouldn’t be heartbroken?. Oprah described the dog as a little soul that made a great impact on her life. She also stated that it was after her death she knew the magnitude of love she has for Sohfie and that no one has ever loved her like Sohfie all her life.

She lost Gracie in 2007 to a plastic ball accident. He was choked to death and the plastic ball belongs to Sohfie.

The dog mom currently owns five dogs Luke and Layla (golden retrievers), Sadie (cocker spaniel) and then Sunny and Laura ( spring spaniels). Sadie was adopted in February 2009 at a no-kill shelter home where Oprah went for a cover shoot. She stated that among all the dogs it was Sadie that got her attention the most.

The spring spaniels Sunny and Laura were adopted in Chicago in 2010 as one of her 56th birthday gifts. They were adopted at 14 weeks old. She and the dogs enjoy a Saturday bath ritual together. Her dogs especially Sadie loves reading what his mom wrote.

You might think Oprah would have been wiser. She has set a trust fund for them in a case where she dies before them. The money is intended for their health, well-being and upkeep as she wants them to be pampered all their lives.

According to some sources, she has set aside the sum of $30 million for her dogs and other pet care. Willing such an amount out of her estimated net worth of $2.5 billion is just an easy thing.

3. Alexander McQueen’s dogs

Alexander McQueens dogs

Alexander McQueen, born in 1969 was a courtier and fashion designer who founded his line Alexander McQueen label. He was a creative director at Givenchy (1996-2001) and formed a partnership in 1999 with Gucci. He won the British designer of the year award (1996, 1997, 2001, 2003).

The late fashion designer willed Juice, Callum and Minter the sum of £50,,000 each. All of them are English Bull Terrier. He hanged himself at the age of 40 in his house in Central London shortly after his mom’s death. He was openly gay and HIV positive.

McQueen willed his £16 million worth of wealth. He willed quite a tremendous amount ($164,315) to four different Animal Charity. His two housekeepers, two sons, their 3 sisters, godson, nieces and nephews got £50,000 each. This made them so happy as they never imagined getting such a share of his wealth. They were surprised to know that his dogs also got the same amount as them. He wants Pooches and Kitties to have a life filled with luxury for the rest of their lives.

4. Trouble


Trouble was owned by the hotelier and real estate investor/Morgul Leona Helmsley. Helmsley was nicknamed the queen of mean due to her flamboyant lifestyle and her tyrannical behaviour.

She was convicted in 1989 of federal income tax evasion. She served nineteen months in prison and two months on house arrest against her initial sentence of sixteen years. She died on 20th August 2007. Her estate is estimated to be over $4 billion

Her only Son Jay Panzirer died in 1982 due to arrhythmias that lead to a heart attack. He lived in one of her properties. Shortly after his funeral, his widowed wife received a notice from Hemsley to evict the property. She sued and collected her son’s estate and other properties cleaning he had borrowed them. What do you expect from the queen of mean?.

After her prison term, she has made a remarkable number of charitable contributions. She donated $50 million to the families of firefighters after 9/11. She also donated $25 million and $65 million for medical research and the Development of a Digestive care centre at two different hospitals.

Her husband Harry died in 1997 which made her spend most of her later years in isolation. His entire fortune including Helmsley hotels, the Helmsley palace and state-building estimated to be worth $5 billion. She lived alone away from her few friends and grandchildren in a luxury apartment with her dog.

The rule in New York does not allow convicted felons to hold any alcohol license. This made gave her no choice but to give up control of her hotel because the majority of her hotels have bars.

She willed her Maltese dog Trouble all of her fortunes via a trust fund that will cater for the dog. The dog ended up with $2 million after the case was taken to court by her grandchildren and the judge allowed them an inheritance. Trouble lives with carl like Florida. He is the manager of Helmsley sandcastle and Trouble’s caretaker. He has received various death threats.

5. Samantha

Samatha Dog

Sidney Altman is a Canadian-American who was a professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology and Chemistry at Yale University. Born in Montreal, Canada, on 7th May 1939. His parents were poor immigrants. His dad worked at a grocery shop while his mom at the texting mill. He is a Novel price winner shared with Thomas R. Cech in 1989 for their research work on the catalytic property of RNA.

It will surprise you to know that Sidney loves his bathroom, his dog Samantha and his woman in this order. He generated a fortune selling bathroom wares and fixtures in West Hollywood.

A cocker spaniel owned by Sidney Altman. He willed the sum of $6 million to his second love and his house at Beverly Hills. He willed his girlfriend Dana a monthly allowance of $60,000 with the condition that she will take care of his dog till it dies then she is on her own. Altman described Dana as his good friend in his will.

She also got the sum of $50,000 to go on a shopping spree and redecorate the house to her taste. This left his girlfriend in shock making her take the case to court because she feels it was not good enough for her. She demanded half of Altman’s wealth saying she was his longtime companion. The judge ruled that Samantha was 75 years old in dog’s age and won’t live for too long. Dana became the legal custodian of Samantha giving her $2.7 million to herself.

6. Tobey


The pampered poodle got a house worth $35 million from his owner Ella Wendel of the Wendel farmhouse was the dog mother of Tobey. Wendel was a German fur trader. He came to New York in the year 1798 and later began buying New York real estate Alon with his friend.

The Wendel family were among the most powerful landlords in New York in the early 20th century. The dynasty owns over 150 properties worth more than $1 billion in Manhattan. The family had a boy and six girls making a total number of 7 children.

Ella was the last of the Wendel family. The family are known for their generosity and softheartedness. Being the last of their family, she lived in her huge house alone in the company of her elderly servants and her dog Tobey. Ella never married.

The pampered poodle got a house worth $35 million from its owner. He also got the sum of about $30 million to $80 million from the American heiress in 1931 which is quite an outrageous amount these days. He continued living there after her death, having two bits of help to himself.


These people have worked for their money and can toss it around as they will. Their bond and love with these dogs have made them taught of their well-being, health and care even if they kick the great feeding bowl in the sky.

They would want their dogs to have a good, and normal life as though they were alive. These dogs have accumulated so much wealth that you can only imagine acquiring in your lifetime.

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