Here are the Top 10 Richest Kpop Group and Their Net Worth

Over the past few years, it is no doubt that the K-pop industry has emerged as one of the most famous and influential in the music industry. The industry has been able to capture the world using its mixed style of music ranging from R&B, hip hop, electro-dance, EDM, and more.

The growth of the industry is exponential and this has helped the artist in earning more, bagging endorsement deals, and increasing their value as an artist. Also K – pop groups include choreography, songwriting, concerts and tours, and filmmaking in the industry.

This has indirectly increased their revenue as artists. There is an influx of idol groups into the industry but few have been able to pave the way and make money for themselves. This article will name some of the richest K – pop groups in the world.

Here are the Top 10 Richest Kpop Group and Their Net Worth

Here you have the list of the richest Kpop Groups in South Korea, their net worths, founding members, and achievements so far.

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1. GOT 7


GOT 7 bands consist of seven members from different nationalities which include Korea, China, and Thailand. The South Korean band gained recognition after the release of its first song in 2014. They are one of the most famous, richest, and influential K – Pop groups. The members of the group include Jay B, Jackson, BamBam, Youngjae, Jinyoung, and Yugyeom. JYP Entertainment is the label managing the GOT7 band, the first two members to be recruited were Jay B and Jinyoung in 2009. The duo was named Junior as their stage name before mark, Jackson, yugyeom, and bam bam was included in 2012.

Youngjae was the last member to join the band. The GOT7 band gained popularity because of their inclusion of martial arts and amazing choreography skills. Their first EP which was released on the 24th of January,2014 was number 1 on the world’s billboard chart and received the new artist award in 2015. The band has released several songs and featured them in various movies including the popular dream knight in 2015.

The group is a brand ambassador for Sony, Adidas, Pepsi, Vivo, and several others. GOT7 also made history by being the first Korean band to sell out the Barclay Center in New York. They have received 56 awards since the beginning of their career and they were included in the Forbes Korea power celebrity in 2019.

They have had several world tours and are involved in a lot of philanthropy work, they raised funds for the less advantaged teenagers and donated 30 million won to victims of the fire in 2017 and 2019 respectively.  Their net worth is currently $ 12 million.



TVXQ  is abbreviated from Tong Vfang Xien Qi is also known as Tohoshinki. They had their first debut in 2003 with their songs “Hug” and “O Holy Night”. The team started with 5 members but is now reduced to a duo in the group which includes U – Know Yunho and Max Changmin. They are widely referred to as the Rising Gods of the east. TVXQ gained international popularity after the release of their best-selling album “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap and Mirotic in 2006 and 2008 respectively.

TVXQ achieved over 10 million physical records in the first ten years of its career. They are also the number one foreign artist in Japan to have the highest number of singles and albums released. TVXQ styles of music include the use of hip-hop, rock, R&B, rap, electronic dance, and contemporary pop music.

The band is also known for its use of stability and stamina to perform captivating choreography. The TVXQ are also actors who have starred in various movies where they appeared in “Rainbow romance” in 2005. They are brand ambassadors to products like Samsung, LG, Chevrolet, Nike, Pepsi, and a lot more.

TVXQ band presents on a radio program every week and they have a fans club called Cassiopeia which is the biggest fans club in 2008. The band is the first group to perform at the New Year’s Eve music festival called Kohaku Uta Gassen. They have participated in several tours and concerts around the world. The group’s net worth is estimated to be around $30 million.

3. Red Velvet

Red Velvet

Red velvet is an only girls group that was formed from the combination of five girls. The group is managed by SM entertainment and they came to the limelight in 2014 after their debut. The South Korean group started with 4 members before the fifth member joined in 2015.

In 2015, the team had their first studio album titled “The Red “which appeared topping the billboard world album chart. Their style of music is a blend of R & B, bass, electro-pop and dance-pop. The group has received several awards and recognitions, like the Korean music award, net Asian music award, golden disc new artist award and more.

They have features in movies and started their reality show titled “level up project” in 2017. They are brand ambassadors to the clothing line, skincare, cosmetics and more. – The group is estimated to be worth $15 million.

 4. Mamamoo


Mamamoo is a four-member girl group that was created in 2014 under the Rainbow Bridge World label. They released their first single titled ‘’MrAmbigous ’’ in 2014. The South Korean group are famous for their intriguing vocal performance& B, and jazz. The members are Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein and Hwasa.

The team had their first solo concert in 2016 with over 7000 tickets sold out in a minute. They have featured in movies and have reality shows being aired on various televisions. Some of the members also have their YouTube channel with over 100 thousand subscribers and act as solo artists to produce their individual songs.

Mamamoo has received about 43 awards since the beginning of their career including the Mnet Asian music award. Their net worth is estimated to be $10.60 million with sponsorship from companies like LG, Andar, Teletubbies and others.

5. Loona 


Loona consists of 12 members of which all of them are girls. The group was formed by blockberry creative and had its debut in 2016. The South Korean band had members among them who picked interest in acting and went for several auditions.

And they won the popularity award in 2019, 2020,2021 from Asia artist awards. They received the hot female trend award and Seoul mayor award in 2021.

They are presently ambassadors to the south Korea ministry of culture, sports and tourism. The group’s net worth is estimated to be around $20 million. 

6. Seventeen


The seventeen idol group is also one of the richest groups in the K pop industry. The South Korean musical group is formed by 13 members and they had their debut in 2015. The group style of music involves a blend of hip hop, R & B,synth-pop and EDM. Their first album which was “17 carat “earned the album with the longest-charting of the year in the US. The team are segregated into 3 divisions based on their area of specialization, the groups are hip hop, vocal and performance teams.

The name seventeen comes to existence from the 13 members + 3 divisions + 1 group. Seventeen have received awards and recognition from various parts of the world and they are the first Korean idol group to appear on MTV push.

They are brand ambassadors to companies and organizations in all parts of the world. The group is also famous for its generosity, especially to children and adolescents. The net worth of the group is about $ 12.36 million.

7. EXO 


EXO is a South Korean – Chinese band formed from the coming together of twelve boys under the SM entertainment in 2011. The band had their debut in 2012 and combine Korean, Japanese and mandarin styles and culture into their music.

Their style of music includes hip hop, electropop, dance-pop and R & B.  Presently, the group consists of nine members after the exit of three other members. The team is among the first five influential Korean celebrities on Forbes Korean power celebrity between 2014 to 2018. – They are also tagged as the biggest boy band in the world.

They write songs, sing and perform stage shaking choreography. Their debut album sold over one million copies of the album which was the highest since the previous 2001. In 2021, the group sold over one a million copies of six albums each making them a sextuple million sellers. They are an inspiration to various artists and have bagged numerous endorsement deals.

They also participate in volunteering work, make donations to the sick and less privileged. Their net worth is estimated to be $ 100 million. And they are regarded as the King of K – Pop.

8. Blackpink


Blackpink is a south Korean all-girl band managed by YG entertainment. The four-membered groups had their debut in 2016. The group is the first female band to top the Billboard chart and their video is the most viewed k pop video on youtube. They are the first Korean girl band to win the MTV Music video award and the 30 under 30 Asia on Forbes.

The name of their fan club is blink which is an abbreviation from Black and Pink. The band are known as the biggest girl group in the world and have earned various endorsement deal from Kia Motors, Samsung, Pepsi, Adidas and a lot more.  They have donated in the course of charity and are agents for climate change promotions. The estimated net worth of the group is around $25 million.

9. Twice


Twice K pop group consist of nine girls which were formed under a television program titled “sixteen”. The South Korean group had their debut in 2015 and gained recognition after its single which was released in 2016. TWICE topped the billboard’s world album and world digital song sales making them the first female Korean to achieve such feat.

The team is known for blending online culture and cheerfulness to their music. The JYP entertainment gained value from the inclusion of the team, thereby making them experience a rise in stock price.

They are brand ambassadors to several companies which include food, games, beverages, clothes and more. They also have their documentary show titled “seiz the light” which is being aired on YouTube. The net worth of the group is pegged at $ 35 million.

10. BTS


The South Korean group is also called Bangtan boys and they had their debut in 2013. The band consists of seven boys who write songs, sing and portray their choreography skills to the world. The members include Jin, Suga, J – Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook.

The music is a blend of hip hop, R& B, pop and EDM. BTS is the bestselling artist in the history of South Korea, they are the first Asian artist to earn the global recording artist of the year in 2020. They have won several awards and recognition in the world. They are also known for message-filled music which mostly emphasizes mental health, loss, grief, troubles and more. They have featured in movies, exhibitions, T.V shows and online shows.

Among the movie featured include burn the stage, love yourself in Seoul, bring the soul and break the silence. They also have documentary which is being viewed on several channels like Mnet, KBS 2TV, JTBC and more.

The Bangtan boys have contributed immensely towards helping the poor and have endorsed so many brands like Puma, Fila, LG, Samsung, Hyundai and a lot more. They are inspired by Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, Danger, Nas, Post Malone and Queen. – Their net worth is $170 million and they are tagged the richest K – pop in the world.


The above groups of K – pop artists are the richest, most famous and most influential artists in the K pop industry. They are not only popular in South Korea but in the whole world at this present time. This wealth didn’t just come all of a sudden, but it was earned by the members of the team through their hard work and resilience.

The groups tick perfection in all aspects of singing from songwriting, choreography and blend of different kinds of genres. Also, their record label is a major instrument to their success. As the K pop industry is growing, hopefully, there will be more millionaires group in the industry.

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