Riff Raff Net Worth: Early Life, Career, Height, Weight

Riff Raff Net Worth

riff raff net worth

Riff Raff net worth is estimated at around $8 million. He is a famous rapper for his hit rap album “Neon Icon” and hails from Texas. He started rapping in 2005, but since he didn’t have the money to make his own beats, he had to rap over other people’s songs. Later, he took the chance of producing his own mixtapes, which allowed him to steadily climb the ladder.

The rap group Three Loco finally hired him. Before choosing “Mad Decent,” the label started by renowned DJ and music producer Diplo, he had collaborated with a number of musical firms over the years. Riff finished recording his debut studio album, “Neon Icon,” in 2014.

The album enjoyed enormous success. He soon had the notion to start his own record company, “Neon Nation Corporation,” but it ended up failing. In June 2015, he got ready to release “Peach Panther,” his second studio album. Since the album’s release, issues have dogged it. The album was eventually released in June 2016 to mixed reviews and sales. Riff also made several attempts at acting and made appearances in a variety of shows, such as “Major Lazer” and “One Life to Live.”

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Early Life

On January 29, 1982, in Houston, Texas, Riff Raff was born Horst Christian Simco to a maid mother, Anita, and a war veteran, Ronald. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is extremely common among war veterans, affected his father. He had various ailments in addition to PTSD, which added to the stress at home.

Both of his parents had to work numerous jobs because they weren’t especially financially capable and needed to make ends meet. Riff was the family’s second child, and his mother came from a German-speaking background. The Holocaust was survived by his grandma.

He resided in Copperfield, a neighborhood 25 miles northwest of Houston, with his family. He played basketball constantly with the kids in his neighborhood as a child because he was so passionate about it. The Simcos were now living in the neighboring Stone Creek.

He was a shooting guard for his high school’s basketball team while attending Langham Creek High School, but he left after his senior year. He received his GED shortly after that. His father was stricken with tonsil cancer following his parent’s divorce, and the family relocated to Duluth, Minnesota, to get him out of the heat and into a cooler atmosphere.

Riff Raff and his siblings were moved back and forth between Houston and Duluth for a while, where their mother stayed. He enrolled in Hibbing Community College in Hibbing, Minnesota, in 2001, where he majored in liberal arts and played basketball for the team for one month.

He left school in 2003 because he didn’t fit in and returned to Houston, where he painted vehicles in the popular “candy-colored” style and gradually created his new persona. His rapping profession finally led him to move to Los Angeles, where he started to take it seriously.

Riff Raff Career

He began rapping and competing in underground rap battles in 2005, as soon as he arrived in Los Angeles. He eventually began producing CDs of his raps using beats that he had copied from well-known rappers.

When the social media scene was booming around 2008, Riff took full use of it by distributing his music on a variety of platforms, including “YouTube,” “Myspace,” and “WorldStarHipHop.” He gained the support of D.B. da Boss, who gave him free studio space and equipment.

He has participated in a number of other activities to gain notoriety, such as participating in reality and talent competition shows. He traveled to Atlanta for the second season of MTV’s “From G’s to Gents” since he managed to land the role. Despite the fact that he was eliminated right away in the second show, he was successful in making a strong impact on the viewers.

When he received a call from rapper and comedian Simon Rex in the year 2009, things finally began to go his way. The rap group “Three Loco” was founded by Simon, Riff Raff, and Andy Milonakis. Riff leveraged the success of his bandmates to build a respectable social media presence and fan base.

He contacted Soulja Boy in 2011, who gave him the opportunity to perform on his label, “SODMG.” Riff continued to release music videos in the meantime, and two of his singles “Marc Jacobs” and “Jose Canseco” in particular quickly won over the hearts of his audience.

Midway through 2012, he was signed to Diplo’s record label, “Mad Decent,” for which he released a number of mixtapes, including “Summer of Surf” and “Birth of an Icon,” as well as an independent album, “The Golden Alien.” His mixtapes enjoyed heights of popularity never before seen; Stereogum named “Birth of an Icon” its “Mixtape of the Week.”

He declared at the beginning of 2013 that his first full-length album was virtually finished and will be released soon. The “Neon Icon” album was made available in June 2014. The album was destined to be successful because a few of the singles from it had already gained popularity.

Even the harshest music critics have positive things to say about the record. So it appeared that Riff had, at last, made it to the mainstream of rap. It was a significant accomplishment for a debut artist like Riff when “Rolling Stone” magazine listed the album among their “27 Must-Hear Albums of 2014” list. The second album, “Peach Panther,” was announced practically right afterward after the first album’s success.

Following the 2015 release of the album’s first single, “Spazz Out,” the second album experienced several difficulties. Later on, it was revealed that the album wouldn’t be available until 2016. In June 2016, the record was eventually made public to acclaim. During this period, Riff formed partnerships with a number of other rappers, and in April 2016 he announced his partnership with Stampede Management and BMG. He had aspirations of starting a full-fledged production business that would offer services to actors, musicians, and authors as well as directors.

He started the “Neon Nation Corporation” with $4,000,000 in funding. However, a dispute that followed caused all of his partners to abandon him. The mishandling of a significant issue was largely to blame. Riff has also had a thriving acting career. As a guest actor playing a scientist, he made an appearance on one episode of “Major Lazer.” In November 2017, he made an appearance on “The Challenge,” a reality series. Prior to it, he played Jamie Franko in a minor role in the movie “One Life to Live.”

The album Cool Blue Jewels, with contributions from Wiz Khalifa, Chevy Woods, Jimmy Wopo, Young Buck, and Project Pat, was published on February 9 by Riff Raff and DJ Afterthought. Tangerine Tiger, a mixtape by Riff Raff, was released on November 9 and included Z-Ro, Lil Tracy, and Ricki Rich among others as special guests.

Featuring cameos from Chief Keef, J-Dawg, and Killah Priest, Riff Raff’s third studio album, Pink Python, was released on April 12th, 2019 under his own name. Iliana Eve, Jonathan Hay, Aneesa Badshaw, Ranna Royce, and others are featured on Riff Raff’s single “Jazzmine,” a version of “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. It was premiered by Houston Chronicle. Simon Rex, Andy Milonakis, Chief Keef, and more performers can be heard on Riff Raff’s fourth studio album, Cranberry Vampire, which was released on October 25.

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Riff Raff Personal Life

riff raff net worth

During his time as a contestant on the reality TV program From G’s to Gents in 2009, Riff Raff got a lot of tattoos, including the logos for WorldStarHipHop, the NBA, and MTV. His dog’s name, “Jody Husky,” was inked over a BET tattoo that had previously been on the front of his right shoulder. He has a tattoo on his chest that reads “The Freestyle Scientist” and features Bart holding test tubes. He is a fan of The Simpsons. Below his left shoulder, he also wears a big Gothic cross with the words, “Dear Jesus, Please let me in. Horst Simco is your child.”

Complaints of sexual assault

Following a concert in Melbourne in 2013, Riff Raff was charged on May 31, 2018, with drugging and raping a woman. His scheduled performances were later canceled at all venues on his tour of Australia and New Zealand. After that, a second woman, who was 17 at the time, claimed that Riff Raff took her onto his tour bus in Milwaukee, where he then allegedly repeatedly touched her while making inappropriate remarks. Riff Raff settled a legal case involving allegations of sexual assault against him on January 22, 2020, stemming from an event in a Nevada brothel in 2014.

Legal Problem

In Greensboro, North Carolina, on August 11, 2013, Riff Raff was detained after police discovered open beer, marijuana, an additional prohibited narcotic, and drug paraphernalia in his car. Later that evening, Riff Raff was released without posting bond after being arrested along with the other two people in his car.

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Riff Raff Height And Weight

Riff Raff is 188 centimeters and 6 feet 2 inches tall. His weight is approximately 238 pounds and 198 kg.

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