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Do you want to know what stigma is? Then try being Rose Bundy, the daughter of one of the violent serial killers the world has ever seen, enter Ted Bundy. Fortunately, Rose was born after the incarceration of her father. But imagine growing up to find out your father killed, raped, and mutilated people. It must have been traumatic for her. Perhaps, this is why Rose has decided to stay off the media’s radar. But where is Rose Bundy today? Read on to find out about her. 

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On October 24, 1982, Rose Bundy was born in Florida, in the United States, to Ted Bundy and Carol Anne Boone. She is the only child of her father’s relationship with her mother. After the imprisonment of Ted Bundy, Carol went on to marry. She then had children, who became Rose’s half-siblings. Also, her father had a child, Molly, from his previous relationship with Elizabeth Kloepfer. 

Rose Bundy Was Conceived In The Prison

Even though there was damning evidence that Ted was a killer, Carol Anne insisted on his innocence. She would visit him even though he was on death row. The guards allowed them to have intimate time (which is still speculative), which explained how Anne became pregnant for Ted Bundy. There are still speculations as to how Carol got pregnant. The Sun reported that Boone passed an empty condom via a kiss to her husband, who, in return, filled it up with semen and passed it to her via a kiss. Another theory said the couple bribed the guards to allow conjugal visits even when conjugal visits were not qualified for criminals on death row. 

Rose Bundy: Where is Ted Bundy’s Daughter Now?

Since her birth, Rose has not taken the spotlight. Why would she, though? Her father already made a mess of her life even before she was born. No one knows where she is at the moment. Is she still alive? No one can answer this question. There are not many photos of Rose Bundy, so; we do not know what she looks like. 

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Rose Bundy Changed Name To Abigail Griffin

Also, there are speculations that Rose Bundy changed her name to allow them to live peaceably without the fear of the revenge of the families of Ted’s victims. Reports also say she goes by the name Abigail Griffin. While this speculation is getting fast publicity, we still haven’t come across any woman with the name Abigail Griffin that is related to Ted Bundy. However, it could also be part of the process to allow her association with the serial killer to fade away forever.

Ted Bundy’s Life Has Been Made Into Movies

The life and murders of Ted Bundy have been made into movies and documentaries. In 2002, a cinema Ted Bundy was released, which mirrored the murders of the serial killer. Other films which made allusions to Bundy’s serial killings include; Shockingly Evil, Vile, Extremely Wicked, Fry Day, Falling For A Killer. 

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Carol Anne Boone Divorced Ted Before His Execution

Carol changed her mind after hearing his confessions despite believing in her husband’s innocence for a long time. This led her to divorce him in 1986, three years before he was executed. Unfortunately, the pain led to her death in a retirement home in Washington in 2018. 

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Is Rose Bundy Still Alive? 

Well, reports say Rose is still very much alive. Although, she relocated to Britain. She has three kids today.  We have no idea who she is married to at the moment. We probably will not know as she is quite private about her life.

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