Rosemary Margaret Hobor: About Her Early Life, Career, Husband

Rosemary Margaret Hobor is a painter and material artist from Canada. She may not be well-known in the Hollywood North industry, but she was married to one of Canada’s most well-known comedians. Rosemary is the widow of John Candy, a late Canadian comedian. They were married for 15 years before John died unexpectedly in 1994. On the set of the movie “Wagons East (1994),” the comedian died of a heart attack.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Early Life

Rosemary Margaret Hobor was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on August 30, 1949. As of 2022, she is 73 years old. She grew up in Toronto and attended the city’s all-girls Notre Dame High School for her secondary schooling (NDHS). She then went on to study fine arts and received a bachelor’s degree in Material Arts and Design. From her studio in California, she pursued arts, design, pottery, painting, and handicraft.

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She was married to John Candy, who was famed for his appearances in movies including Uncle Buck, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and The Great Outdoors. Before John’s sad death in 1994, they had spent 15 years together as a happy married. During the filming of Wagons East, the comedian died of a heart attack on set.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of information on the internet concerning Rosemary’s family, friends, or childhood.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Career 

Rosemary Margaret Hobor enrolled at the University of Toronto’s Ontario College of Art and Design (OCADU). She honed her artistic abilities and earned a bachelor’s degree in Material Arts. She went into self-employment after graduation, working in the arts, ceramics, design, handicraft, and painting. During the 1970s, she worked as a visiting artist in Toronto for eight years. She currently works out of a studio in Santa Monica, California.

She has demonstrated her abilities and talent in the fields of ceramics and abstract art. Rose has also shared countless photos of her ceramic creations, including pots, plates, vases, and more. She also painted abstract paintings in her spare time.

Who is John Candy?

John Candy was born in Toronto on October 31, 1950, and raised in Newmarket, Ontario. Sidney James Candy, who lived from 1920 to 1955, and Evangeline née Aker, who lived from 1916 to 2009, had a son named Sidney James Candy. Candy was raised in a Catholic working-class home. 217 Woodville Avenue in East York, Ontario was his childhood home. John Candy’s mother was from a Polish family. When John was five years old, his father died of heart disease complications at the age of 35.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Candy attended Toronto’s Neil McNeil Catholic High School. Long before he considered acting, he aspired to be a football player, but a knee injury prohibited him from doing so. Later, he attended Centennial College to study journalism before enrolling at McMaster University. He began performing while still in college.

Candy rose to prominence in the 1970s as a member of the Second City’s Toronto branch and its Second City Television (SCTV) series, as well as through roles in comedies such as Stripes in 1981, Splash in 1984, Summer Rental in 1985, Spaceballs in 1987, The Great Outdoors in 1988, Uncle Buck in 1989, and Cool Runnings in 1993, as well as more dramatic roles in Only the Lonely and JFK both in 1991. In the John Hughes comedy picture Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, he played Del Griffith, a chatty shower curtain ring salesman.

Candy was a co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League (CFL), and under his ownership, the team won the Grey Cup in 1991. Candy, who was 43 years old at the time of her death, passed away in 1994. Wagons East and Canadian Bacon, his final two cinematic performances, are dedicated to him.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Married Life With John Candy

Rosemary Margaret Hobor

Rosemary Margaret Hobor met John Candy, her late husband, on a blind date arranged by mutual acquaintances. They met in early 1979 and hit it off right away. The pair married on April 28, 1979, after dating for a few months. The couple had a happy marriage for almost a year and a half before fate took them apart. As a married couple, they had two beautiful children.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor is the mother of two children born to her late husband, John Candy. On February 3, 1980, Rose and Candy welcomed their first child, Jennifer Candy, into the world in Toronto, Canada. Rose gave birth to her second child, a son, Christopher Candy, on September 23, 1984, four years later.

Both of her children have followed in their father’s footsteps. Jennifer is a well-known actress and producer who has appeared in films such as In Vino (2017), Liv and Maddie (2013), and Where’s This Party? (2014). Jennifer and Bryan Sullivan have been married since October 27, 2012. With her spouse, she has a daughter, Finley Candy Sullivan.

Rosemary’s son, Chris, on the other hand, is an actor who is known for her roles in Where’s This Party? (2014), Contracted (2013), and To the Stones (2012). (2020).

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Husband Died of Heart Attack

John Candy, Rosemary’s husband, died on March 4, 1994, in Durango, Mexico. On March 4th, he was discovered dead shortly after midnight. Candy was shooting Carolco Pictures’ Wagons East at the time. In addition to his obesity, he was prone to binge eating in response to career setbacks, and at one point in his life, he weighed more than 300 pounds (140 kg).

Candy had a lot of heart attack risk factors, including strong family history (his father died of a heart attack at a young age, despite his children’s claims that he was ignorant of his inherited risk), smoking a pack of cigarettes each day, excessive alcohol use, and occasional cocaine usage.

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Candy was self-conscious about his weight. While prepping for a new film part alongside Steve Martin, he once shed 100 pounds over the summer. Because of his family history, he frequently dieted and exercised with trainers. Throughout the making of Wagons East, he was also under a lot of pressure.

Despite the lack of an autopsy, a Durango government official verified that John died of a heart attack. He was 43 years old at the time. A Carolco spokeswoman said in a statement: “We are all very saddened by the death of this very fine and talented man. John Candy was a marvelous entertainer, a wonderful human being, and one of the most respected actors in the motion picture and TV industry.”

It went on like this, “For this to happen at the end of the shoot of ‘Wagons East’ makes it particularly personal for all of us.” A television series called Autopsy: The Last Hours of… aired in 2019 and featured a narrative on John Candy’s death.

Rosemary was married to John Candy and had a happy marriage till he died of a heart attack. She has been out of the spotlight after the horrific occurrence. Despite Rosemary’s decision to keep a low profile, some web publications have claimed that she is living as John’s widow and has never considered remarrying.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s Appearance

Rose stands 5 feet and 8 inches tall and weighs around 62 kilograms. She is an elderly woman, yet she does not have the appearance of one. Her inner beauty is accentuated by her gleaming blonde hair and large black eyes.

Social Media

Rosemary Margaret Hobor is a frequent user of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Despite the fact that she appears to be less active on Facebook, she routinely posts her artwork on Instagram. She has roughly 500 Instagram followers, and she uses the platform to share her ceramics, paintings, and other designs.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor frequently shows off her children’s photos, and she occasionally recalls her late spouse showing out their old images.

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Rosemary’s Husband John Candy’s Net Worth at His Death

John Candy, a well-known Canadian actor, and comedian died at the age of 43 in 1994. He began his career as a comedian in his early twenties and dedicated over half of his life to the industry. Candy made a good living from his career, in addition to the widespread reputation he achieved. John Candy had a net worth of $15 million at the time of his death, according to celebrity net worth.

Rosemary Margaret Hobor’s net worth is believed to be $15 million. She has led an opulent and opulent lifestyle. She also works with humanitarian organizations such as Make-A-Wish and the Pediatric AIDS Foundation on a regular basis. She has property in Queensville, Ontario.

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