RuneScape: Everything To Know About The Largest MMORPG


RuneScape is the largest MMORPG in the world and arguably one of the most well-known online games ever, with over 250 million accounts generated, numerous spin-off games, a number of publications, and a very devoted audience. Find out how to play RuneScape on a computer or smartphone.

How to Play RuneScape

Players can interact with each other in the point-and-click game RuneScape, which is set in the fantasy world called Gielinor. Everything is optional, so what the players choose to do is entirely up to them. Every player controls their own destiny and may do as they choose, whether they want to practice a skill, engage in combat, complete a quest, play a minigame, or interact with other players.

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Beginning in a remote location, players follow a predetermined tutorial path to learn the basics of RuneScape. Following the tutorial, players have access to tutors and advisers in the places they visit, who can provide them with pertinent knowledge about their individual skills.

Each player sets their own aims and objectives as they play the game. They can practice their in-game abilities, fight NPC creatures and other players, and finish objectives of their own choice. Players can communicate with one another via trading, chatting, or taking part in mini-games.

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The combat system in RuneScape is a semi-realistic one. The game’s main feature is combat, which lets players kill enemies to get their dropping stuff or finish tasks. The strength of a person or NPC in combat is represented by their combat level. It is decided for players by taking into account their combat skills via a mathematical formula. By clicking on the enemy they wish their character to attack, players, start a battle that will last until one of them has been killed, has passed away, or has retreated from the conflict.

The majority of the weapons in the game have a medieval or fantastical aesthetic and have unique strengths and limitations. Additionally, players have the option of summoning a familiar to aid them in battle, using powerful attacks known as “abilities” to deal more harm and enhancing their fighting effectiveness with potions and the Prayer skill.

Combat Modes

The two combat modes in RuneScape are Legacy and Regular (commonly referred to as EoC, or Evolution of Combat).

Regular mode (EoC)

Depending on the various weapons, gear, and armor they have available to them, players have a wide variety of skills to choose from when using the Regular (EoC) combat style. The player’s fighting style (Melee, Range, or Magic), the level they have attained in a particular skill, tasks they have done, and more. EoC mode has been contrasted with other games, such as the MMORPG World of Warcraft by Blizzard.

The more a player uses their various skills in EoC mode, the more the Adrenaline bar will return. The Adrenaline meter will significantly decrease after using several skills, which can only be performed when it is at a certain point. The player must replenish their Adrenaline meter and occasionally wait for a cooldown in order to perform the same ability or ones similar to it again.

Legacy Mode

The original fighting system upon which the main game was initially created was in Legacy mode. In EoC, none of the battle settings, adrenaline, or powers exist. Despite the fact that you can use items and special attacks, your character will attack by default.

These skills can be used in either style of battle and are attached to a particular item. The Saradomin Godsword’s Healing Blade function serves as an illustration. The Saradomin Godsword will deal noticeably more damage when combined with the ability, while also restoring the player’s health and prayer points.

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Develop Your Skills


RuneScape players receive training to develop their talents. Although different skills necessitate various forms of training, they all adhere to the same fundamental formula: accomplish something, collect experience, level up, then develop abilities.

For instance, if you decide to train in woodcutting, you will receive experience by felling trees. You’ll be able to fell bigger and bigger trees as you level up. More experience is gained from larger trees, which leads to faster leveling and more fresh trees to cut down. The cycle doesn’t end until you master a skill at level 99. (or 120 in the case of Dungeoneering).

Types and Categories of Skills

Players in RuneScape presently have access to five different categories of skills. Every skill type adheres to the same fundamental training guidelines for that type.

  • Combat Techniques: Attack, defense, strength, constitution, prayer, magic, ranged, and summoning are some of the categories.
  • Artisan skills: Crafting, cooking, building, runecrafting, fletching, herbalism, smithing, and fire making are among the categories. Resources from other skills are used by artisans to train. A good example of this would be fire making, where you might learn new skills by burning the logs you got from woodcutting.
  • Gathering Techniques: Divination, mining, woodcutting, hunting, farming, and fishing are among the categories. These abilities are all taught in a similar manner. The player sets out into a particular location to gather resources. They will get experience and the resource item when they acquire it.
  • Support Techniques: Thieving, dungeoneering, slaying, and agility are among the categories. Gaining money is a benefit of a theft. With agility, a player can sprint farther and use shortcuts. Slayer gives you extra options while battling enemies. Players can develop their abilities, acquire weapons, and get other advantages by dungeoneering.
  • Elite Skills: In RuneScape, there is just one Elite Skill: invention. Smithing, Crafting, and Divination must all be level 80 in order to train in the invention. Players can use this skill to disassemble objects and acquire materials to level up and make new things.

RuneScape questing

While the majority of game quests have a single objective, some offer a fun narrative in which the player’s controlled character is the main subject or protagonist. The typical outcome of a quest is a significant experience boost and a reward item.


On Discord and other VoIP systems, there are dozens of RuneScape communities. RuneScape communities on YouTube have been thriving for a long time. The RuneScape art communities on DeviantART and Tumblr have existed for as long as the game.

Audio and graphics


Different graphical quality settings can be used when playing RuneScape. While low-detail graphics offer a cleaner appearance and help lessen lag on less capable machines, high-detail graphics improve texture and design. The “RuneTek 5” graphics engine used by RuneScape supports a variety of graphics platforms, including DirectX, OpenGL, and gaming consoles. It also supports graphical effects like sky boxes, bloom lighting, and Z-buffering. The high-detail version uses Java OpenGL or DirectX for rendering and includes hardware acceleration.

A method for character customization is available in RuneScape. Although player characters are human, players can choose their gender, skin tone, hairdo, facial hair, and clothing. By donning or using objects, appearance is enhanced. Emotes are specialized animations that players can use to communicate their feelings. Some emote are standard, while others can be acquired through gameplay or released during special occasions.

Original music and ambient soundscapes can be found in RuneScape. Ambient sounds, such as the cries of seagulls flying over the water, are placed in appropriate places and serve to establish the underlying cultures of the many accessible areas. In some locations and circumstances, the game also uses voice acting. James Hannigan composed the symphonic music for the RuneScape 3 update, which was recorded in Bratislava, Slovakia.

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RuneScape versions and spin-offs

Since so many people wished to play RuneScape as it once was without the need for a private server, Jagex developed Old School RuneScape. Players can enjoy a 2007 version of the game thanks to Old School RuneScape, which activates the time machine. Jagex has consistently released new content, giving the users the power to decide what goes into and out of the game.

The least popular RuneScape edition is RuneScape Classic. This version of the game represents RuneScape in its infancy. The game’s 2D graphics are hardly recognizable. Although some players continue to appreciate this version of the game, not many people play it.

Over the years, RuneScape has had a large number of additional spin-off games. Among these are RuneScape: Idle Adventures, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, and Armies of Gielinor.

Rules and Cheating

For example, Jagex has put in place restrictions banning using foul language, scamming, and abusing bugs. There is an in-game function that enables a player to report another player infringing a rule to Jagex in order to enforce the rules.

RuneScape employs four different categories of moderators: Jagex Moderators, who work for Jagex; Local Moderators, who work for Jagex partners in particular regions; Player Moderators, who are dependable players who uphold the game’s rules; and Forum Moderators, who are dependable players who keep an eye on the game’s forums. The ability to play the game may be temporarily or permanently suspended for players who persistently violate the rules.

The use of third-party software, sometimes known as “macroing” or “botting,” and the sale of game products for real money via real-world trading are also prohibited. Jagex developed rules prohibiting the activity, made it difficult for players to communicate directly with the client, and included random events that needed player participation to complete in an effort to eliminate cheating.

Jagex made a statement in reaction to continuous gold farming that condemned real-world trade, claimed they were confiscating billions of gold and banning thousands of accounts per week for cheating and pledged to further up their efforts to stop real-world trading in the game.


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