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Before letting you know Ryan Higa net worth, you should know he’s a famous YouTuber, a brilliant comedian, an outstanding musician, and an incredible actor. Now it’s time to answer the question, “What’s his net worth”? 

Ryan Higa has a net worth of $12 million. He’s the first person to bag 21.4 million subscribers and 4.3 billion views with a total of 407 videos on his NigaHiga YouTube channel. At the same time, he has 2.7 million followers on his Twitter account.

No doubt he’s a hard worker and a great inspiration to people. Keep reading to know more about how he started and his accomplishments.

Ryan Higa started as a martial artist

ryan higa net worth

Ryan Higa was born on 6th June 1990 to his parents, Wendell and Lucy Higa. He has an older brother named Kyle. The 31st-year-old man grew up in Hilo, Hawaii, and he’s of Okinawa descent.

Having excelled as a wrestler in high school, he graduated in 2008 from Waiakea High School with a black belt honor. To get a degree in nuclear medicine, he attended the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. 

When he discovered his passion for entertaining people, Ryan Higa had to drop out of the university to focus on his video creations.

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Ryan Riga has conquered YouTube for himself


The multi-talented Ryan Higa started his career journey in 2006 when he created his YouTube channel NigaHiga

He uploaded videos of him and his friend, Sean Fujiyoshi, lip-syncing to various songs and sharing them with family and loved ones for fun. People fell in love with those videos, and he gradually became a youtube sensation. 

Not long after that, YouTube suspended his account. He took it with a good heart, deleted all the lip-syncing, and started composing his songs. Today, he’s a beautiful musician and owner of the songs  “I’m hardcore,” “The Ninja glare,” “Like a good boy.”

Upon realizing how popular his videos were, he added comedy videos to the channel. As a result, his channel became the most subscribed channel between 2009-2011, contributing to the 21.4 million subscribers he has today.

In 2012, Ryan started the Ryan Higa production company with his partner and best friend, Sean Fujiyoshi.

Ryan Riga’s accomplishments speak for him

Apart from owning the HigaNiga, Ryan launched the HigaTV in 2001, where he posts behind-the-scenes videos and video blogs. As of writing, HigaTV has over 4 million subscribers.

Higa has collaborated with Traphik, Wong Fu productions, Smoosh, David Choi, Andrew Gracia, D-Trix, and Jenna Marbles, giving him an edge over other YouTubers. 

Alongside being a great YouTuber and singer, he’s an actor. He featured in classic YouTube series “Smosh Babies,” “Supah Ninjas,” “If (blank) were Real,” “The Station,” “My K-pop Boyfriend,” “Ninja Melk,” ” Internet Icon 2,” “1<3 Vampire” and “Book Club.”

Ryan featured in the movie. “Agent of Secret Stuff” produced by Wong Fu Productions, one of his associates. 2016 came, Higa and his band created a K-pop parody group called “Boys Generally Asian,” it was a great success!.

Also, in the same year, he appeared in “Tell Me How I Die,” one of a kind horror movie. You can check out his movies and songs online if you’d love to enjoy his collections.

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ryan higa  net worth
  • Ryan Higa won two YouTube creator awards namely; the Good creator award in 2012 and the Diamond creator award in 2016.
  • Higa was nominated for four different Streamy Awards within the space of 2013-2016.
  • He was nominated for one Young Hollywood award in 2014.
  • And lastly, the hard-working young man was nominated for two Teen Choice awards which take place in 2015 and 2019.

Even though the YouTuber hasn’t received many awards yet, he has done so well for himself. Each video he uploads has a minimum of one million views, amazing right?

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What is Ryan Higa Net Worth

Currently, Ryan Higa has a  net worth of $12 million, the same range as fellow YouTuber Philip DeFranco. He mainly got wealth from posting quality videos on his two YouTube channels and Google. The YouTuber added that he has plenty of brands that pay him well for promoting their videos with his channels.

If Higa isn’t singing or creating his videos, you’ll see him uploading videos to raise money for different charitable organizations. 

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