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Ever heard the catch phrase, ‘raise hell and eat cornbread,’ that was coined by a young handsome popular rapper known as Upchurch. Even though the story behind his popular catchphrase is still a mystery, it is still used often. Ryan Edward Upchurch popularly known as Upchurch, is a 31 years old man with so many talents, he is an American rapper, songwriter, Youtuber and comedian. Who is Ryan Upchurch? Does he have children? What is Ryan Upchurch net worth? 

Ryan Upchurch net worth
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Ryan Upchurch started out by uploading comedy videos on his Youtube channel, ‘Ryan Upchurch,’ which got a lot of attention from people who enjoy a good laugh, and that was the beginning of his fan base. He is considered a country rapper, and has released hit songs with a few popular labels. He also does different music genres, such as; hip hop, rap rock. In this article, you will find out all about the young famous artist and youtuber; Ryan Upchurch career, Ryan Upchurch marital status, Ryan Upchurch net worth, and a lot more. 

Ryan Upchurch’s Early Life

He was born May 24, 1991, in Cheatham county, Nashville, Tennessee. Although there is no public information about his family, childhood and education, Ryan Upchurch has a brother, ‘Austen,’ who featured in one of his music videos, ‘Summer Love.’ He has also featured other members of his friends and family in other music videos.  

Personal Life and Relationship 

The handsome famous artist has been in previous relationships with different beauties, some are in the entertainment industry. In 2015, he dated Brianna Vanvleet, and moved on to Katie Noel later on, and has also done some popular songs with her. Ryan Upchurch enjoys living a private life, but his name was all over the media when Katie Noel accused him of sexual assault. Luckily for Ryan Upchurch, he was able to clear his name from these nasty claims through numerous pieces of evidence in his possession.

He had text messages, brought in eye witnesses, had timestamps of arrival and departure, all to prove his innocence. One would think he was expecting these sorts of claims from the start of his relationship. All the evidence was good enough to prove his innocence, while it rendered Katie Noel a liar. In 2020 Ryan Upchurch got married to Taylor Eileen Smith and was a good father to her step daughter. Unfortunately the couple got divorced in 2021 due to reasons not publicly known. Ryan Upchurch is currently not in any relationship, and is just focused on his music. 

Ryan Upchurch net worth
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Ryan Upchurch’s Career

He started his youtube channel, ‘Ryan Upchurch,’ in 2014, with his friend, Shade Glover, and together they would make funny contents and remix a lot of popular songs, uploading these videos on YouTube. The year 2015 was the beginning of Ryan Upchurch net worth growth. In that year he dropped his first single, ‘Cheatham County,’ and later released the full album, ‘Heart of America,’ in 2016. During its first week of release, the album sold 1,300 copies, and ranked top #30 on the Billboard Top Country Album Chart.

In 2016, he released his second album, ‘Chicken Willie,’ which also sold 2,800 copies in its first week of release. His second album was ranked #22 on Billboard Top Country Albums, and #11 on Rap Albums Chart, 2016. Ryan Upchurch net worth continued to grow with his numerous album sales, and he did not take a break from making music. In 2017, he released an EP, ‘Summer Love,’ which came from his third album, ‘Son of the South.’ At this point, you can tell that most of Ryan Upchurch’s albums are big hits. His third album was ranked #29 in the Top Country Album Chart, and sold 48,100 copies, while his EP, ‘Summer Love,’ sold 3700 copies.

Ryan Upchurch released his first rock album in 2017, ‘Creeker,’ and has released other mind blowing albums, such as; River Rat, Parachute, Creeker II, The Oven, and a lot more.

Ryan Upchurch net worth
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Ryan Upchurch Income and Salary

He earns about $99,333 monthly on youtube and about half a million yearly. He also earns money from his clothing line, ‘Redneck Nation.’

What is the Famous Rapper’s Net Worth?

Ryan Upchurch’s net worth is currently $ 5 million, gotten from album sales, and his clothing line.

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Ryan Upchurch’s youtube channel currently has over 2 million subscribers, and his videos have accumulated over 1 billion views. He has recently released a new album, People’s Champ.’ 

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