Sabrina Bryan: Amazing Facts About Her

Reba Sabrina Hinojos, better known to the public by her stage name Sabrina Bryan, is a talented performer who has established herself in every aspect of the entertainment industry, including acting, dancing, singing, choreographing, and composing.

Bryan’s career started out with cameo roles in television movies. Her destiny changed when she joined the band “The Cheetah Girls.” She gained fame playing the role of Dorinda in the “The Cheetah Girls” movie trilogy. The pop ensemble also published studio albums in addition to movies.

Sabrina had already created a name for herself as a member of the band “The Cheetah Girls,” but it was her participation in the dance reality competition “Dancing with the Stars” that really cemented her reputation. She has produced two DVD workouts: “BYOU” and “BYOU 2” over the years. With the book “Princess of Gossip,” which she co-wrote with Julia DeVillers, she has also dabbled with fiction.

sabrina bryan
Sabrina Bryan

Early Life

Fred and Kathy Hinojos welcomed Sabrina Bryan into the world on September 16, 1984, in Yorba Linda, California, the US as Reba Sabrina Hinojos. Starr is her sister’s name. She had a strong personality and charisma in addition to being bright and lovely. She won the first-runner-up spot in the Miss La Mirada pageant when she was just nine years old.

After completing her elementary education, she applied to Esperanza High School in 1998 and graduated in 2002.
She studied Public Relations and Advertising in 2003 at Chapman University in Orange, California.

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Sabrina Bryan’s Career

Fred and Kathy Hinojos welcomed Sabrina Bryan into the world on September 16, 1984, in Yorba Linda, California, the US as Reba Sabrina Hinojos. Starr is her sister’s name. She had a strong personality and charisma in addition to being bright and lovely.

She won the first-runner-up spot in the Miss La Mirada pageant when she was just nine years old. After completing her elementary education, she applied to Esperanza High School in 1998 and graduated in 2002. She studied Public Relations and Advertising in 2003 at Chapman University in Orange, California.

Despite the popularity of “The Cheetah Girls,” the band took their performance on the road while touring and releasing records. Like the other members, she gained notoriety and was known for the role she portrayed in the movie, “Dorinda.”

The Cheetah Girls, a popular music group, released their debut album, “Cheetah-licious Christmas,” in 2005. It was a holiday album with eight traditional carols and five unique compositions. Additionally, to promote their album, the trio undertook the Cheetah-licious Christmas Tour.

Her solo endeavor, the DVD exercise program “BYOU,” was released in 2005. The DVD, which catered to young girls, sold more than a quarter of a million copies. Sabrina released the song “Byou” as a result of the DVD’s success.

The Cheetah Girls 2, the follow-up to the movie “The Cheetah Girls,” was released in 2006. The movie broke every record for ticket sales. The movie outperformed “High School Musical” to become the most watched Disney Channel original movie, and its soundtrack went platinum.

On “The Party’s Just Begun Tour,” Sabrina and the other band members traveled the entire US to celebrate the success of their second movie and the band as a whole.

The group officially released their first studio album, titled “TCG,” on September 25, 2007. They debuted the album’s lead single, “So Bring It On,” on Radio Disney precisely one month before its release. The album’s second single, “Fuego,” was released ten days in advance.

The Cheetah Girls: One World, the third and concluding installment of the trilogy, was created by the group in 2008. The movie debuted on Disney Channel and is frequently referred to as “The Cheetah Girls 3.” In the same year, Sabrina appeared in both the comedy “Help Me, Help You” and the straight-to-DVD movie “Mostly Ghostly.” In addition, she collaborated with author Julia DeVillers to write the novel “Princess of Gossip.”

Sabrina and the rest of the band embarked on the “One World Tour” in the wake of the success of the movie trilogy and their first studio album. The band The Cheetah Girls split up in 2009.

She voiced Pamela Hamster in the Disney Channel animated series “Fish Hooks” for the two episodes “Hooray for Hamsterwood” and “Pamela Hamster Returns” in 2010.

While Sabrina gained a lot of notoriety and acclaim for her work as “Dorinda” and as a member of “The Cheetah Girls,” it was her appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” season 5 in 2007 that cemented her reputation as a household celebrity.

Sabrina was one of the leading contenders for the prize when she was partnered with professional dancer Mark Ballas. Despite having the highest score in the first, third, and fourth weeks of the show, her performance in the sixth week had the lowest rating.

She was eliminated, which made matters worse and shocked not only the judges but also the other contenders and the audience. She made a comeback to participate in the final episode of season 5 of “Dancing with the Stars” with her partner Mark Ballas. She made history by becoming the first contestant to perform as a guest during the final week.

She was chosen as one of the competitors for the ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ show’s sixteenth season in 2012. This time, she was teamed with Louis van Amstel, a seasoned ballroom dancer. Sabrina was eliminated in the sixth week of this season’s competition despite receiving a perfect score of 30. Additionally, the day of elimination fell on October 30, the same day she was eliminated from season 5.

She participated in seasons five and fifteen of “Dancing with the Stars” as a contestant, and she also worked as a celebrity correspondent for E! News’ Behind the Scenes Look at Season 8 of Dancing with the Stars and TV Guide’s Reality Chat. She served as the show’s backstage host from seasons 9 through 12. She spoke with contestants from season 10 as well.

She appeared as one of the famous dancers at the Tropicana Resort and Casino theater’s Live Dancing with the Stars Las Vegas Show in 2012.

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Sabrina Bryan’s Personal Life

Sabrina Bryan has been effective at keeping her private life firmly under wraps. There are no kids living with her. She admitted in 2012 that she dated Mark Ballas, her partner on Dancing with the Stars, during that time. In 2007, they began dating; their relationship ended in 2008. She claimed that she ended her relationship with Mark because he was a drug addict.

Bryan proposed to strategic accounts manager Jordan Lundberg in April 2017 after six years of dating. On October 6, 2018, they exchanged vows.

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sabrina bryan
Jordan And Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan’s Wedding Dress

Aly Raisman, an Olympian, can be credited for Sabrina Bryan’s wedding gown. The Cheetah Girls actress married Jordan Lundberg in October 2018 at Wayne Newton’s estate in Las Vegas, choosing to dress in an ethereal custom Hayley Paige gown to fit her glam motif.

Although Bryan had long been a fan of Paige, it wasn’t until the future bride and Raisman crossed paths at a party that she finally had a direct connection to the bridal designer. Bryan says in an exclusive interview with The Knot, “I’ve been watching Hayley through Instagram for so long,” Bryan tells The Knot in an exclusive interview. “I just started following her and her hashtags and one point I liked one of her dresses and I reposted it and she commented me back.”

“I ran into Aly at the Women’s Choice Awards we both had Mark Ballas on Dancing With the Stars as a partner” and Bryan explains, “I was so excited to tell her that I loved a dress she had worn to the CMAs.” “I’m obsessed with that designer,” I exclaimed.

Then Raisman took out her phone and sent Paige an introduction text. “It shows the power of Instagram and social connectivity these days,” Paige tells us. “There was a mutual admiration.” Bryan cautiously texted Paige two weeks later in the hopes that the designer would collaborate with her on a unique idea.

“We really hit it off, bonded quickly, and she invited me to that next Bridal Fashion Week show of hers in October 2017. At that point it was a done deal. I knew I wanted a Hayley dress. It was right up my alley.”

For TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, which premieres on Saturday, February 16, Bryan’s path toward his wedding gown was chronicled. Bryan and Paige will spend a significant portion of the episode discussing customizing options and the trade-offs between wanting something to be a certain way and eventually choosing what makes sense.

“Even if you’re looking for a custom look, it’s important to see what you’re loving and what’s resonating with your personal taste,” according to Paige. “Sabrina was very transparent. She loved the Lorelai, which is one of our iconic pieces which has been around for a few seasons now.”

“I wanted her to feel like she could extend beyond the range of the collection,” says Paige. Bryan attempted to wear the Sloane gown, which features overskirt and iridescent beading.

Bryan enjoyed both, though. “She was torn between the idea of going with one, and I said, ‘Why don’t we take your favorite elements of what you want and give you two completely different looks,” according to Paige.

“So we took the iridescent alabaster beadwork from Sloane and reincorporated the embroidery and named it the ‘Sabrina.’ We also trickled it into the skirt so she had a little more continuity so it was upping the ante on the sparkle game.”

Bryan describes, “My wedding decor was fairytale glamour with chandeliers and crystals,” She admits going into the process, “I’m short and I’m 5 foot.

As much as you see dresses, I knew that the slimmer tighter mermaid look would be good for me and I liked that but I really loved the ballgown.” The bride also stated, “I was hoping, but I knew any Hayley Paige dress would be amazing.”

The reason Bryan’s gown received such significant attention all stemmed from one of her favorite wedding memories. “Jordan and I both decided we wanted to see each other at the aisle for the first time. We didn’t want to do pictures before or even that first look. We didn’t want to do that,” she says. “For me, I always dreamt of seeing my husband for the first time and seeing his face of me in my dress and all ready to go.”

Bryan adds that it was crucial for her to be able to dance at the wedding, which is why the actress chose to change her gown. “Obviously I love to dance, and that’s a big part of the night, and I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do,” she says. “I liked the idea of the sleeves my mom had the same with her wedding dress and I loved having a dress created.”

Paige, on the other hand, was sensible but compassionate when offering substitute recommendations. “kind of go back and forth,” says Bryan. “She was showing me all the ways of how you can get your perfect dress come together. At the end, she was like, ‘How about two dresses?’”

In the end, they also managed to agree on a dress swap. “It prolongs the day in a way,” says Paige. “You get twice as many pictures in two completely different looks.” “And, who doesn’t love an outfit change?” Bryan giggles. When Say Yes to the Dress airs on TLC at 8 p.m. ET, watch the clip above for a sneak peek of the show.

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Sabrina Bryan’s Net Worth

Bryan is a multi-talented American singer, actress, author, songwriter, fashion designer, dancer, choreographer, and television personality with a $2 million net worth.

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