Sabrina McGillivray: Early Life, Career, Husband

Sabrina McGillivray is an elementary school teacher, part-time home renovator assistant, and designer in Canada who assists her husband, Scott McGillivray, with everything from room layouts to cabinets, drapes, art, and bespoke furniture.

Mr. McGillivray, her husband, is a real estate investor and contractor who is best known as the host of Income Property, a Canadian HGTV home improvement reality show. Scott, the Canadian blonde’s husband, has been renovating homes for over 16 years, assisting many individuals with their renovations.

He’s also known for hosting several other house-reviving reality series and is well-known for assisting couples in finding their dream homes. Scott and Sabrina, on the other hand, have recently begun turning the cameras on themselves as they construct a lifelong home for themselves and their two children.

On a significantly separate note, Scott McGillivray’s wife is a star in her own right for appearing alongside her husband onscreen and off. Examine who his wife Sabrina McGillivray is and whatever you need to find out about their family.

sabrina mcgillivray
Source: Sabrina and Scott

Who is Sabrina McGillivray?

Even though little is known about her family, Scott once claimed that his wife, Sabrina McGillivray (born Anna Sabrina Deacetis in 1978), comes from a large family.

Sabrina McGillivray and her contractor husband have never addressed the rumors that she is of Portuguese or possibly Italian descent.

Regardless, Ms. McGillivray is a Maple, Ontario resident who lost her mother in August 2018. Carmen, her brother, is a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer, fitness facility co-owner, and fitness equipment store manager.

Sabrina McGillivray attended St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from York University in Toronto.

Sabrina McGillivray also holds a Bachelor of Science and Education from Buffalo’s Medaille College. When Sabrina McGillivray was younger, she used to be a dancer.

Sabrina McGillivray studied under Anne Sprincis, an award-winning choreographer whose studio, Dansecore, she would later teach jazz and tap at. She was a Royal Academy of Dance Exams graduate as a dancer.

Sabrina McGillivray is presently employed as a third-grade teacher in the York Catholic School District in Ontario. The designer’s class was one of four that won the Healthy Lunch Challenge, a regional competition, in 2006. They came in first place out of 214 classes.

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Sabrina McGillivray’s Career

Sabrina McGillivray was a regular on her husband’s hit show Income Property. She used to buy a house that hadn’t been built yet with her spouse.

Sabrina McGillivray joined the cast as the father of her children’s new series Moving The McGillivrays after the conclusion of Income Property. The first installment was a ten-part docuseries that followed the McGillivrays’ efforts to build their ideal home.

In 2016, the show first aired. Ms. McGillivray acted as a major designer in the series and assisted her husband in engineering practically everything.

Sabrina McGillivray and Her Husband

sabrina mcgillivray
Source: Sabrina’s Family

Scott and Sabrina married on June 22, 2009. Scott and the teacher/TV celebrity met on a beach while on vacation. Scott invited Sabrina to play volleyball with him after spotting his future wife.

However, the Maple native refuted the claim. They ran into each other again that evening, and Sabrina decided to join him for a drink this time.

They developed a relationship after that. Scott started his voyage on “Income Property” around the time of their wedding.

Scott did post his first dance with his newly married wife on his YouTube account in October 2011, though Sabrina and her husband didn’t reveal much about their special day.

In the video, he and his bride perform some impressive dance movements, which dazzle the audience. As a result, their wedding dance added to the fun. While Scott was not an expert dancer, he surprised Sabrina with dance lessons a few months before their wedding on Valentine’s Day.

Myah and Layla, the couple’s two kids, were born following their marriage. Myah McGillivray was born on January 25, 2012, and is their first child.

A year later, in late 2013, the former child dancer and her husband had their second child, Layla McGillivray. Sabrina and her on-screen home rejuvenator, Scott, were married in Brampton, ON, even though Scott was born and raised in Toronto.

They now split their time between Toronto and Fort Myers, Florida. They are said to be living in a house in Toronto’s Northwest End that Scott and his wife purchased in 2006.

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Who is Scott McGillivray?

Scott McGillivray was born in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, on April 7th, 1978. He is a journalist in Canada by profession. As a journalist, he began his profession.

Scott appears on HGTV’s All American Handyman with Mike Holmes and Canada’s Handyman Challenge with Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul Lafrance as a judge. He’s currently working on the fourth season of his digital series, for which he’s been nominated for a Canadian Screen Award.

He is a businessman, investor, TV broadcaster, author, and educator from Canada. Since 2008, Scott has hosted HGTV in the United States and Canada. Moving is Scott’s most well-known HGTV show.

He attends Private School and Private College for his secondary and post-secondary studies. He is a well-known name. His net worth is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. He is the greatest journalist in Canada.

Scott has participated as a judge on various shows, including All American Handyman and Canada’s Handyman Challenge, in addition to appearing in his house restoration shows.

Scott’s Vacation House Rules, his next show, premiered in 2020. Scott educates homeowners on how to generate money by renovating houses on the new show, which is similar to Income Property. Another show where Sabrina’s baby father helps homeowners renovate and flip houses is Buyers Bootcamp with Scott McGillivray.

Scott McGillivray’s Career

Scott McGillivray is the director of McGillivray Group and McGillivray Entertainment, including the co-founder of Keyspire, a real estate investing education company, and a real estate investor across North America.

McGillivray established Income Property on HGTV Canada, a show in which he helps homeowners turn a piece of their property into a money-maker to aid with mortgage payments. He gives the homeowners different renovation choices for converting their property into a lawful rental unit in each episode.

The remodeling and the final reveal are both visible to the audience. The first episode of the show aired in 2009, and the 100th episode aired in 2013. Income Property grew from a half-hour to an hour-long show in 2013. In 2014, the show was cut down to a half-hour.

Scott McGillivray makes a half-hour appearance to help homeowners renovate their existing homes into viable rental units. He assists people in purchasing and renovating properties, as well as producing a successful rental unit, in the full-hour design.

In addition to typical non-themed seasons, there have been various themed seasons, and the full-hour show, like others, can be considered a themed season focusing on specific sorts of rental properties. As of 2013, it was aired in 33 different countries.

McGillivray and his wife and daughters in Moving the McGillivrays on HGTV Canada buy and renovate a house into their future home. They choose to build their dream home on a fixer-upper that they demolished owing to renovation costs.

On Customers Bootcamp, instead of assisting clients in purchasing new homes and transforming them into income properties (like in the full-hour edition of Income Property), McGillivray helps buyers renovate and flip houses.

He aided owners in choosing a property to buy and refurbish in order to flip for a profit in the 2016 pilot for HGTV Canada. He joins HGTV (USA) and serves as a partner to assist with the renovation and sale of investment properties.

One season was broadcast in 2018. The Vacation House Rules are identical to the Income Property Rules in that they apply to both vacation homes and income properties. The show is unique in that all of the houses showcased are vacation cottages. McGillivray and the property owners turn properties into high-end holiday rental investments.

In June 2021, the second season will start. McGillivray has also appeared on shows on HGTV and HGTV Canada. Debbie Travis’s Facelift (2003-2005) and Debbie Travis’s From the Ground Up (2006).

McGillivray began his television career as a crew member on Debbie Travis’ home remodeling reality shows and then as a project manager. This competition for the best holiday-decorated home is co-hosted by McGillivray and Kim Myles.

All American Handyman is an HGTV show he co-hosts with Mike Holmes. He is a judge on the HGTV Canada show Canada’s Handyman Challenge, alongside Mike Holmes, Bryan Baeumler, and Paul LaFrance.

McGillivray features as a judge on Flipping the Block, where he assesses the restoration skills of four couples fighting for cash in a home-flipping competition.

Before auctioning identical run-down condos to the highest bidder, the teams renovate them.

Guest judges include Scott McGillivray, Nicole Curtis, David Bromstad, and host Josh Temple. McGillivray was a guest renovator on HGTV Canada’s Home to Win, where he helped the producers renovate a home for a worthy family.

McGillivray released his first home improvement book in 2014, instructing homeowners on how to get the most out of their remodeling projects. McGillivray has co-authored several real estate investing books with his business partner Michael Sarracini.

McGillivray launched The Lifetime Wealth Academy, a real estate education company, in 2010, which was renamed Keyspire in 2013. Keyspire offers workshops and investing instruction. Keyspire is a well-known real estate network in North America.

Scott McGillivray’s Net Worth

Although Scott’s iconic show, Income Property, is no longer on the air, his celebrity and fortune have not diminished or even remained stable.

In truth, that was only the start of his rise to global celebrity and financial success. According to recent rumors, Sabrina’s husband is valued at between $4 and 5 million dollars.

He also makes a lot of money from his rental homes, which include 15 in Guelph. Millions more are flowing in from his numerous TV shows as well as his long history of real estate investing.

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Even though her husband is famous, Sabrina wishes to live a normal life. Her Instagram handle is @sabrimcgill, but it is private, and only the followers she accepts may see her posts.

She is, nevertheless, a frequent visitor to Pinterest. Her images of her spouse, children, and students adorn the majority of her bulletin boards. DIY projects, interior design, and Peacock addiction are all represented on some of the boards. Scott, on the other hand, is a big Instagram and Facebook user.

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