Top 10 Best Scary Horror Games for Your iPhone

You can always turn on your favorite or most recent horror film when you’re in the mood for a thrill and a few jump scares. In contrast to horror video games, movies do not permit audience participation in the action. After all, you get a lot better sense of the scares when you actively participate.

Jump scares, psychological terrors, and pure zombie-dodging pleasure are all available in a variety of iPhone apps. Here are nine of the most frightening.

1. Five Nights at Freddy’s

iphone horror games

The king of jump scare games is Five Nights at Freddy’s. It has a cult-like fan base that is only surpassed by horror movies from the 1980s. You only take a few minutes with this gaming app to grasp the gruesome origins of Five Nights at Freddy’s. There are times when you want to jump out of your skin.

Players assume the role of rookie nighttime security guards attempting to survive until they can cash their first paycheck in this game, which is set in a family-friendly pizza parlor with an animatronic cast of entertainers. Despite the fact that it should be a tranquil job, it turns out that those robotic playmates have a life of their own at the night.

Players monitor these metal-boned creatures as they attempt to survive another day by switching between security cameras and door locks while they are on a restricted power supply.

Each of the series’ numerous sequels has given away hints of a much larger plot. As a result, there are numerous message boards on the internet where people analyze and decipher Freddy’s legend. To participate in the discussion and attempt to solve the riddle of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza for yourself, start with the first game and play your way through it.

You should begin with the first game app, Cube Escape: Seasons, which is free, according to the Rusty Lake website. The Cube Escape apps vary in price.

iOS 8.1 or later is required in order to play Five Nights at Freddy’s.

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2. Dark Echo

iphone horror games

The only thing scarier than creatures you can see is a monster you can’t see. With an audio-first horror experience that is as horrific as your imagination will allow, Dark Echo leans on this idea.

While you cannot see monsters in Dark Echo in the conventional sense, your footsteps do produce a sonar-like sound. The noise you create indicates what is in your immediate surroundings, much like a bat sees in the dark. Unfortunately, the noises that make it easier for you to observe might also alert nearby animals to your presence, turning you from a hunter into a prey item.

There are a lot of audio-only games and experiences available on the App Store, but Dark Echo achieves something unique and incredibly frightful.

iOS 8 or later is needed for Dark Echo.

3. Lost Within

iphone horror games

On mobile, huge, console-like horror experiences are uncommon, and the majority of the games are mostly unmemorable. That’s not the case with Lost Within, a brilliantly crafted game of asylum exploration from Human Head and Amazon Game Studios.

Assuming the role of a police officer, participants look into a disturbance at an abandoned asylum for the insane that is the setting of its very own urban legend: the Madhouse Madman.

Players must stay away from ex-inmates who have turned into monsters as they piece together the history of what happened inside the building all those years ago because it turns out that certain legends are based on actual events.

Check out this title if you appreciate horror video games on consoles like Outlast.

iOS 8.1 or later is needed for Lost Within.

4. Year Walk

iphone horror games

While the woods provide a spooky backdrop in just about any horror film, Year Walk’s scares don’t come from the creatures that hide there. Instead, the eerie silence, perplexing surroundings, and discoveries you make will leave you uneasy.

A game called Year Walk is based on a Swedish folk tradition called Årsgång, in which a person journeys at night to a church where, if they pass a series of supernatural tests that emerge outside, they can see into the future.

Year Walk is a bizarre, eerie adventure that is unlike anything you have ever played, and it is set in the Swedish winter. Strange artwork, oppressive solitude, and navigation that are meant to be perplexing keep you wondering until the very end.

iOS 8 or later is needed for Year Walk.

5. Cube Escape / Rusty Lake (series)

iphone horror games

On the App Store, there are a ton of room escape puzzle games. However, one room escape game is merely a small component of a larger spooky series that includes around a dozen games set in various eras, each of which reveals more of this location’s mystery. In a nutshell, this is how the Rusty Lake series is described.

The Rusty Lake series puts players in all kinds of bizarre scenarios, like being confined in a box on the way to the lake to receiving a mysterious birthday present as a youngster in 1939. It’s kind of like “Twin Peaks” level crazy.

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The series is divided into a variety of free and paid activities, which is a clever twist. While the more substantial commercial titles go by the name of Rusty Lake, the free stories, which dominate the paid ones, have the title Cube Escape.

Are you uncertain of the proper playing order? Although there is a recommended order on the official website, you are free to jump right in and play any game you like. Hint: Cube Escape: Seasons is the first installment in the series.

iOS 8.1 or later is needed to play the Rusty Lake games.

6. Home — Unique Horror Adventure

iphone horror games

It’s not common knowledge to associate pixel art with a spooky atmosphere, but independent game creator Benjamin Rivers demonstrates just how much can be done while attempting to generate a lot with a constrained art style.

Home takes players through a strange setting as they interact with the environment and try to make sense of what has happened and why. The game is psychologically unpleasant rather than outright terrifying. There are no predetermined outcomes, and players’ decisions influence how the game’s main character interprets the narrative.

Because of how ambiguous the game is, users are able to post their own theories directly on the game’s website. If you haven’t completed the game to the very end, wait before checking it out. You will be completely disturbed by the revelations you make.

With iOS 8.0 and later, you may play Home – Unique Horror Adventure.

7. Walking Dead: The Game

iphone horror games

There are more Walking Dead games than you can count on the App Store, but very few of them deliver the tense, frightful atmosphere that the franchise is famous for. Telltale Inc.’s Walking Dead: The Game is excellent.

Telltale has published episodic games over the course of multiple seasons that tell a distinctive story set in the Walking Dead universe and feature unique characters you’ll care about just as much as Rick and Carl. Though the zombies are frightening, what’s more, significant is that you’ll need to make decisions that could leave you with regrets that will linger long after the game is over.

Although Telltale is renowned for its excellent story games, none have nearly provided the thrills, frights, and sense of obligation as Walking Dead: The Game has.

Living Dead iOS 6 or later and an iPhone 4 or later are needed for the Game. It is not compatible with prior iPhone versions.

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8. The School: White Day

iphone horror games

The School: White Day, a remake of a South Korean PC game from 2001, serves as a reminder of how eerie Asian horror entertainment can be and the reasons why we adore it so much.

In The School: White Day, which is told in the first person, children are imprisoned in a building for the duration of the night with a disoriented janitor, ghosts, and no safety measures. Instead of fighting creatures and winning, you must try to locate a location to hide and hope you live until sunrise in this type of game.

The School: White Day has seven distinct endings, which allows for a lot of replayability. You’ll be relieved to learn that it’s clearer and scarier on contemporary mobile devices than it ever was on PCs if you missed it during its underground cult era in 2001.

iOS 8 or later is required to run The School: White Day.

9. Into the Dead

iphone horror games

Horror is sometimes just about surviving. The greatest option if you’re looking for an iPhone game that immerses you right in the thick of a zombie apocalypse is Into the Dead. You navigate an army of walking corpses in this first-person endless runner game by ducking and weaving around them.

Starting out with little more than your two feet and heartbeat, you’ll soon discover weaponry that will allow you to live a little bit longer while, frequently, increasing the tension due to limited ammo.

Into the Dead does a fantastic job of establishing a setting where you can immerse yourselves with nothing but the sounds of the moaning zombies and your own ragged breath filling your ears.

iOS 7 or later is required for Into the Dead.

10. Samsara Room – Perfect For Newcomers

iphone horror games

Samsara Room isn’t your ordinary jump-scare-filled horror game. This one creates something genuinely unique by fusing an eerie atmosphere with atmospheric elements of terror.

The game is therefore ideal for those who are new to the horror subgenre. Samsara Room is the game to attempt if you want a little bit of terror and the ability to perform bathroom obligations without constantly feeling as though something strange is watching you.

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Your character awakens in an oddly furnished room with no way out. The only way to achieve freedom is to finish tricky riddles and become enlightened, as the game refers to it. A persistent sense of claustrophobia is incorporated into the game to mimic horror themes.

Despite the game’s originality, some players might not enjoy its plodding pace.

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