Scott Hamilton Net Worth, Life, And Career

Scott Scovell Hamilton is a renowned American skater and a notable figure in the field of sports. He dominated men’s figure skating through the 80s and 90s and has won several awards for this. For a skater, Scott Hamilton’s net worth is an impressive one.

Scott Hamilton net worth is $30 million. This is a sum-up of his assets as well as other achievements made during his career.

Scott Hamilton

Medal and Awards

1981 in HartfordWorld ChampionshipMen SinglesGold
1982 in CopenhagenWorld ChampionshipMen SinglesGold
1983 in HelsinkiWorld ChampionshipMen SinglesGold
1984 in OttawaWorld ChampionshipMen SinglesGold
1984 in Sarajevo Olympic GamesMen SinglesGold

Scott Hamilton – Early Life

Born on August 28, 1958, in Toledo, Ohio, Scott was adopted and lived the rest of his life without his true parents. At six weeks, Ernest S. Hamilton and Dorothy took him in. He then grew up with his biological sister and a brother who was adopted as well.

Hamilton contracted a mysterious disease that seized his growth. After a series of medical procedures, the specialist discovered later that he had a brain tumor. Hamilton’s growth returned to normal after he went through surgical procedures to correct it.

Scott Hamilton – Early Career

Hamilton began his skating career at the age of 13, where he trained with a former champion in the Olympics. More challenges came in when he stopped training because he could not pay his fees. During college, he finally got support from two individuals identified as Helen and Frank McLoraine.

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Further Career

Hamilton registered in the US figure skating championships where he emerged third in 1980. This bought him a place on the US Olympic team under the coaching of Don Laws. In 1980, he came fifth at the 1980 Winter Olympics.

The peak of his career began with his performance in the 1981 championships. Since then, Hamilton has kept winning. As he advanced in his career, his signature move became the backflip even with it being prohibited in major competitions. 

He also gained recognition for his numerous creative footwork and unique moves.

Hamilton toured for two years with the Ice Capades at the peak of his career. In the course of his tour, he created Scott Hamilton’s American Tour and later named it Stars on Ice. He performed on this program consecutively before and after his retirement.

Scott Hamilton

Personal Life

Hamilton is an ardent Christian and believes in the teachings of Christianity. He has proclaimed God, faith, and other religious virtues on several occasions. He married Tracie Robinson, who is his nutritionist, on November 14, 2002. 

Hamilton presently lives with his three children.

He also underwent a series of cancer treatments. He was diagnosed with testicular cancer, which he publicly announced in 1999. Hamilton received treatment for this; however, shortly after, he had a brain tumor complication. 

After he received treatment for this, he announced another tumor diagnosis but later announced it had disappeared.

He also dedicated a good part of himself to charity. In 1990, the Make-a-Wish Foundation named him their first-ever ‘Celebrity Wish Granter of the Year’.

He showed up in public in a political campaign in 2012 to support republican Mitt Romney. He also made speeches in support of Donald Trump later on.

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After Retirement

After retiring in 2009, Hamilton now indulges more in works of charity. He founded the Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation for cancer support. He also supports the Special Olympics. 

Hamilton is also an avid financial donor to different foundations, like St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Hamilton wrote many books to motivate people, including Landing It and The Great Eight. In 1999, Hamilton wrote Landing It to feature his life experiences on and off the ice. He wrote The Great Eight in 2008, which shared his secret to happiness and overcoming several challenges in life. 

Ten years later, he wrote Finish First: Winning Changes Everything. The book illustrates the value of competition.

He has also made appearances on television. He voiced in an episode in the King of the Hill and played in the Fairly Oddparents. On March 8, 2010, a movie was dedicated to him and named Scott Hamilton: Return to the Ice.

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