Star Wars: 15 Best Spaceships

What would Star Wars be if its universe didn’t contain so many awesome spacecraft? This massive armada, which includes starfighters, military cruisers, and worn pieces of trash, is a great wonder of film and the science fiction genre and sets Star Wars apart from the chrome style of countless other sci-fi movies.

Since the 1977 publication of A New Hope, we’ve seen a lot of amazing spacecraft on television, in books, and in comic book panels. Who can forget their first time seeing an X-wing as it was getting ready to launch an attack on the Death Star? Or the Millennium Falcon, which managed to flee Tatooine? Once you have heard a TIE fighter’s roar, it is impossible to forget it.

We have chosen to rank our favorites in no particular order because we adore so many of these ships. They are not ranked by us. We simply want to acknowledge one of Star Wars’ finest qualities. Oh, and we’re looking at both new canon ships and ships from Legends. Because in this situation, consistency doesn’t really matter.

However, we’ll let you know right away that neither the Death Star nor Starkiller Base will be seen on this list. The other is an ice planet, whereas the first is a space station. It’s not the same. But it doesn’t mean they aren’t the coolest things ever.

 Check out the top 15 coolest Star Wars spaceships

15. The Executor

Star Wars

The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi feature Vader’s iconic Star Destroyer, which is enormous and earned a spot on this list due to its size alone. However, the spacecraft serves as a reminder of the Empire’s immense might, which explains how it is able to keep such a tight hold on the galaxy. Empire, which could have the best production design of any Star Wars picture, is where The Executor is first seen. It’s a lovely representation that serves as a reminder of just how much Vader’s power dominates the entire narrative.

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14. Finalizer

Star Wars

The First Order is essentially Empire 2.0, while the Finalizer is just the Executor with a few more appealing qualities. The vessel, which is commanded by General Hux and Kylo Ren, was secretly constructed by the First Order and eventually played a crucial role in their effort to seize control of the galaxy. The mothership has more than 1,500 turbolasers and cannons, and Kylo Ren would definitely want to be in charge of such a mothership if he were a Darth Vader fanatic.

13. Invisible Hand

Star Wars

The Separatists may have been nothing more than tools in the Emperor’s hands, but they did manage to build a rather impressive spacecraft. The Invisible Hand is an amazing spacecraft from top to bottom, and Lucas makes the most of it in the opening moments of Revenge of the Sith. Anakin ends up flying it toward Coruscant.

The Invisible Hand looks fantastic and is where Anakin and Obi-early Wan’s combat with Count Dooku took place, despite the fact that much of the CG in the prequel trilogy is very janky or weird.

12. Snoke’s Supremacy Flagship

Star Wars

The throne room alone is enough to merit inclusion on this list for Snoke’s Supremacy, but the entire ship is a marvel to behold. Supremacy is broad horizontally and effectively resembles a giant set of wings, in contrast to the majority of the massive ships in the Star Wars universe, which are linear. The Raddus splitting the ship in half at a crucial, precise moment is one of the most stunning Star Wars sequences in any of these films, and The Supremacy is one-half of it.

11. Slave I

Star Wars

Boba Fett’s Slave I is a significant factor in why Boba became such a famous figure; it is even more stunning than Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s ships. The ship is a tall ship with thrusters that almost resemble a face. We only see it briefly in the first three films. It serves as maybe the best reminder that hips don’t necessarily need to be aerodynamic in space. They can have any aesthetic that their designers desire, and Lucas and his colleagues created an iconic spacecraft with Slave I.

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10. Jedi Starfighters

Star Wars

Even though they may have contributed to the rise of the Empire, the Jedi Order did possess some pretty awesome ships. For a Jedi in training who was known to be an expert pilot, Anakin’s starfighter in particular was the ideal vehicle.

The first space battle in Revenge of the Sith is still regarded as one of the best in the entire series, in part because we get to see Anakin’s piloting prowess in action with his black and yellow starfighter, which resembles the ships Vader would eventually fly but is different enough to serve as a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

9. Super Star Destroyer

Star Wars

Executor, Darth Vader’s armada ship, is well known to viewers of The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. During the Battle of Endor, the same ship that had been pursuing Luke Skywalker and the Rebellion earlier collided with the Death Star II’s surface. It’s ironic that the final fatal blow is delivered by a Rebel A-wing, one of the fleet’s lesser aircraft.

Although it dwarfs the Star Destroyers that previously towered over our heads in the opening sequence of A New Hope, the Super Star Destroyer (or Executor-class Star Dreadnought) is nonetheless a sight to behold. Surprisingly, the Executor was only in operation for roughly four years before being destroyed.

In the book Aftermath, another Super Star Destroyer named Ravager rose to become the Empire’s treasured asset before also being obliterated in the Battle of Jakku. The Star Destroyer is the same one that was destroyed in The Force Awakens.

8. N-1 Naboo Starfighters

Star Wars

The starfighters of Naboo are just as sleek and refined as the planet. In this situation, the N-1’s placement on this list is partly due to how closely the ship’s design appears to fit every other aspect of manufacture. The N-1s were intended to be sleek, maneuverable ships for a single pilot, and from what we can tell from how they are being utilized, that seems to be exactly how they are. Like so many of the technology present in Naboo, they were the ideal fusion of aesthetics and utility.

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7. Sun Crusher

Star Wars

The Sun Crusher, one of the most lethal superweapons ever made, is not much bigger than a starship yet is nevertheless capable of causing entire star systems to collapse and explode in a supernova. Due to its quantum-crystalline armor, which can resist any collision and repel any laser blasts, it is also almost indestructible. Despite withstanding a powerful laser blast from a prototype Death Star, this tiny ship tore through the Star Destroyer’s bridge! It’s a good thing that the Empire never had the chance to employ this spacecraft against the Rebellion.

6. Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter

Star Wars

Vader’s catchphrase, “I have you now,” is spoken from the TIE fighter’s cockpit, and the moment we see it, it immediately stands out as one of the most expertly constructed vessels in film history. Vader’s TIE fighter appears like a ship a leader would pilot, which is what makes it so ingenious even though it does resemble a typical TIE fighter. The majority of military chiefs don’t engage in combat firsthand, but they also lack Vader’s amazing ship.

5. Hammerhead-class Cruiser

Star Wars

The Star Wars universe’s best ships can be found in the Knights of the Old Republic series. This Republic cruiser, the second of three on this list, is of the Hammerhead class. The Endar Spire and Harbinger are both significant ships in the games that are connected to the continuing conflict between the Republic and the Sith. Few gamers who have participated in the games can ever forget rushing through the corridors of a doomed Endar Spire as it capitulated to the Sith attack. The Harbinger, a Sith ship driven by Darth Sion who is determined to find you once and for all, is also coming.

Our all-time favorite Hammerhead moment occurs at the conclusion of the first game when many of them band together to destroy the Star Forge. Very good. The Star Wars Rebels episode “A Princess in Lothal” featured this ship for the first time in canon.

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4. Luke’s X-Wing

Star Wars

The first Death Star was destroyed by Luke’s X-Wing, yet its most famous scene may occur without him. We learn just how strong the Jedi Master truly is when he wrecks his ship on Dagobah and Yoda pulls it out of the mud. Luke’s X-Wing has a worn-out appearance like most of the Star Wars universe, but this only serves to emphasize its appeal as the ideal rebel ship to take on the hard, black, and grey ships that characterize the Empire.

3. The Ravager

Star Wars

The Ravager is amazing because it is one of the most dangerous ships in Star Wars even though it can hardly keep itself together at all. Prior to the events of Knights of the Old Republic, the Republic employed this Centurion-class battleship during the Mandalorian Wars. Ravager was essentially left as a carcass in the wake of the Battle of Malachor V.

Darth Nihilus, a Sith Lord, used the Dark Side to power the spacecraft and keep it together in order to will it to take off again. With the aid of zombie Force slave pilots, Nihilus and Ravager traversed the cosmos while consuming the life energy of unwary worlds. One of KotOR II’s scarier environments is this one.

2. Interdictor Star Destroyer

Star Wars

The next development in Imperial technology in Star Wars Rebels was the Interdictor Star Destroyer. Using its gravity well generators, it can force ships out of hyperspace while still having the punch of a Star Destroyer. The Rebel fleet’s approach to planning its maneuvers was altered by the Interdictor.

The Imperials didn’t need to deploy Interdictors in their blockade because they could simply pull out any ship that approached them and utilize the Star Destroyer’s weapons thereafter, even though it’s still practically difficult to determine a spacecraft’s exact location from hyperspace.

The Interdictor, a unique type of Star Destroyer, appeared in Legends. With experimental gravity well projectors mounted on a functioning Star Destroyer in Rebels, events appear to be developing a little bit differently—or at least at a different rate—in the new canon.

1. The Millennium Falcon

Star Wars

The unavoidable top spot is often the correct top spot on several rankings. The flagship Star Wars ship continues to be one of the very first ones we ever see. Fans of the series will immediately recognize it by its peculiar form, shabby, worn-out interior, and four-seat pilot’s compartment.

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However, what’s amazing about the Falcon is that despite the fact that everyone in the Star Wars world considers it to be a piece of junk, they all fervently desire to fly it. It’s a fantasy machine, the kind of ship that marries the distinctive design of Star Wars with a true surge of emotion.

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