5 Steps To Live A Successful Life

The term success is basically the achievement of one’s aim or goal, it can also be seen as an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. Another source defines it as the favourable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavours.

Success in Life

Every human on earth was given a special gift from the creator, which is meant to be cherished and valued, this is nothing but life, virtually everyone does all they desire as the result of the life in them. Life is just one, with no rival no alternative only self-choice on how to design or arrange it or maintain it to the best of our ability.

One of a great life is to make it successful, success in life simply means accomplishing the vision of a good life. It could further be seen as the process of achieving a self-goal, everyone has a certain desire, and the process f getting the desire, is straightly what is called, success in life.

A Successful LifeMajor Key to A Successful Life

For a person to acquire his goals there are needs of some major keys that he needs to know which are very delicate and important. Among which are dedication, hard work, Motivation, Love towards what you do and, consistency. For a better understanding of these keys, it will be explained more broadly.

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  1. Dedication; dedication is quite synonymous with devotion and diligence, the term dedication simply means the quality f being committed to a task or purpose, this can also be seen as the act of being focused on getting a certain want or desire, a person needs dedication t to achieve a successful life, dedication is a great key, which encourages.
  2. Hard work; hard work is the backbone of all the keys, hard work can be seen as the process of doing something continuously until it gets to the stage of success, in spite of all challenges, it can also be referred to as a great deal of effort or endurance to become successful in life one of the major key that one must consider is hard work, as it is said hard work pays.
  3. Motivation; in other for one to make it to a successful life, one needs motivation, motivations are basically words of encouragement, achieving your goal is not naturally an easy task, definitely, need support to push further.
  4. Love towards what you want to do; this is one called ‘affection’, having affection or zeal for what you desire, especially if it’s beneficial to live as a whole. Having zeal means that you can do anything that you can to get what you want. this is another important key in becoming successful in life.
  5. Consistency; This is a condition of enduring and always available, it’s also seen as a high level of commitment to what you want to achieve, consistency is also cunts as the major key to achieving the goal in life.

Furthermore, there is a list of some factors of a successful life these are:

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Visualization; can be described as a critical step toward success this can also mean a way of foreseeing, or predicting exactly what you want

  • Believing; Believing generally is the act of accepting something as the truth even without seeing it. self believe is the weapon that transforms the vision into reality
  • Action; The act of doing above mentioned factors is called action and is the fact of doing something, purposely to achieve an aim or goal. This last factor determines the limit of your goals and achievements.

Being successful is naturally supposed to be human’s second priority aside from God, we are meant to value our lives, and success is strongly related to our life’s budget. we can easily attach or remove some goals into our plans; getting married, giving birth to kids, enrolling the kids, becoming a graduate, getting a reliable and desired job

Success in life plays a big role in reversing ourselves to be more confidential enough in the case of security, sense of well-being, hope, and leadership, without having the zeal to become successful, you, your family, your work, and your life entirely will be at risk

Is Anyone Excluded From Becoming Successful?

Absolutely no! No one is restricted from getting successful, in as much as one has the willingness and ability to achieve what he wants, he can, no exception has ever been made, no old no young in terms of becoming successful, no rich neither poor are restricted, everyone can achieve his specific desires, you are the obstacle of yourself, everything completely depends on you

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There are collectively a lot of words that are similar to success some of which are; prosperous, triumphant, strong, fortuitous, fortunate, victorious, favourable, thriving, accomplished and flourishing

Success also has some form which should always be remembered, there are;

Family, Relationship, Business/Career, Finance, Lifestyle, Health/Fitness, Personal development, spirituality, and so on

Success is of two types

  • Success 1; This is success in what you do, although this kind of success is not easy to hold on to
  • Success 2; This is a success for who you are, this clearly, means who you were before making the decision of embarking n the journey of success and who you become after arriving


To be successful in life requires a lot, just as the saying goes ‘no pain no gain’ becoming successful is not a one-day decision. Among the major challenges on face on the way are;

  • Allowing fear to take control
  • Allowing unnecessary people to drain you
  • Allowing negative mindset or thoughts to flow through you
  • Lacking focus/concentration
  • Always consider other people’s opinions, and many more, these challenges are advised to be ignored, for they are potholes and obstacles on the road to success

Challenges that must be ignored in order to become successful in life

  • Age
  • Limiting positive thought
  • Influencers
  • peoples opinion
  • unnecessary fear
  • maintain one lane (becoming successful)
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