Stomach Tattoo: 10 Amazing Designs For Men And Women

stomach tattoo

One of the most painful spots to get a tattoo is the stomach, therefore stomach tattoo is not for the faint of heart. This location ranks highly on the pain scale due to the region’s sensitivity. Depending on your gender and build, your pain threshold will range from high to severe.

The fact that it is one of the most adaptable places to get tattooed should not deter you, though. For individuals who favor a minimalistic aesthetic, there are modest, straightforward tattoos you can select from.

Alternatively, go with a big, intricate object. You can show off your body art whenever you want by covering up the stomach.

Your ability to endure the pain of your inking can also convey a potent message about your inner fortitude and resiliency, which deepens the significance of your tattoo.

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1. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo

One of the most exquisite designs for both men and women is the butterfly. Also, it is symbolic, standing for development, beauty, and change. A butterfly tattoo can make a strong statement about how you are going through a transitional moment in your life. People who choose this design are frequently drawn to it because of the meaning linked with it. The flying bug is available in a broad variety of markings and hues, and it lends itself nicely to color designs.

Additionally, you may mix it with other imagery, such as the infinity sign, to make a potent statement about life and living each day to the fullest. Alternately, incorporate tattoos of the sun and moon or floral accents.

2. Stomach Dragon Tattoo

stomach tattoo

Since the stomach has considerable space, dragon tattoos are a great option because they let you get creative and display your dragon in exquisite detail. Dragon tattoos have several meanings in both the East and the West, but they generally stand for strength, knowledge, and bravery.

The meaning you pick can be represented in your design. Dragons are emblematic of greed and sin in the West, while prosperity, protection, and good luck are associated with them in the East. You can choose to get a straightforward black ink tattoo of a dragon, which nevertheless looks beautiful when done in color.

Whatever method you use, a dragon is a fantastic subject matter option that can highlight your inner fortitude.

3. Full Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoos


Since the stomach is enough to accommodate designs, it is a flexible location for a tattoo. You can also use your creativity while coming up with your design; it might either cover the entire stomach or just a little portion of it. Due to the sensitive nature of the area, the stomach is one of the most painful places to have body art done.

Additionally, women experience it more painfully than males do. If you can handle the discomfort, it’s a great place that allows you to cover up your tattoo simply and flaunt it when and how you want.

Select a meaningful item to express your ideas and emotions, or make a decorative covering for the body parts you want to celebrate or hide.

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4. Mom Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo side belly tattoo

Given that you want to get inked with something you won’t later regret, selecting the ideal tattoo might be difficult. Because it honors your relationship with one of the most significant individuals in your life, a mom tattoo is a wise decision. It might be a tattoo honoring your mother or a method to keep her close to you at all times.

It could be your original mother, your adopted mother, another mother figure from your life, or someone else. Although the pattern can vary significantly, mom tattoos have been popular for years and are frequently made in the Sailor Jerry or American Traditional tattoo styles.

5. Henna Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo

Henna tattoos are a great substitute for stomach tattoos that are permanent. Henna is a plant-based dye that comes in a variety of hues, including red, orange, brown, and blue-black. It may be made in delicate and intricate patterns and is frequently used in Indian wedding celebrations.

Over time, the hue will wane. You can get a better idea of what it would look like to get tattooed in this location by trying a henna design. Henna is an excellent choice if you want to experiment with body art and details for a particular event and a brief period of time.

6. Stomach Flower Tattoo

stomach tattoo

Meaningful flower tattoos are connected to love, life, and growth. With so many blossoms to choose from, each with its own symbolism, you can design your tattoo to best express your ideas and emotions. The rose stands for beauty, anguish, and yearning, while the lotus represents awakening and rebirth.

Flowers can be drawn in a variety of ways, from vivid and realistic finishes to straightforward outlines. The stomach is one of the most painful places to get tattooed, but because of the space, it is also a flexible area.

You might choose something modest, which will lessen the agony and limit the shading and detail of your artwork. Or, for a stunning tattoo that makes a statement, cover your entire tummy in various flowers.

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7. Stomach Medusa Tattoo

stomach tattoo

For those who want their body art to have a statement, consider getting a medusa tattoo. Greek mythology serves as the foundation for the Medusa narrative. She is a female creature with snake-like hair who could turn anyone to stone with her stare.

Different depictions of Medusa exist, therefore your design may leave room for interpretation. She represents wickedness, jealousy, and death to some people. Others may view her as a symbol of rebirth, strength, and a method to honor feminine power. Your Medusa design can be made in a variety of ways, be it straightforward or hyper-realistic, large or small. The stomach is a diverse site, and the proper placement is just as crucial as the design.

Getting inked here could demonstrate that you are a person who is strong and resilient and not deterred by the pain because it is also a painful location.

8. Gangster Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo

Tough people and criminals have long preferred body art. It’s been inked to demonstrate gang membership and to frighten other people. Additionally, it has been used to demonstrate to others that you are not someone to be trifled with or that you do not fear the agony that comes with getting tattoos, particularly on delicate body parts like the stomach. While some designs are better avoided if you do not want to appear to be a gangster, stomach tattoos may be fierce and effortlessly cool, creating a statement when you show them off.

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9. Japanese Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo

Finding the ideal stomach tattoo requires taking into account both the design and the style. If you want a bold design, Japanese tattoos are a fantastic option. They are characterized by their subject matter, which is frequently based on tradition or folklore, and are bright and bold, made with a brilliant but constrained color palette. Koi fish, cherry blossoms, dragons, and phoenixes are among the often-used images.

Each of these is symbolic and has the potential to convey a lot about your emotions and thoughts. Although tattoos are still frowned upon in Japan, Japanese ink has gained popularity throughout the world. This is a result of their connection to the notorious Yakuza group.

10. Snake Stomach Tattoo

stomach tattoo

The stomach is a fantastic spot for a snake tattoo, which can be tattooed large or little. You may also play with with the angle of your placement by positioning the snake so that it appears to be coiling around your stomach or by making it appear vertical. Snakes are another possible symbol.

Depending on the culture and source of your inspiration, they stand for various things. For instance, a Japanese snake tattoo may denote success and protection, yet the snake is connected to sin for Christians. Snakes are a potent symbol of the cycle of life since they are connected to metamorphosis and rebirth. If you are thinking about your mortality, this is a great option.



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