Spanish TV: The Best 12 Ways for Streaming Spanish TV Channels

There are many streaming choices available to Spanish speakers. The top Spanish TV streaming services are listed below.

What to Know When Streaming Spanish TV

In the past, having access to Spanish TV in the US was a perk that was only included with a cable bundle. It is comforting to know that streaming services are now appropriately catering to Spanish-speaking users by providing more options and price points for streaming plans.

Different needs are met by various streaming platforms. So, before selecting a platform, think about your spending limit, streaming device, and the kinds of programming you like.

Thanks to streaming, watching Spanish television has never been more convenient or less expensive. Spanish shows, news, sports, and dramas are now available on popular streaming platforms, giving you a wide range of free and paid options to choose from.

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Here Are The best ways for streaming Spanish TV Channels:

1. Netflix

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Netflix offers the best value for money if you want to watch movies and TV shows in Spanish. The extensive offering of original Spanish programs alone makes the $8.99/month subscription fee worthwhile.

In the search box, enter “Espaol” to search Netflix’s vast range of Spanish-language content. Hit Netflix original series and Spanish-language classics like Y Tu Mamá También, Narcos, and House of Flowers are available.

To access Spanish content in a variety of genres, you can also use Netflix secret codes.

2. Sling TV

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Sling TV has several Spanish TV add-ons in addition to three English streaming bundles. The Blue and Orange tiers of Sling cost $35 a month. You may get access to 50+ channels for $50/month when you combine the two tiers. Spanish add-ons are available for any plan and cost $5 per month.

By providing regional channel add-ons for people from South America, the Caribbean, and Central America, Sling is at the forefront of Spanish add-on possibilities. Each add-on offers channel subscriptions from particular regions, allowing you to maintain a connection to your continent.

Its SurAmerica add-on, for instance, includes South American channels like Caracol, Nuestra Tele, NTN24, RCN Novelas, TV Venezuela, EVTV, Ecuavisa International, Telefe International, El Trece International, Todo Noticias, Bolivia TV, Canal Sur, and Estudio 5.

Channels including Estrella TV, Azteca, Discovery en Espaol, ESPN Deportes, Cinelatino, Discovery Familia, Cine Sony, and History en Espaol are accessible with the Best of Spanish TV add-on for a comprehensive Spanish package.

3. Vidgo

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With the ability to stream on up to three devices at once, Vidgo provides two Spanish streaming subscriptions.

For $30/month, you may get 15 Spanish-language channels with the Latino Streaming Plan. This group of channels comprises History en Espaol, Cine Sony, Fox Life, ESPN Deportes, Fox Deportes, and Familia Discovery.

For $30 per month, the Latino Más Streaming Plan delivers 25 Spanish channels. NatGeo Mundo, Centroamerica TV, Estudio5, Fox Deportes, Television Dominicana, Azteca America, Estudio5, Cine Latino, A3cine, and Atres Series are among the channels that fall under this category.

4. fuboTV

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A streaming option to think about is fuboTV if you want to keep up with Spanish sports networks. Without a cable plan, fuboTV streams live sports and entertainment.

Spanish networks Univision and Telemundo are already included in the platform’s entry-level English streaming bundle, which costs $64.99. For an extra $19.99/month, the Latino Plus add-on provides 15 Spanish-language channels if you’d want more. Fox Deportes, NatGeo Mundo, Discovery en Espaol, and ESPN HD Deportes are a few of fubo’s Latino Plus networks.

Additionally, the fuboTV subscription includes a convenient 30 hours of cloud DVR storage, allowing you to record and watch your preferred teams whenever you want.

5. Peacock

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On its launch, NBC’s Peacock had a robust Latino vertical that is simple to access on its homepage. The vertical features on-demand news articles, documentaries, reality TV, and educational videos in Spanish.

Three subscription levels are available on Peacock: Free, Premium ($4.99/month), and Premium Plus ($9.99/month). You can watch a ton of Spanish TV on the free tier if you don’t mind some advertisements. Read our overview of NBC’s Peacock streaming service if you’re interested in learning more before subscribing.

On-demand Spanish shows that are often watched include Al Rojo Vivo, Noticias Telemundo, Latinx Now, Chiquis N’ Control, and Betty in NY. The Riveras and Caso Cerrado are popular TV shows that are shown as curated channels on Peacock’s live stream. These broadcast on old episodes 24/7, just like its English-language curated channels.

6. Pantaya

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The Latino audience is catered to by Pantaya. Its library includes vintage motion pictures, contemporary blockbusters, and TV shows produced in Latin America. Popular bilingual programs like Vida and creative productions like The Game of Keys are also hosted by Pantaya.

For bilingual families, especially if different age groups share the TV, the platform’s selection of historical favorites and contemporary series makes it a suitable channel subscription. For first-time users, there is a seven-day trial period; after that, the membership price is $5.99/month.

Other popular songs on Pantaya include Los Leones ft. Ozuna, Las Pldoras de Mi Novio, and Traveling with Los Derbes.

7. Pluto TV

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If you want to access free Spanish TV, Pluto TV is a great choice. 22 Spanish TV channels are available on the marketplace under the Latino category.

MTV en Espaol, Comedy Central en Espaol, and curated channels with dubs of popular shows like The Walking Dead en Espaol and Forensic Files en Espaol are just a few of the Spanish-language streaming options available on Pluto.

You’ll also find on-demand movies and series, reality TV, dramas, sports, travel, and humor.

8. Univision Now

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Due to the fact that it exclusively delivers certain Univision programs and UniMás news and sports, this app is ideal for Univision devotees. Despite this, given Univision’s extensive library, the on-demand selection is varied, which is not really surprising.

You can watch Univision oldies like Primer Impacto, Despierta America, and El Gordo y la Flaca for $9.99/month. Additionally, you can still access live material 72 hours after it first aired.

9. Hulu

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Access to bilingual and Spanish-language favorites like East High and Love, Victor is included with Hulu’s on-demand streaming subscription. For its Live TV users, Hulu furthermore provides a $4.99/month add-on of Spanish channels. The monthly cost of Hulu + Live TV is $54.99 with commercials or $60.99 without.

The ESPN Deportes, FOX Deportes, History Channel en Espanol, and NBC Universo channels are all accessible with the Espaol TV add-on.

10. Claro-video

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It provides access to a number of the top telenovelas as well as well-liked US TV shows that have been dubbed in Spanish. The most recent films playing in theaters are among the items that can be rented. Additionally, there is some sporting information; the website had broadcast rights for the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. And to make things even better, when you register, a Paramount+ subscription is complimentary.

You must use a VPN to access Claro-video if you reside in the US.

11. Disney+

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Disney+ features over 100 TV program episodes and movies in Spanish, so it has Latino families in mind.

Additionally, we appreciate that Disney+ lets you establish a Spanish-based profile during the sign-up process so that you only receive suggestions for Spanish-language content.

There are recommendations like Pixar movies, Disney Channel TV shows, music and dance, National Geographic: Young Explorers, and dogs and cats.

12. YipTV

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Watch as much as you like on Yip TV with your loved ones and friends! Yip TV offers a more cheap annual subscription than an added foreign package to your basic cable plan for only $49.99. Use 5 separate devices to simultaneously access your top 44 live TV shows and on-demand material, allowing the entire family to watch what they want.

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