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Stu Feiner is known as the world premiere handicapper, and his reputation has also earned him the moniker, ‘The Source.’ Although a lot would say his source of income is not trustworthy, Stu Feiner still continues in expanding his expertise in handicapping, and is now one of the most notorious handicapping players in sports history. Who is Stu Feiner? How does Stu Feiner get his money? What is Stu Feiner net worth? 

Stu Feiner net worth
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Handicapping in sports and games involves various methods by which different advantages are calculated. It is the practice of assigning advantage through scoring compensation or any other advantage given to different contestants to equalize the chances of winning. In this article you will know more about Stu Feiner, Stu Feiner’s choice of career, Stu Feiner’s wife, Stu Feiner net worth, and a lot more. 

The Early Life of Stu Feiner

Stu Feiner is 61 years old, and was born on January 31, 1961, in Long Island, New York. There is not much information about his family, childhood and education, but Stu Feiner and his family have faced a lot of pain and loss. The first death experienced in the family was the death of his mother. He lost his mother to breast cancer, and a few years later, he lost his brother, ‘Les Barry Feiner,’ to substance abuse. Stu Feiner went to FarmingDale high school, and graduated in 1980 from Nausau community college, with a degree in business.

Personal Life and Relationship

Stu Feiner’s marriage is what most people refer to as ‘love at first sight.’ He met Sandra Feiner in 1988, started a relationship with her, and made her his wife, all in the same year. A man who knows what he wants, and goes for it. They have four handsome boys together.

Stu Feiner net worth
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His Career

Stu Feiner refers to himself as a pioneer and the innovator of handicapping. He also has several stories dedicated to his expertise, about how is one of the most notorious handicapping players in sports history. He has been actively involved in sports since 1982, and has faced a lot of controversies, but Stu Feiner net worth growth shows that his skill in handicapping is unique. He is currently working as a sports advisor and is also running his own radio show, ‘Stu For The Money.’ 

Stu Feiner’s Controversies

In the late 90’s, Stu Feiner had his first controversy which involved being fined for $13,000 for false and very misleading advertisements. The story is that Stu Feiner ran an advertisement by his brother-in-law who worked for New York daily news. An investigation was carried out after the advertisement ran for a while, and the result said all the information in the advert was false. 

The second controversy which cost about $16 million and affected Stu Feiner net worth happened a few years later. During a session on national television, his National Football League predictions for four weeks was documented by ‘Sports Illustrated.’ It took a while but results showed that his predictions were wrong, and he was exposed for falsifying his records. His sports handicapping business was shut down, and all his employees who had their families depending on them, were sent back to the streets to start again. 

Stu Feiner net worth
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Stu Feiner’s Movie; Two For the Money

In 2005, the movie ‘Two for the money,’ was released. A part of the world’s population claims that the movie is completely based on Stu Feiner, and the other part of the world’s population completely disagrees. Which group do you belong to? If you have not seen it, you should. The movie is based on a former college football star who became familiar with some people in the sports gambling business. 

What is the Handicapper Net Worth?

Stu Feiner net worth is currently $12.5 million, earned from sports predictions. He owns about 11 houses in Farmingdale, and a court in his son’s name, ‘Sean Michael Court.’ 

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