Sweatcoin: Can You Really Make Crazy Money From It?


Why not make some money while you’re working up a sweat? Even if Sweatcoin isn’t a real currency, it still has worth.

It can be challenging to get yourself to go for a run or walk outside. How frequently we exercise depends on a variety of circumstances, including fatigue, lack of motivation, the environment, and the season. These considerations can occasionally keep us from exercising at all.

What if, however, there existed an app that offered rewards for exercising? Sweatcoin makes this claim, but is it actually true? Let’s talk about Sweatcoin, how it functions, and whether or not you can actually profit from it.

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What Is Sweatcoin?


Sweatcoin is an app for smartphones that can be downloaded for free on Android, Windows, and iOS. The software monitors your daily steps in the same way as any other track-stepping program you might download.

In order to track your daily steps, Sweatcoin links to your default fitness software, such as Google Fit, Apple Fit, or a comparable one. The software is appropriate for any situation because you may use it while treadmill running or walking outside.

However, since your steps are always being tracked, your battery may deplete far more quickly than it would without the app. It’s important to be aware of this because it could become a problem if you’re away from home without a portable charger.

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It’s also important to keep in mind that Sweatcoin won’t make you a lot of money before you download the app and start using it. Of course, getting paid to run or walk is fantastic in every way, but the compensation is still quite meager.

You receive a small portion of a Sweatcoin for each step you take. One Sweatcoin costs one thousand steps to earn. If you exercise frequently, you might earn ten Sweatcoin or more each day and a few hundred Sweatcoin each month. An auction area and a marketplace are available in the app. Additionally, it allows you to contribute your Sweatcoin to a predetermined list of charities; however, we’ll talk more about these later. Also included is a Sweatcoin to Bitcoin trade.

Additionally, the app allows you to connect with friends, follow users, and get your own followers. Although the app’s normal version is free, a premium edition is also available for $4.99 per month.

With this edition, you may access premium features and earn two times as many Sweatcoins per step. Due to the recurring payment, however, it is only truly worthwhile if you walk or run frequently; otherwise, you risk spending more each month than you do Sweatcoin.

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Does Sweatcoin Have Any Value?

In summary, the Sweatcoin app is legit, and the rewards you receive are worthwhile. However, one Sweatcoin is not even close to being worth one US dollar. One Sweatcoin is now worth about $0.05, but this amount is liable to change. The app’s marketplace will help us determine exactly what you can do with your Sweatcoin.

Depending on where you are, you may be able to purchase different goods or services using Sweatcoin, but you should have a variety of options to select from. You can purchase subscription boxes for snacks, earbuds, or beauty goods, for instance. You can get discounts on online educational courses or fitness memberships if you’re wanting to cut the cost of services.

Sweatcoin also provides Amazon and PayPal gift cards, enabling you to purchase any good at a reduced cost. If you spend a certain amount of money on a specific website, you may be eligible for significant discounts.

In the app’s auction, you can use Sweatcoin to place large bids on things like gaming systems, smartwatches, and gift cards with a value of several hundred dollars.

Similar to a regular auction, you can bid with Sweatcoins until you either win the item up for bid or receive a refund if you lose. Whereas keeping in mind that these significant awards frequently receive extremely large bids. Before joining, you should make sure you have a sizable amount of Sweatcoin in your wallet.

The same holds true for using your Sweatcoin to make purchases. One Sweatcoin requires 1,000 steps, as we previously mentioned. To be in the market for this product, you’d need to walk a lot as a $20 Amazon coupon now costs 8,000 Sweatcoin. However, other goods particularly the free cosmetics and subscription discounts—are significantly more affordable.

You won’t be able to accomplish much with one or two thousand steps, in any case. Typically, offers start at five or so Sweatcoin, however, they are frequently for discounts rather than actual goods. So take those actions if you wish to increase your app store options.

A broad objective is defined in the Sweatcoin donation area, and you are welcome to contribute as much Sweatcoin as you desire to this. After all, working out while assisting those in need is a win-win situation!

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What happens, though, if you only want to cash out and change your Sweatcoin into fiat currency instead of using its marketplace or donation options?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a cash-out option available with Sweatcoin right now. Of course, you can use the Amazon or PayPal vouchers provided by the app to make purchases, but you cannot add money to your bank account.

You also cannot use Sweatcoin elsewhere because it is not a digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The startup, however, asserts that Sweatcoin’s ultimate objective is to become a fully-fledged digital currency that can be purchased and sold on exchanges. We’ll have to wait and see whether this ever materializes.

Although legitimate, Sweatcoin is not suitable for everyone.

In conclusion, Sweatcoin is real, and tracking your movements might actually get you items for free or at a discount. If you’re hoping to spend real money, the app will let you down because there are still restrictions on what and where you may spend it.

Sweatcoin is a fantastic choice if you’re a devoted walker or runner or want to motivate yourself to exercise. But be aware of its present flaws to prevent disappointment.

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Sweatcoin Pros

  • You move more when you know that walking earns you Sweatcoins. Even just having this app serve as a humorous reminder that you get paid for walking will help you get fitter! Over half of the participants in a recent study that offered financial incentives to employers who increased their physical activity increased their exercise level!
  • You may easily earn some fantastic rewards by using the app and giving your loved ones your earned Sweatcoins.
  • The most recent version of the app also allows you to track indoor steps without using your GPS location. When you download the app, you only need to enable this option.

Sweatcoin Cons

  • Your phone must constantly have the app open. Your steps are no longer being tracked if you swipe up or force quit. The power saver option is thankfully the default setting when you first download the app. People use it frequently and have barely noticed any change despite claims that it can drain the battery (on both iPhone and Android).
  • Some phones compel Sweatcoin to shut off automatically in order to conserve battery. This implies that you must remember to start the app each time you go for a stroll.
  • Customer service may take some time to respond if you are having issues using the app to track your steps.


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