Tattoo Shops In Chicago: Here Are The Best 10 You Should Visit

The Windy City is home to numerous excellent and inspiring tattoo artists, whether you have unmarked skin or are adding to a collection of ink. Consequently, Chicago is home to several prominent tattoo shops. To recall a vacation with friends, you might be looking for a simple yet enjoyable flash sheet design, or you might want a sizable unique piece to act as a work of live art.

There is a studio and artist who can realize your ideas no matter what you’re looking for. Many places accept walk-ins, but it’s advisable to schedule an appointment in advance to assure seeing a particular artist and avoid disappointment.

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1. Chicago Ink

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Chicago Ink is your one-stop shop for every form of body modification you’re interested in. They have a group of cosmetic tattooists, body piercers, and tattoo artists. Additionally, most nights they stay open late, making it simple to schedule an appointment after work.

To ensure that each client’s unique personality and vision are reflected in each tattoo, local and international tattoo artists develop personalized designs for each piece. Realism, Japanese, tribal, classic, American, biomechanical, lettering, and black and grey are among the styles available. If you regret getting some ink, they also do a terrific job with cover-ups. Finally, pick one of two locations: one is on North Milwaukee Avenue and the other is on West Irving Park Road.

  • Address: 5415 W Irving Park Rd Chicago & 3200 N Milwaukee ave. Chicago
    Phone: 773-777-9663

2. Shred’s Inferno


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South of the city is where Shred’s Inferno, a full-service tattoo parlor, is situated. Shred, the shop’s owner and a distinguished senior artist with more than 25 years of expertise, launched it in 1997. Michelle has been by his side from the start, helping him develop the portfolio and reputation for precise, excellent work.

They are able to create a wide variety of ink styles together, including realistic, black-and-white, and neo-traditional, as well as new school, watercolor, and outline art. Walk-ins are accepted, and the store is open in the afternoons and evenings. But the best approach to reserving a time with your favorite artist is to make an appointment.

  • Address: 4304 W. 63rd St. Chicago
    Phone: 773-585-2653

3. Tattoo Factory

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Tattoo Factory has been tattooing people since 1976, making it one of the city’s oldest tattoo parlors. After serving as an apprentice under Colonel William Todd at Bert Grimm’s Tattoo Workshop on The Pike in Long Beach, California, Pete Collurafici opened the Uptown studio.

His brother Paul continued his legacy after his passing in 1996. The company now employs a sizable team of painters and body piercers who work in a variety of genres, including watercolor, new school, traditional, Japanese, realism, and portraits. They also make fantastic covers and will make a unique item to realize your concept.

The Drink n’ Ink bar just next door is another aspect that distinguishes this workshop. Bring your pals so they can relax with a drink while watching sports on one TV and you get inked on the other.

  • Address: 4441 North Broadway, Chicago
    Phone: 773.989.4077

4. The Chicago Tattooing Company

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The Chicago Tattooing Company was first established as Cliff Raven Tattooing in the middle of the 1960s. It has had a few name changes and ownership transitions since then. In 1972, the current owner, Dale Grande, started off as a gofer before joining Cliff and Buddy “Mac” McFall as a third partner.

The group of painters is currently showing a wide range of pieces, including fine line, geometric, American, black and grey, and more. Additionally, if piercings are more your style, you can schedule appointments for various facial, ear, and body piercings.

  • Address: 1017 West Belmont Ave, Chicago
    Phone: 773-528-6969

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5. Studio One Chicago

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Studio One Chicago is the place to go if you want Japanese-style tattoos. Owner and tattoo artist Nuco Villanueva has been in the business since 1996. Before founding his store in 2009, he relocated from Mexico to Chicago’s Little Village in the 1980s.

As a creator, he is drawn to the traditional methods and striking hues that characterize Japanese tattoos. This idea is shared by the other resident and guest artists as well. Despite his love of tradition, he frequently travels to study with other tattoo artists and tattooists in order to advance his skill.

  • Address: 1147 W. 18th St. Chicago
    Phone: n/a

6. Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

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When you make an appointment with Speakeasy Custom Tattoo, one of the greatest tattoo shops in Chicago, you may enjoy your very own original work of art. This studio, which is owned by Patrick Cornolo, has about a dozen internationally known artists on the roster. There are no conventional designs or flash sheets on the wall. Each artist collaborates with their customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces of art that, with their own distinctive spin, bring a vision to life. Every type of ink is represented in the shop due to the large number of artists there.

In addition to more uncommon forms like dot-work, fine-line, garbage polka, 8-bit, and watercolor, this contains timeless ones like black and white, American conventional, and Japanese. In order to avoid disappointment, make sure to plan ahead as many tattoo artists have lengthy waiting lists.

  • Address: 1935 1/2 W. North Ave, Chicago
    Phone: 773-645-1703

7. Great Lakes Tattoo

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One of the top tattoo shops in Chicago, Great Lakes Tattoo has a warm environment without any attitudes. The shop’s owners, Nick, and Sara Colella, started it in 2013 and are committed to respecting tattooing’s past, present, and future. In order to do this, they have a sizable collection of tattoo-related artifacts, welcome international guest artists, and employ some of the most seasoned and emerging tattoo artists with a diverse range of portfolios.

Therefore, they will be able to produce a masterpiece for you whether you’re seeking old school, new school, or anything in between. Additionally, if you want something straightforward and uncomplicated, you can choose from hundreds of flash designs.

  • Address: 1148 W Grand Ave, Chicago
    Phone: 312-870-0458

8. Code of Conduct Tattoo

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In Chicago’s historic South Loop, Jamie Navarro is the owner of Code of Conduct Tattoo. With a background in both tattooing and photography, he founded the business in 2010, and he has a great eye for design. Jake Ames, Rafael Corona, Klaus Zhang, Bryan Ortego, and trainee Alex Clifton are there with him in this moody but dark studio.

With all of them combined, you can find ink in a variety of styles, including conventional, black-and-white, realism, colorful new school, illustrative, and fine line. The hook-up for a tattoo is only available by appointment, so get in touch with your preferred artist.

  • Address: 14 E 11th St, Chicago
    Phone: n/a

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9. Good Kind Tattoo

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At Good Kind Tattoo, you’ll receive personalized service, superb attention to detail, and a love for the trade. Rob Goodkind, a tattoo artist in Chicago who has been in business since 2006, is the owner and operator of this establishment. His chosen aesthetics are expansive works with pictorial or Japanese-inspired patterns.

A group of other gifted artists that specialize in American traditional, Japanese, watercolor, black and grey, and realism will be working alongside him. While walk-ins are accepted, appointments are advised to ensure that you get a spot that works for you.

  • Address: 3056 N. Clybourne ave. Unit CS, Chicago
    Phone: 773-857-0609

10. Tatu Tattoo

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There is ample opportunity to observe the staff at Tatu Tattoo because they are open from lunchtime until late, seven days a week. The store, which is situated in Wicker Park, has been operating since 1993, and Neal Chambers is its current manager.

You can get in touch with each artist individually because, like many other businesses, they manage their own scheduling. But drop-ins are welcomed, and there are lots of flash sheets to get ideas from. American conventional, black and grey, realism, and Japanese tattooing techniques are also accessible.

  • Address: 1754 W North Ave, Chicago
    Phone: 773-772-8288
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