Telegram: 10 Essential Features To Use


Telegram is a reliable messaging app, regardless of why you use it. Telegram is a great alternative for WhatsApp and SMS texting, and it’s highly worth using, especially if you can get your pals to sign up.

The best Telegram features, however, are not available to you if you haven’t advanced past the fundamentals. Here is a few lesser-known Telegram features that you may have been unaware of up until now.

Here are the top Telegram features you need to be aware of if you want to make the most of the application.

1. Add a second number or move existing phone numbers.

telegram features

Have there ever been times when you needed to change your phone number but were concerned about moving all of your contacts and other data to the new number? Telegram handles all of this for you even though it can be a lot of work. You won’t lose any of your contacts or chats if you change the phone number associated with your account.

Open Settings to modify your Telegram phone number (which is inside the left menu on Android). On an iPhone, select Edit in the top-right corner of the following menu. On Android, this step is not essential.

Then select Change Number and adhere to the directions. All correspondence, clients, and media will now go to your new mobile number. Additionally, Telegram will instantly update all of your contacts’ address books to include your new phone number.

Instead of migrating, Telegram also enables you to add a second number and utilize multiple accounts simultaneously. Tap your contact information to open the account switcher on Android’s left sidebar, then select Add Account. On an iPhone, select Add Another Account from the Edit menu on the profile screen.

For instance, you can utilize this on Telegram instead of another communication software to keep your personal and work lives separate.

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2. Explore Secret Telegram Chats

telegram features

While default chats are kept on Telegram’s servers and all chats are client-server encrypted, You may view your messages on several devices with this, however it may cause privacy issues.

You can set up end-to-end encrypted secret chats for the utmost secrecy. Since these aren’t kept on Telegram’s servers, only your particular phone may access them. A message that is deleted by one party is also deleted by the other. Additionally, if you’d like, you may set a self-destruct time for all media.

To create a new one on Android, just slide out the left menu and select New Secret Chat. Open a chat on your iPhone, select More from the contact’s name at the top, and then select Start Secret Chat.

3. Customize Telegram’s look

telegram features

You may change the background and color in Telegram. To make Telegram seem exactly how you want it to, you can even set up your own custom theme.

Go to Settings > Chat Settings on Android or Settings > Appearance on iOS to change the theme. The font size, bubble colors, night mode settings, and other variables can all be changed here. To change the background image for your groups, select Chat Background.

Tap the three-dot button (Android) or choose Chat Themes (iOS) and Create a new theme to create your own theme. If none of the pre-set options appeal to you, you can customize your own appearance here.

Even better, you may use a link to share your personal themes or test out others’ themes due to Cloud Themes. Everyone who accesses the theme through that link will see any updates made by the theme’s owner. To make a theme accessible to others, long-press on it and select Share.

Android users can try the Themes for Telegram app to find new themes. Look out for the Telegram Themes subreddit if you use an iPhone.

4. Multiple Profile Picture Uploads on Telegram


Telegram lets you post additional profile photos, speaking of multiples. Your contacts will only see your most recent photo as your profile image, but they may swipe to view all of your photos.

Open Settings to add new profile pictures. Tap the camera icon in the top-right corner of Android. On an iPhone, select Set New Photo or Video from the Edit menu.

A new photo can be taken, and uploaded, a current photo can be deleted, or a new photo can be found online.

To view all of your previous uploads, tap your profile image. You can navigate through them or select an older photo as your current profile picture by tapping the Set as Main Photo option in the top-right menu (seen on Android as three dots and on iPhone as Edit).

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5. Turn on Auto-Night Mode


Using both the light and dark modes, do you like it? Telegram features an auto-night option to prevent nighttime app blindness.

Return to Settings > Chat Settings (Android) or Settings > Appearance to utilize it (iOS). To change how it operates, choose Auto-Night Mode.

There are four choices available to you:

  • Default System (Android) or System (iOS): Synchronizes the theme with the active mode of your operating system.
  • Scheduled: When the sun goes down, night mode will activate and end when the sun comes up. You can, however, choose your own times for it to turn on and off.
  • Adaptive (Android) or Automatic (iOS): You can specify the threshold, and the mode will automatically transition based on the amount of light present.
  • Disabled: Disable automatic night mode and use the selected theme at all times.

You can choose your preferred night mode theme on this page as well.

6. Mute Groups and Contacts


They can soon become bothersome if you participate in a lot of Telegram chats, perhaps because you’ve joined too many of the top Telegram channels. You can always silence a chat without leaving it if this happens. Instead of receiving a ping for each new communication, you can check it at your convenience in this manner.

On Android, select Mute notifications by tapping the three dots in the top-right corner of any Telegram discussion. On iOS, select Mute by tapping the contact or group name at the top of the screen. The chat can then be muted permanently or for a specific amount of time.

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7. Share Your Location


By letting people know where you are, they can monitor your progress toward a destination or assist in keeping an eye out for your safety. Open a chat in Telegram, hit the paper clip icon, and select Location to distribute it.

You have the option of sharing your current location or your live location. A one-time update regarding your location will be sent through Send My Current Location. Don’t blindly trust locations since, as you can see in the image below, the app allows you to manually adjust this before sending. You can choose a nearby location from a list of options in addition to manually choosing a point on the map.

For the time frame you pick, Share My Live Location refreshes that chat continuously. When utilizing this, be careful not to divulge too much information.

8. Obtain a Proxy Server Connection


You will value Telegram’s feature that enables you to connect via a proxy server if you wish to use Telegram in a location where it is blocked. The majority of the time, using a VPN on your phone is preferable, but you can still get around geo-restrictions by using a proxy.

Open Settings > Data and Storage > Proxy Settings in Telegram to access the proxy server settings. To add it, you must enable Use Proxy and enter all the necessary data. If necessary, you can look up the server information online.

9. Make use of Telegram bots


Chatbots are a feature of Telegram, like many other communication apps. In your chats and on their own, bots can perform a variety of helpful tasks, from playing games to monitoring the weather.

On Telegram, there are thousands of bots. The top Telegram bots have been culled from them by our team, and you should use them.

10. Utilize the Telegram chat tools

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In chats, Telegram provides a few additional useful features. By holding down the long-press key and selecting the Trash symbol that appears, you can remove any message. The program allows you to erase any message at any moment, including the ones that another user in a chat sent.

Hashtags are supported by Telegram too. You can search for a hashtag across all of your active chats by tapping it. This makes it simple to locate communications later or organize information for your own use.

Being able to pin messages is a fantastic additional feature in groups or channels. To keep a message at the top of the chat so that everyone may quickly refer to it, tap the message and select Pin.

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Additionally, if you hold down the Send button for a long time, a hidden menu will show up. Select Schedule message to put off sending until a later time. To deliver the message when the recipient is next online on Telegram, you may alternatively select Send When Online.

Finally, select Send without sound to secretly transmit the message to the other party without notifying them if you don’t want to disturb them.

However, not all of Telegram’s amazing features are as serious. If emojis aren’t enough, learn how to create your own Telegram stickers.

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