The 10 Best Facebook Cover Photos and Profile Pictures Tools

Facebook plays a significant role in exposing you to individuals on the internet because it is the largest social network in the world. First impressions are important.

Your Facebook cover photo and profile picture are publicly viewable regardless of your privacy settings. As a result, these must accurately reflect your identity and core values.

The 10 Best Facebook Cover Photos and Profile Pictures Tools

But how can average people make a fantastic first impression with their Facebook profile image and cover photo when not everyone is a designer? These web pages and apps may be useful.

1. Facetune2: The Best Editor for Profile Pictures

Selfies are the simplest type of image to create for Facebook. Use Facetune2, a superb profile image editor, though, if you want to look your best on Facebook.

You can take care of common beauty issues like skin smoothing, teeth whitening, red eye removal, and more with only a few touches. In case you wish to seem a little different, Facetune2 also has a feature that allows you to modify your jawline or face.

Facetune2 contains all the standard picture editing features you would expect from an app, such as the ability to merge two photographs into one, blur the background, add filters and frames, and more, in addition to the beauty effects.

Download: Facetune2 for Android | iOS (Free)

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2. Profile Overlays: Edit Your Profile Picture with a Filter

With the help of Facebook’s temporary profile images, you can express your support for a cause or announce an event. They simply alter your profile image temporarily rather than completely replacing it.

One of the side consequences of this has been an increase in the amount of “filters” or “overlays” for profile images, such as the rainbow filter to demonstrate your support for LGBT rights.

While some of these filters are available directly in the Facebook app, a large portion of them are missing. Check out Profile Overlays if you’re seeking a particular overlay, such as one to support your favorite soccer club or to express your patriotism for your nation.

While using the search bar, you can locate nearly anything else, the trending overlays will show you what the world is now adding to their profiles. Even bespoke overlay requests are possible!

There is another website you can look at in case you didn’t find what you were looking for. In addition to supporting Twitter, Rainbow Filter features its own library of overlays. Despite being significantly smaller, the catalog contains themes that Profile Overlays does not cover.

3. PicMonkey: Make Your Photographs Unique

Online picture editing software called PicMonkey costs money. Because it enables you to add graphics, textures, text, and more to your photographs, it is ideal for people and businesses without experience with image editing software.

You may alter the color of your eyes, hair, teeth, and skin, as well as get rid of wrinkles and generally make yourself look immaculate, which makes it ideal for profile photographs. Although PicMonkey has a mobile app, it is recommended that you utilize the website because it covers all of the functions.

4. First Covers: Facebook Cover Repository

It’s challenging to decide what to put in social media cover photographs, even if you know the ideal measurements. Your face will most likely be your profile picture, therefore the cover photo is where you can express your originality.

You may browse through hundreds of free Facebook cover images on First Covers and download them to use on your own page. The categories used to group covers include actors, cartoon characters, flags, memes, movies, and a lot more.

First Covers even offers a helpful “Add this to your profile” button on each image if you like it and want to use it as your profile picture. Make it your Facebook cover by clicking it and logging in. Simple.

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5. Trendy Covers: Facebook Cover Generator

You can get a lot of free covers from Trendy Covers and include them in your profile. Additionally, it offers a fantastic and simple custom cover generator.

You can add whatever text you choose and upload an image from your device. With Trendy Covers, you may alter every part of the text and image’s appearance, including the font colors and image dimensions. You may also choose how transparent or opaque you want the pieces to be.

You may either download your new cover photo to your hard disk after you’ve finished customizing it to look exactly how you want it to or upload it directly to Facebook from Trendy Covers.

6. Canva: Making Custom Covers Is Simple

Visit Canva for extra editing options for your own Facebook cover and a couple more template ideas. You can create a unique cover photo with the aid of this free online graphic design tool that will impress your pals.

Many readymade layouts will help you get started, especially if you struggle to choose the right typefaces or decide where to put the text. You can utilize a ton of beautiful stock photographs from Canva (or you can upload one of your own).

Visit the “elements” area next, where you may choose from a variety of items to add, such as a cute little chart, stylish frames, or stunning icons.

Edit the text, add a filter if you wish, or do anything else you want. As soon as you’re finished, save the free custom cover photo to your hard drive and publish it to Facebook.

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7. Holly and Free Facebook Cover Videos

You can include videos on the Cover if you are in charge of a Facebook Page. It makes sense to use one of the free and copyright-free videos that are available online to spruce up the cover of your Facebook Pages.

Pexels, one of the top sources for stock movies, has been used to curate videos for Holly and, two independent websites. When you have downloaded a video, go to your Facebook Page and add it there as your page’s cover image.

The videos are chosen based on both the way they were shot and how professionally they were produced. After all, the dimensions of the Facebook cover deviate from the typical 16:9 widescreen method of recording videos. However, Holly and’s carefully picked libraries guarantee that films will look fantastic even on Facebook.

8. Biteable: Create Cover Ads In A Professional Manner

These video covers might help you market a business on Facebook by effectively grabbing readers’ attention. Additionally, you don’t need expertise in video production or editing.

Pick a video template from the site’s collection to get started. A video’s text can be changed, the soundtrack can be added or removed, and scenes can be added or removed. You don’t need any experience with video editing to utilize Biteable because it is so simple to use.

If you want a Biteable watermark on the end product, it is free to do so. Paying to download it is a better idea if you own a business to give it a more polished appearance. The cheapest price plan for Biteable costs $15 per month.

9. Pexels: Excellent Stock Photos for Covers

You can use high-quality, high-resolution photos and videos on Pexels, a fantastic stock photography website, for free. It’s nice to have a resource that is free of charge since stock photographs typically have a cost.

You may conduct a search on the website using whatever term you desire, and you’ll probably find a ton of options that will look amazing as your Facebook cover. Alternatively, you may use the site’s search function to see results that have been annotated with the term “Facebook cover.”

10. Pic Scatter

If you want a collage of photographs for your cover picture, Pic Scatter is the perfect solution. The feature that allows you to select pictures from a certain album of your and your friends’ photos is what I appreciate best about Pic Scatter.

What do you have to say about such a cover image?

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You may have a more eye-catching Facebook profile page and cover photo than ever before by using these websites and apps. And keep in mind that you can frequently update your profile picture and cover photo to keep things interesting.

It’s time to step up your Facebook game in other ways now that you can be sure to make a good first impression. 

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