The 10 Best Timer Apps for Android

A timer seems like it should be a fairly straightforward tool. You set a timer, which counts down and notifies you when it expires. But many things have been modified, improved, and evolved into simple timers by humans. Timer devices are available for productivity, various forms of exercise, and a variety of other activities.

Timer Apps

Of course, the majority of people continue to use them for appliances like washing machines and kitchens. There is an app out there that meets your demands. The top timer applications for Android are listed below.

Of course, if all you need is a quick and simple timer, don’t forget that you can ask Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa, or Siri for one. A timer feature is also included in the majority of smart fitness bands.

Android’s top ten timer apps are shown below

We’ll list some of the top timer applications for Android in this article. You may utilize timer applications for a variety of things with these apps. So let’s look at the top Android timer apps.

1. Focusmeter

A productivity tool called Focusmeter serves as a timer. Two timers can be set. First, set a timer for a period of time during which you are as productive as you can, and then set a second timer to record your break. People who use it swear by it; it is referred to as The Pomodoro Technique. Regarding timers, this one functions fairly well. Configuring and using it is not too difficult. Utilizing the built-in calendar, you can also monitor your productivity.

Another feature is the ability to export your data in case you need to switch to another device. Other features include a light and dark mode, and a tag system to keep track of your timers, and a tag system. In spite of the $2.99–$11.99 pricing range listed on the Play Store, I was unable to locate a place to purchase a pro version.

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2. Google Clock

The vast majority of clock applications work fantastically as timers. The reigning clock app is Google Clock, in a sense. A timer, a stopwatch, and alarms are just a few of the options available. Since you may set several timers, Google Clock is a favorite of ours for this list.

This works well if you need to set a timer for tasks like cooking several things at once. One of the few timer apps on the list that supports Wear OS is this, which also works with Wear OS. There are no commercials or in-app purchases, and it is also totally free.

3. Kitchen Timer

The selection for this list, Kitchen Timer, is a little bit of a gem in the rough. Although the features are mostly for culinary usage, it functions as a timer. To help you remember what each timer is tracking, you can name them and set up several timers.

You may therefore identify each timer so that you know which one is which if you are preparing mozzarella sticks and garlic bread. The user interface is sufficiently tidy. In case the meal isn’t sufficiently cooked by the time the timer reaches zero, there are buttons to add minutes to the timer.

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4. Sand Timer

Something a little more enjoyable is Sand Timer. It performs similarly to a multi-timer app. Hourglass timers of various colors, however, are the timers. Sincerely speaking, this game’s only truly distinctive characteristic is its user interface.

However, it creates a good atmosphere for activities like board games or if you want to time the kids when they are doing their homework or right before bed. You can flip your phone around and have the sand fall to the other end because it uses the accelerometer. That was kind of cool, in our opinion. If you really want to, you can set this one for as long as 83 days, which is a rather arbitrary number.

5. Goodtime Minimalist Pomodoro Timer

You can use Goodtime as a standard timer in addition to being another Pomodoro timer. A lot of good points are made by the app. It boasts no tracking or data collecting, is open-source, and has no advertisements.

43 languages are supported by the free version, which also supports Wear OS and has a timer that can be customized to some extent and is AMOLED-friendly. In contrast, the pro edition includes colored labels, CSV export, more themes, a screensaver mode, and a few more perks. In terms of Pomodoros, it’s a good choice.

6. Interval Timer

Another straightforward timer tool is Interval Timer. This one is especially helpful for physical activity. Each exercise period can have a timer set so you can effortlessly transition from one to the next. The program has a simple user interface that is simple to read while in use.

The core app functions adequately. But after you figure out how the presets work, it truly takes this one to another level of great. It’s great software for manual exercises, and the premium edition is reasonably priced.

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7. Multi-Timer StopWatch

Several Timers For multitaskers, StopWatch is fantastic. Multiple timers can be set at once. The timer can be used for almost anything and will function because there are no features designed specifically for things like the kitchen. Each timer can also have its own alarm tone assigned to it, or you can utilize text-to-speech on your phone to hear which timer went off.

Finally, in case you need them, the software keeps a copy of your stopwatch records. Although it doesn’t truly bring any new features, the pro version does remove adverts and contribute to ongoing development.

8. Visual Timer

Like all of these other timer apps, Visual Timer is one as well. This one, though, makes use of graphics to demonstrate the passage of time and how much time is still left. This makes it easier to use quickly, which is helpful for work or exercise. Presets in the app allow you to create plans for a variety of activities.

Additionally, most people shouldn’t have any trouble using it due to the good UI. Those with more complex demands might need to search elsewhere because it’s a little too simple. Some small issues were also reported by a few users, but nothing too serious.

9. Timebox Timer

Yet another timer software with a simple user interface is Timebox Timer. Whenever you need timers, the idea behind this one is to start them as soon as you can. The device has a simple but effective user interface, two hours of support, and Google Assistant integration. If you require a comprehensive solution, it also functions nicely as a Pomodoro timer. With this one, we would have preferred multi-timer support, but even without it, it is still a useful fix.

10. Stopwatch Timer Original

A simple and light timer app called Stopwatch Timer Original. The stopwatch and timer functions are both quite basic. To switch between the two, you simply swipe back and forth. The timer function works well and is not unduly difficult. You choose whether the timer repeats automatically after each countdown once you set the timer and press start.

This works well as a very basic workout timer or for straightforward applications like making simple meals. It is on this list because it functions extremely effectively and is very simple to use.

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You may have noticed by now that there are numerous timer applications on the Play Store that can cater to any particular demand you may have. The apps on the above list do provide the best range of features in their specialized fields, and the majority of them are also completely free.

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