The 10 Best Workout and Fitness App

A decent fitness app can help you push further, lift more weight, and improve your diet—like it’s having a personal trainer in your pocket. But deciding which of the many available apps can assist you in achieving your objectives can be difficult in and of itself. We’ve hand-picked some of the top fitness apps to use in 2022 to make your training regimen easier.

Fitness Apps

There is an app made just for your preferred style of exercise, whether you’re looking for one that will provide you strength training with the greatest home gym equipment, running workouts on the best treadmills, or cycling workouts on the best exercise bikes. Some of them will be totally free to use, while others will cost you a monthly subscription fee.

We clicked “download” and unfolded our exercise mats to test some of the most well-liked workout applications available so that you could discover which is the greatest workout app for you. These are the top exercise apps available right now, according to hours of testing.

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How to choose the best fitness app

How do you choose a workout app when there are so many available? Before downloading, take into account the following:

  • Reliable teachers. We advise selecting an app with workouts designed or conducted by experienced fitness experts for the sake of safety and optimum outcomes.
  • Aims for fitness. Do you want to run more quickly or gain strength? Or maybe you’re interested in shedding weight or becoming more flexible. Make careful to choose an app that meets your demands for fitness, whatever your motivation may be.
  • Budget. The majority of apps demand a monthly subscription fee, however, others are completely free. All of the apps on our list, thankfully, provide a free trial period, allowing you to test out a few classes before committing fully.
  • Required equipment Most applications offer classes that call for specific tools, like yoga blocks, kettlebells, or dumbbells. Look for an app with classes that are compatible with your current home gym setup unless you want to invest in new gym equipment.
  • User opinions. Reading what other users have to say can be helpful information as you choose whether a fitness app is an appropriate fit for you, even though reviews should always be taken with a grain of salt.

It’s okay to test out a few fitness apps before choosing one; the most crucial thing is that it aids in your goal-achieving in a secure and efficient manner.

The top fitness apps available today

1. Fitbit Coach

Fitness App

The Fitbit Coach app offers expertly selected workout videos that can be combined to create one-of-a-kind workout routines. The programs on Fitbit Coach adapt to your fitness level, which is determined by the input you give after each workout, setting it apart from similar apps. The exercises become harder as you gain fitter.

The Fitbit Coach app is accessible for desktop PCs, iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices, so you don’t need a Fitbit gadget to use it. Create an account on Fitbit Coach, select your trainer, take the Fit Test, and then choose your program. For a more engaging workout, stream your Fitbit Coach routines to your TV.

Access to one personalized program and specific audio and video workouts are available to basic Fitbit Coach subscribers. Additional programs, unrestricted workouts, and extra features are made available with Fitbit Coach Premium memberships. Costs for premium subscriptions are $9.99 per month or $79.99 annually.

Consider what is offered in the free edition before deciding whether you want to keep using this fantastic tool.

  • Excellent for people of all fitness levels, from novice to experienced.
  • Connects to your Fitbit account and logs every workout automatically.
  • Available on the PC or as an app.
  • Adjust the music, coaching, and rep ticks to your liking.
  • Earn badges for your accomplishments and development.
  • For the best content, a Premium subscription is required.
  • Only in certain areas and only in English is Fitbit Premium accessible.

2. Nike Training Club

Fitness App

Nike Training Club includes free workouts for bodyweight-only sessions, yoga courses, tailored training programs, full-equipment home workouts, cardio, boxing, endurance, and more, for all fitness levels. All Nike members now have free access to the NTC Premium edition, which includes class-style exercises, plans, and professional advice on nutrition, sleep, and other topics.

On-demand classes let you choose between a streamed studio setting or a whiteboard workout that is suitable for the gym. Every month, new exercises are released. More than 185 free workouts are available during sessions that last between 15 and 60 minutes.

Apple Watch, iOS, and Android devices may all access Nike Training Club.

  • Free to use
  • Wide selection of workouts
  • Multiple filters, including muscle group, equipment available, and duration
  • Warmups and cooldowns included
  • Takes up a decent amount of storage space on your phone
  • Can’t play your own music while streaming classes
  • Quick transitions and fast-paced moves may be difficult for beginners


Fitness App

An all-in-one fitness app geared toward women called SWEAT was created to encourage and inspire people to exercise, eat differently, and feel better about themselves. Five top trainers offer a variety of routines, including those for post-pregnancy fitness, muscle sculpting, high-intensity strength training, heavy lifting, and yoga.

The SWEAT Forum is a fantastic tool that helps to build a network of loving women who share many of the same objectives and challenges in life.

SWEAT includes HealthKit integration and is available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and other mobile devices.

The annual membership fee is $119.94 or $19.99 each month.

  • A lot of different training content.
  • Integration between Apple Watch and Apple HealthKit.
  • includes shopping lists, meal plans, and recipes.
  • Users can connect and help one another through SWEAT Forum.
  • Blog posts provide valuable, cost-free exercise advice.
  • Top female trainers, with a focus on women.
  • Costs for subscriptions are high.

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4. Zova

Fitness App

The trendy fitness software Zova provides both audio and video workouts as well as tracking for runs and walks. Choose your workouts based on their strength, cardio, or flexibility, and take advantage of a choice of unique programs led by influential people and celebrities.

The Zova ZX5 workout program excels if you have an Apple Watch since it uses heart rate training to maximize calorie burn during exercises like Body Burner, Strength and Sculpt, and Cardio Sweat. You won’t get bored because there are three new routines added each week.

Users of iOS devices without an Apple Watch have access to more than 500 stretching and exercise routines, as well as motivational speeches like “Progress Not Perfection” and health and fitness courses like “Build Unbreakable Healthy Habits.”

With your Apple ID, try Zova for a week at no cost; thereafter, a yearly subscription is $59.99.

  • A comprehensive fitness app with run/walk tracking and guided routines.
  • Your heart rate is monitored when exercising with Apple Watch support.
  • Only accessible through Apple TV, Apple Watch, and iOS devices.
  • Not cheap.

5. Adidas Running by Runtastic and Adidas Training by Runtastic

Fitness App

The companion applications Adidas Running by Runtastic and Adidas Training by Runtastic concentrate on fitness and motivation. Your mileage, time, speed, elevation, calories burnt, and other statistics are tracked by the free Adidas Running app. Create a group to run with friends, or sign up for one of the many Adidas Runners groups to participate in events across the world.

Short, efficient workouts are the main focus of Adidas Training by Runtastic. Create a customized workout by choosing the muscles you want to work, then join challenges, assess your performance against others, and discover new ways to challenge yourself.

All premium features, including six training plans, are unlocked by the Premium Membership in Adidas Training and Adidas Running. The price is $9.99 monthly or $49.99 annually.

Note: Runtastic’s fitness app collection was no longer supported when Adidas bought the company (Push-Ups, Squats, Sit-Ups, and Pull-Ups). Instead, the Adidas Training by Runtastic app now includes routines from various disciplines.

  • A comprehensive fitness regimen is produced via companion apps.
  • Features in the community foster support.
  • Both apps’ premium memberships grant access to new workouts, plans, and features.
  • Motivation is the main focus.
  • Requires watchOS 4.0 or later and iOS 12.0 or later.

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 6. FitStar Yoga

Fitness App

FitStar Yoga is one of the greatest yoga apps available for the iPhone. Similar to Fitbit Coach, FitStar Yoga generates personalized workouts that change depending on your fitness level. The fantastic design of the app allows for a smooth change from one yoga stance to the next.

Upgrade to a Premium membership to have access to additional features including HD video, a range of new workouts released every month, and special, personalized sessions for weight loss and flexibility. Costs for a Premium subscription are $7.99 per month or $39.99 annually.

There is only an iOS version of FitStar Yoga.

  • Compared to competing yoga applications, the production value is extraordinarily high.
  • Numerous free yoga courses are offered.
  • Great for both novices and experienced.
  • The majority of instructors and models are female, which could put off male users.
  • Fitbit Coach, which essentially employs the same account setup as FitStar Yoga, does not grant access to Premium.

7. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

Fitness App

This complete wellness app, which provides mix-and-match video workouts, is led by celebrity personal trainer Jillian Michaels. The seven-minute workout is available in the free version. More than 800 fitness routines, the ability to stream workout DVDs from Jillian’s collection, a personalized meal planner, and other features are available when upgrading to the Premium plan.

A year of premium membership costs $89.99, or $9.99 per month. For seven days, the Premium version is free to try. For iOS and Android, Jillian Michaels’ My Fitness is accessible.

  • A workout session tailored to a particular body part is created by Workout Generator.
  • Meal plans offer options for pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, and gluten-free customers.
  • If you’re not a fan of Jillian Michaels, this app isn’t for you because she hosts each session on it.

8. Zombies, Run!

Fitness App

A well-known running app for iOS and Android called Zombies, Run! transforms a routine run into a post-apocalyptic survival audio experience. You are a runner in this fitness game making your way to one of humanity’s final outposts. To gather supplies, save survivors, and protect their homes, they need your assistance.

While being pursued by zombies, complete objectives and gather materials to help restore your village. As you keep track of your runs and communicate your progress, use interval training to build missions.

This entertaining training game is special and useful. A weekly bonus mission is unlocked by completing the first four missions for free. You can upgrade to gain access to more than 400 story missions, Interval Training, and AirDrop Mode. The cost of a subscription is $5.99 per month or $34.99 annually.

  • You must move more quickly since a pack of zombies is after you.
  • A compelling plot develops with each run.
  • With Apple Health syncs.
  • Battery life can be reduced by persistent background GPS use.

9. Fitbit

Fitness App

Data from a Fitbit tracker can only be synced using the official Fitbit app. It’s a reliable way to keep track of general workouts, and meals, and to stay motivated with pals. For those who want to test out activity tracking before spending money on a Fitbit wearable, the app converts a smart device into a Fitbit tracker for free.

Use the Fitbit app to track your physical activity as well as your workouts, such as gym or pool sessions. The free app is feature-rich and includes features for stress management, diet, sleep tracking, audio and video exercises, and more. The Premium version unlocks habit-forming programming, extra audio and video workouts, and advanced insights. The yearly price is $79.99, and the monthly price is $9.99.

  • Does not require a Fitbit wearable to track steps.
  • Due to the popularity of the brand and its Facebook connectedness, leaderboards are typically filled with friends.
  • Keeps track of all your activities and workouts.
  • Device notifications may get excessive.

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10. Runkeeper

Fitness App

Runkeeper is a popular running app for both beginners and expert runners. Get a comprehensive picture of your training in real-time by engaging in any activity, such as walking, running, or hiking. Additionally, the app motivates you to exercise more frequently. It is among the finest at tracking your route and offers training schedules to increase your speed and stamina.

To keep motivated, set goals, adhere to customized routines, participate in challenges, and track your advancement. Upgrade to Runkeeper Go, the premium version, to receive personalized encouragement and in-depth information about your past and progress.

A membership in Runkeeper Go costs $9.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

  • Connects to other fitness apps without a hitch.
  • Integration of iTunes and Spotify.
  • The exercise comparison tool keeps you informed.
  • Need the Premium version for a few rudimentary features.


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