The 5 Best Websites for Finding Guitar Chords for Songs

Guitar playing is a great method to unwind and reduce stress. The sheer amount of tunes you can play on the guitar using only a few chords is one of its best features. Now all you require is a reliable website that contains all the guitar chords and song lyrics of your favorites.

You’re in luck since there are tons of great selections on the internet.

We’ve compiled a list of the top websites where you can get free guitar chords and the words to all the most well-known songs. Let’s begin the game.

1. Ultimate Guitar: The Broadest Available Song Library


The large guitar community that contributes chords and tabs to the website for Ultimate Guitar is beneficial. You can also rehearse with a variety of music versions that you can locate.

Use the track name or artist to find tracks, or use the chord button in the search field to look for specific chords. By searching the chords you already know, it will be quite simple to find songs you can play if you are a beginner guitarist.

The guitar chords and tabs can be rated by users on a five-point scale, indicating which is the best. Additionally, join Ultimate Guitar Pro to gain access to expert, always accurate guitar chords and lyrics.

Additionally, music news, reviews, articles, and interviews are included on Ultimate Guitar. To start studying some classics, check out the most well-liked guitar chords and tabs from the last few years, or browse through the top 100 tabs ever created.

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Guitar Chords for “You and I” on Ultimate Guitar

Let me give you an illustration of how to locate guitar chords and lyrics on Ultimate Guitar. Search for the song you wish to learn to start. In this instance, we looked up One Direction’s song “You and I.”

Use the Chords button to narrow down your search results, then sort them by High rated. If your music has many versions, start with the one that has the best ratings.

You should see a combination of lyrics, guitar chords, and tabs when you select the desired version. In some cases, the song’s playing instructions are also included. There was a link to a YouTube performance in the “You and I” version that we selected.

Each chord name has a diagram with instructions when your cursor is over it. You can also use the arrow button to view different finger placements while hearing how it should sound. If you wish to sing along, change the song’s key to one that feels natural to you.

At the bottom of the screen, there is an Auto-scroll button that you should click when you are ready to start.

2. Chordify: Play Along With the Recording


Even when you don’t really understand a song’s progression, there are occasions when you still want to learn it. Chordify is ideal in those circumstances. This website has a very simple user interface and big chord diagrams that dynamically update as the music plays.

Grab your instrument and press the play button. In the corner, Chordify loads a YouTube video before beginning to play the actual recording. When it’s time to switch to the next chord, the display in the middle of the screen indicates a square box for each bar.

If anything, everything is a little bit too straightforward. Even if the song calls for alternate chord fingerings, there is no information on strumming patterns, and Chordify doesn’t provide them. Additionally, there are no lyrics. But it’s a terrific place to start.

Additionally, if you subscribe on a monthly basis, you may access features that let you alter the song’s pace, volume, and pitch as you play along.

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Guitar Chords for “Can’t You See” on Chordify

Let’s look up the guitar chords for the Marshall Tucker Band song “Can’t You See.”

Then, select the music from the list of results after searching for the song or artist you wish to play. Each song only has one rendition, which is a wonderful, straightforward feature. However, not every song has been “Chordified,” so you might not be able to follow along.

Look at the chords for the song on the following screen. Clicking the Play button causes Chordify to begin playing the song over YouTube while scrolling through the chords in time once you are comfortable with them.

3. Songsterr: Clean Chords or Interactive Tabs


The Songsterr website comes in two different versions. An interactive player with tabs for more than 500,000 songs is a feature of the more recent edition. Even some of the songs on this list let you select from a variety of instrument sections.

However, rather than tabs, click the icon to go to Old Songsterr if you’re seeking guitar chords and lyrics to well-known songs. Enter the artist or song title you’re looking for here, then click the song you wish to learn from the list of results.

Each song on Songsterr has one of three icons to indicate the available options:

  • A Flash Player-based interactive tab is identified by the Play button.
  • The T denotes a tab that has been printed out in text, which is frequently more difficult to read.
  • Additionally, the song with lyrics and chords icon displays songs.

When you click the chord icon, a simple interface with all the chords you need to know on the right and lyrics running down the page will appear. To view alternate fingerings, click each chord.

We’ll use The Cars’ “Just What I Needed” as our example in this case. Search for a song using the old Songsterr website, then when the results appear, click the Chord icon next to the song.

Spend a moment becoming acquainted with the song’s chords. Click each one to find other fingerings if necessary. When you’re ready, play the song by paying attention to the lyrics and altering the chord as needed.

Songsterr doesn’t have an auto-scroll feature, a backing track, or any strumming patterns. So you must be familiar with the song’s structure. Find the best audio interface if you want to record yourself and listen to your performance later.

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4. Chordie: Find Songs By Searching For Chords Or Lyrics


You can perform a search at Chordie to find the song’s title, performer, lyrics, or chords. Although it doesn’t have as many free guitar chords as Ultimate Guitar, Chordie has a really nice interface and shows chords and lyrics.

Chordie is made up of a distinct group of musicians who volunteer their time to post the lyrics and guitar chords to various tunes. With Chordie, you don’t have to go through five subpar renditions of each song because there is just one available.

The chords you require are visible in the top-right corner of a song when you open it on Chordie. Every time you forget how to play an F chord, you don’t need to open a guitar book; just scroll to the top of the page.

Additionally, Chordie provides you with easy-to-use tools that let you change the text size, transpose the song to a new key, modify the chords according to where your capo is located, and auto-scroll while you play. A tab section for significant riffs is also included in the straightforward UI.

Guitar Chords for “This Is It” on Chordie

Play Ryan Adams’ song “This Is It” now. Simply search for any of the lyrics you can recall from a song if you are unable to recall the song’s name. To discover our music, we googled “She kisses as she sleeps.”

Learn the guitar chords for the song you choose by selecting it from the search results. Spend a moment learning any musical elements that have been tabbed out. After then, transpose using the tools to a key that is simple for you to sing in.

When you’re ready to start playing, click the auto-scroll button and select a speed.

5. E-Chords: A Simple Interface With Lots of Tools


The E-Chords homepage includes highlighted blogs, new tabs, tutorials, and video lectures. To locate the free guitar chords you need, perform a search for songs, musicians, or lyrics. Then, when you open them, a blank page with numerous practical tools running down the left side will appear.

By selecting simplified chords, altering the color of links, and even clicking and dragging chords to the location you like next to the lyrics, you may change how the songs appear. To see a chord’s playing instructions, move your mouse over its name above the lyrics.

It is simple to understand the structure of a song with only a fast glance because of the separation of the verses and choruses. Spend a moment there to memorize the song before you begin because all the chords you require are posted at the bottom of the page.

Guitar Chords for “The Greatest Show” on E-Chords

Let’s look up the chords for “The Greatest Show” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. Start by searching for the song’s title or any of its lyrics. Then click and drag your cursor over the instrument icons in the search results to see if the song has guitar chords.

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From the bottom of the page, click the song to begin learning the chords. Simply hover over the chord name once more to see a chord diagram if you ever forget one. Even better, you may show diagrams next to specific lyrics while you play along by pinning them there.

Set your preferred scroll speed, text size, color, and chord simplicity with the tools on the left side of the screen.

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