The Best 10 Apps For Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants must continue to be effective when operating remotely. Fortunately, there are many apps available to help.

Being a virtual assistant can be challenging, especially if you have to perform various or comparable jobs for many clients. Additionally, since you work remotely, you must automate the majority of your tasks by utilizing software solutions to improve productivity.

This article lists 10 key tools and applications that any virtual assistant needs to have. Your workflow will be streamlined and improved by these technologies, whether you are a beginning or experienced virtual assistant. But let’s briefly discuss the idea of virtual aid before we disclose them.

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1. Slack

virtual assistant app

As a virtual assistant, maintaining effective contact with your clients is crucial, and Slack does a good job at it. When working on a project, it is one of the best instant messaging platforms for remote teams because it enables real-time communication with clients and team members.

Using “channels,” you can differentiate between projects and restrict access to them to those who are allowed. Slack also features a fun custom emoji function and an in-app call feature for chats that are more casual. With one or more people, you can also share different files, such as audio and image files.

2. Canva

virtual assistant app

Typically, as a virtual assistant, graphic design would be one of your administrative duties. It would therefore be ideal to have a design tool. Your go-to app for all things design and infographics is Canva. It may be used to create cards, flyers, carousel postings, social network banners, and more.

The free Canva fonts, templates, pictures, and other design elements allow you to experiment and produce great projects.

3. Hootsuite

virtual assistant app

With the help of the social media management app Hootsuite, you may manage various social media accounts without having to open additional tabs. It works with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

You may efficiently manage the audience of your clients by creating, editing, formatting, and scheduling material for each platform, as well as by checking insights. Even while the free edition is excellent, the premium version allows you access to more in-depth capabilities, particularly if your clientele is picky.

4. Google Workspace

virtual assistant app

G-Suite, often known as Google Workspace, is an assortment of distinct software products with various capabilities and styles of operation. As a virtual assistant, you will only require roughly eight of these tools. They consist of:

You can create, edit, and format text documents using Google Docs.

Google Mail: This is a fantastic tool for email marketing and messaging.

Google Slides: This is a free presentation tool that can handle all of your requirements.

Sheets: This resource can be used for budgeting and data entry.

Google Meet: This is fantastic for video conferences and keeping in touch with your customers.

Google Calendar: Aids in project scheduling and progress tracking.

Google Forms: This allows you to conduct surveys and receive immediate feedback.

Google Drive:  For files pertaining to your personal and professional life, this is one of the more affordable cloud storage options.

5. Calendly

virtual assistant app

Calendly is a tool for managing event schedules. It is insufficient for use as a standalone calendar, though. To automate and streamline your meetings, you must incorporate a calendar program into the app, such as Google Calendar or iCloud Calendar. Additionally, it contains ready-to-use time slots that are 15, 30, and 60 minutes long.

Your attendees can indicate their availability on the calendar, and you can organize a meeting for a variety of days and times. Regardless of the time slots, but within the date range you offer, guests can still select a specific open time.

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6. Asana



You can easily collaborate and manage projects with Asana. If you collaborate with a team, you can invite team members to your Asana workspace so you can keep tabs on their work. To add reminders for activities and events, you may also link Google Calendar and Google Drive into this program.

Additionally, Asana allows you to add attachments as needed and use color coding to distinguish between different projects or pieces of information. For instance, you can use red to denote projects with a high priority, yellow for current initiatives, blue for projects that are being reviewed, and green for projects that have been finished.

7. Ontraport

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Another CRM and marketing platform is Ontraport, which enables you to manage all of your client’s business operations through a single interface. In other words, you may utilize Ontraport to manage customer interactions while also introducing products to a client’s target demographic.

For business optimization, you can automate marketing campaigns, establish sales funnels, and import and export contacts. In addition, beginners may find the UI confusing. Nevertheless, with a little practice, you can overcome it. Additionally, a web-based platform and mobile application are accessible.

8. Grammarly

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Using this tool will enable you to fulfill your obligation as a virtual assistant to constantly stay on top of your content game. Grammarly is a comprehensive online editing tool that checks writing for grammar mistakes, verbosity, spelling mistakes, punctuation issues, plagiarism, and quality of delivery.

The platform makes use of artificial intelligence to make certain that your work is nearly error-free and understandable. You can determine the audience your content is most appropriate for as well as whether it is engaging. The free version has restrictions, so if you want to use all the interesting features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

Additionally, you can save your documents and return them as needed.

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9. TimeDoctor

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One of the most important skills a virtual assistant should have is time management. Even so, you still require a tool to keep you on task, particularly if you are paid by the hour. You may monitor your work and leisure activities with TimeDoctor, and you can view your daily successes. Reports on the time spent on each project and task are produced.

You can control distractions with the aid of TimeDoctor. It keeps track of how long you spend using apps and the web while working. Additionally, it alerts you with a pop when you go over the allotted time. When your PC is left idle for a period of time longer than typical during working hours, it also alerts you. However, if necessary, you can manually change the time.

10. MailChimp

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You may manage and communicate with the audiences and clients of your clients using MailChimp. Using MailChimp, you can use newsletters or ad campaigns to introduce your clients’ new goods and services to their clientele or target market.

You can send mass emails using the service, segment your newsletters, and evaluate the effectiveness of individual advertising campaigns. Additionally, you may combine the platform with additional tools like Shopify and Stripe.


Since the market for virtual assistance is expanding quickly, we might anticipate a good saturation level soon. To stay relevant in the market, it is crucial to acquire core virtual assistant abilities. You will, however, stand out in your job if you combine the resources we’ve listed with your skill set.

Finally, before you start looking for tools if you are new to the field, you need to learn how to work as a virtual assistant. You can avoid long-term abuse of these instruments by consuming fundamental knowledge about the job path.

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