How To Choose The Eyeliner That Matches Your Eye Color Best



Even though black eyeliner is unquestionably a big beauty necessity for any woman, you should also use other colors. Although the deep inky hue is ideal for highlighting eyes and giving them a fierce feline flick, it lacks the depth and sparkle that colored eyeliners have.

Although green, blue, purple, grey, and brown eyeliners may initially seem a little frightening, they have the ability to completely transform your eyes, going well beyond just a tired black rim. Your natural eye color can be defined, brightened, intensified, or even changed by the use of certain hues. All you have to do to make your eyes sparkle with new life is pick the perfect color for them.

How do you pick the best eyeliner for the color of your eyes?

Although black eyeliner is the most generally pleasing option for women, colored liners are also attractive, and various hues work with various eye colors. Colors like orange, copper, and gold, as well as emerald and blue eyeliners, will look great if you want to highlight your blue eyes.

Purple eyeliner looks fantastic on green eyes. Choose hues like violet, aubergine, plum, and amethyst. The hues brown and amber go best with brown eyes, although midnight blue, green, grey, and purple can also make your eyes stand out.

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1. Eyeliner for Blue Eyes


When lined in complementary, rich, warm colors, blue eyes pop. Copper and gold, which both have orange overtones, will contrast to make blue eyes appear even more lively. The gold flashes in the iris of blue eyes are picked up by these warm metallic tones, which really brings them to life.

Dot the pencil in the inner corners of the eyes and keep it near to the lashline to line blue eyes with metallics. Other warm hues that complement blue eyes well are terracotta, warm brown, and champagne (which will lighten blue eyes).

Simply use warm colors in the inner corners of your eyes and then add a black liner to the lids if you find that warm colors aren’t having the desired effect on your eyes.

On the other hand, cool hues and jewel tones like navy and emerald will make a stunning impression on blue eyes. When you want your blue eyes to appear to be a deeper shade, use navy, and when you want to draw attention to any concealed golden specks, use emerald.

2. Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

eyeliner eye color

Although they are easiest to match with brown eyeliner, brown eyes have the good fortune to look fantastic with almost all eyeliner hues. For a delicate and lovely beauty appearance, use shades of brown that are “earthy” and go well with your eye color. Instead of using black to line your waterline, use these for a softer-feeling contour definition.

Additionally, warm amber hues will enhance the appearance of your eyes and give your face a golden glow. Contrasting hues will make your eyes appear lighter and brighter while browns will make them appear richer. Your eyes’ lighter brown and golden specks will be highlighted with eyeliners in colors like midnight blue, cobalt, dramatic purple, emerald green, grey, and cool charcoal. Your eyes will stand out great thanks to the contrasting color.

However, if you’re hesitant to use these more striking hues, try limiting your eyeliner application to the waterlines for a softer look. Dark blue shades can be used to achieve a gentler version with the same definition as black eyeliner. However, if you want to add a unique twist, try your go-to cat-eye look with a navy blue pencil rather than a black one if you feel secure.

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3. Eyeliner for Green Eyes


On the color wheel, green and red are in contrast to one another, making them complementary colors that go well together. This rule of color suggests that red-based eyeliner enhances green eyes, making them appear more vivid. To accentuate your green eyes, use brown or golden eyeliner with a red base. For women with green eyes, burgundy and mahogany are excellent brown eyeliners.

These eye-catching hues can help define your eyes while preventing the flattening effect that black eyeliner frequently has on light eyes. Before applying red-based eyeshadow to your lash line, line the lid with black to prevent the color from making your eyes appear reddish and fatigued.

Purple-based colors are a superb alternative to red-based tones for green eyes. For green eyes, purple eyeliner in shades like amethyst, aubergine, plum, and violet will look best. Their earthy green tone will be highlighted by the unusual color contrast, giving them a feminine and charming appearance.

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4. Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

eyeline eye color

Different eyeliner colors will alter the natural appearance of hazel eyes in various ways because they have a mixture of brown and green tones. You can choose which color you want to emphasize in your eyes by selecting the eyeliner you use.

Hazel eyes have a green undertone that green eyeliners in shades like emerald and olive, as well as plum, eggplant, and steely grey, will highlight. On the other side, brown eyeliners, like cocoa, will accentuate the natural brown tone of hazel eyes. Hazel eyes’ brown undertone can also be emphasized by using warm browns and golden metallic eyeliner, such as bronze and copper eyeliner, which will also give them a yellow-gold sheen.

Line the lids of your hazel eyes with either a deep green or brown eyeliner for a beautiful evening appearance. Then add more radiance by adding gold eyeliner in the middle of your lids and the corners of your eyes.

An alternative is to line your waterline with a cappuccino-brown kohl pencil and use a gold liquid liner on your upper lid. Your eyes will glitter as a result of the combination, which also brings out their stunning multicolor appearance.

5. Eyeliner for Grey Eyes


Use eyeliner to highlight your distinctive eye color if you are one of the select few people with grey eyes. Cool grey eyes look fantastic when coupled with rich, warm eyeliner hues, just like blue eyes do. When used on the lash and water lines of grey eyes, warm browns and vibrant burgundy tones will have a particularly attractive appeal.

The warmth in your eyes will be highlighted by shades like these, giving them a richer appearance than usual. Try a pearly white or silver liner, though, if you want to highlight your smokey eyes rather than modify them. These eyeliners will draw attention to the distinctive hue of your eyes and give them a lighter-than-normal grey appearance.

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What kind of eyeliner is perfect?

The greatest product for beginners is pencil eyeliner because it is the simplest to use. They are very simple to mix and smudge, and they produce a more natural look. If you want to look more furious, the liquid liner might be fantastic because of its dramatic effect.

What type of eyeliner is best for my eye shape?

Utilizing the space on the lid and applying eyeliner to the upper lash line will work best for almond eye shapes. For eyes that are round, you want to lengthen the shape, which can be done with a winged look or liner that flicks up at the edges.

Eyeliner can be applied inside and on top of the eye rim if you have large eyes, but people with smaller eyes should avoid doing so because it might make their eyes appear even smaller. Use eyeliner underneath your lashes instead to widen them.

How do you choose the eyeliner that’s best for you?

Your eye color will determine the best eyeliner tint for you, and choosing hues that go well with your eyes can make them stand out dramatically. Your choice of eyeliner depends on your eye shape. It’s also important to keep in mind that applying liner solely on the top lid might make you look younger, whilst putting liner on the bottom rim can make you look more dramatic or give you a purpose.

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