The Top 10 Best GMT Watches for 2023

A GMT watch is a necessity in your collection if you are a busy man who is constantly on the run. Being able to simultaneously show two separate timezones is what distinguishes a GMT watch from other watches. These watches are handy and cutting-edge, offering a variety of practical features in chic packaging.

The Top 10 Best GMT Watches for 2022

They are therefore ideal for all types of wearers, including office workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and pretty much everyone in between. In light of this, you must pick one of these fashionable GMT designs if you’re shopping for a new timepiece.

What is a GMT watch?

You may view the time in several time zones at once with a GMT watch. It includes conventional hands that you may move to fit your position, and the hour hand rotates once every twelve hours. The second-hour hand then turns over a 24-hour period and indicates Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The GMT hand will often point to the 24-hour time scale, and the majority of designs will feature both 12- and 24-hour markers on the dial.

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How to Read a GMT watch?

Your bezel will display the local time when it is set to 12 o’clock, much like the Rolex GMT Master does. When the GMT hand is positioned halfway between 18 and 19, it will indicate the 24-hour format, indicating that the time is 18:30, or 6:30 pm. The GMT hand will point to the next zone’s time when the bezel is advanced or retracted to the second time zone.

For instance, if local time is 3 p.m. and your second time zone is two hours ahead, sliding the bezel forward two positions will cause the GMT hand to point to the number 17 on the bezel, indicating that it is 5 p.m. in the second time zone. Naturally, the design and time setting of GMT watches might differ, so always check the manual.

Which Watches Were The Original GMTs?

Everyone believes that Rolex created this method of timekeeping in 1954 with the iconic GMT Master “Pepsi.” However, the Glycine Airman watch, which is very different and less well-known, is the one that actually introduced this timekeeping mechanism in 1953.

The Top 10 Best GMT Watches for 2022

The Airman stands apart from other watches because its dial is divided into 24 hours rather than the more common 12 hours. The watch contains an exterior bezel that can be spun and set to a certain period to reference local time, taking into account timezones, and making it possible to tell whether it is day or night. The watch may display two time zones at once in this way.

The method used in the Rolex GMT Master is more sophisticated: the watch contains a second hour hand that is calibrated to run on 24 hours rather than 12, marking the time in reference to an exterior rotating bezel, while the hour hand continues to tell the time as usual – in a 12 hours reference. These days, this latter method is used to keep the time by the majority of GMT watches. Even after over 70 years, the Glycine Airman is still being made with its interesting design that is so unusual.

The Best GMT Watches For 2022

In any event, it is almost impossible to say which watch of this sort is the greatest in terms of absolute quality. The only way to describe it is to evaluate the best watch with this complication, or at the absolute least, a watch we think is remarkable and has these features targeted at a certain market. Because of this, we have compiled a list of GMT watches that includes timepieces from well-known brands and micro brands. Among them, you should be able to find one that suits your requirements.

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1. Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT – Best GMT watch under $1,000

Christopher Ward is a British Maison that has recently gained recognition for its excellent-quality and reasonably priced creations. We would like to comment on the Christopher Ward C63 Sealander GMT, a watch that is suitable for adventure and can be worn on nearly any wrist thanks to its modest size (just 39 mm in diameter).

It features a Sellita SW300 caliber movement with an astonishing 56 hours of power reserve, an arrow-shaped GMT hand, a nice retro design, and 150 meters of water resistance. Although it has a $1,050 list price, you can frequently find it for three figures.

2. Davosa Ternos GMT “Batman” – Best GMT watch under $2,000

The Swiss company’s homage to the well-known House of the Crown timepiece is the Davosa Ternos GMT “Batman.” The Davosa model, however, succeeds and surprises with its great quality of materials, finish, and features for a list price of only $1,400, which considering the total quality of the watch, is truly deserved. This is true even if the two models have a lot in common.

We are referring to a watch with a 42 mm diameter, an automatic DAV3032 movement, a Sellita base, and a superbly finished, smoothly rotating blue/black ceramic bezel. Additionally, it is a part of the Ternos series, which is maybe the most impartial in the entire Davosa family. Finally, because of its 200-meter water resistance, it is ideal for both recreational and apnea diving.

3. Tudor Black Bay GMT – Best GMT watch under $5,000

Rolex has made it clear that it aims to continue a policy of quality, and Tudor, the group’s cadet line, is no exception. Tudor’s Black Bay has become somewhat of a cult favorite in recent years due to its indisputable quality and design. The Tudor Black Bay GMT “Pepsi,” which has its roots in vintage Rolex from the 1960s, combines the storied technical excellence of watches made by the Geneva-based company with a very retro and current appearance.

Its chronometer-certified, house-made MT5652 movement, which is housed in the 41mm-diameter case, has a remarkable 70 hours of power reserve. The watch also has a 200-meter water-resistant limit and is available in a variety of wristband and bracelet configurations for less than $5,000.

4. Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT – Best pilot GMT watch

The Alpina Startimer Pilot Heritage GMT is a timepiece that we particularly appreciate from Alpina, a venerable Swiss manufacturer that is now a member of the Citizen Group. Its cushioned 42mm case is reminiscent of military watches from World War II. The spinning dial has an inner disc that may be used to read the GMT timezone. A special crown can be used to change the outer bezel, which has a Supercompressor-style design and displays the time.

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In conclusion, while not looking like a GMT, it is. It has a sturdy AL-555 automatic movement mounted on a Sellita base, has a 38-hour power reserve, and is 100 meters water resistant. It costs about $1,500.

5. Squale 1545 GMT – Best diver GMT watch

Smart professionals have always associated the idea of professional diver watches with Squale, a tiny but significant brand that has always served as a benchmark in this industry. The watches from this Maison continue to run on time even today. The Squale 1545 GMT, often known as the “Giramondo” or globetrotter, is a GMT watch with the performance of a professional diver (300 meters of water resistance) and a style that is directly derived from a Maison model from the 1960s.

We realize that many of you will raise an eyebrow if we mention that this watch has a Swiss Made ETA 2893-2 automated movement with GMT timezone and date function and more than 50 hours of power reserve and costs around $950.

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6. Bremont Supermarine Descent II –  Best titanium GMT watch

The Bremont Supermarine Descent II is a superb watch from the British brand that combines elements of a true diver (an astonishing 500 meters of water resistance), GMT functionality, and a helium release valve with a very lightweight 43 mm titanium case.

It comes with a technical rubber strap in powder blue and a bronze bezel for contrast.

The watch is powered by the in-house automatic BE-93-2AV movement, which has a 42-hour power reserve and COSC chronometer certification. A distinctive timepiece with a list cost of just under $5,000 is offered.

7. Glycine Airman No. 1 – Best small GMT watch

This Glycine Airman No. 1, an authentic reissue of the vintage that pioneered the trend for GMT watches, is a timepiece that faithfully replicates the first GMT ever manufactured in the history of the globe. The watch is meticulously recreated, right down to its diminutive size (exactly 36 mm in diameter) and the dial’s design, which contains the same indicators, graphics, and typography as the very first Airman ever made.

Of course, the movement has changed; it is now a Sellita rather than a Felsa or AS Schild, but the allure of this piece of history endures. Despite being out in production, this model may still be purchased for less than $1,000 on the second wrist market.

8. Yema Navygraf Marine – Best automatic GMT watch

This GMT is one of many that are automatic timepieces. The Yema Navygraf Marine is a stunning GMT watch that demonstrates the capabilities of the French business that created it. It was created to meet the requirements of the French Navy. And it is a dashing, sporty, useful watch that charms you with its personality. The 39 mm case of the Navygraf Marine, which features a gorgeous deep blue dial with white markers and a 42-hour power reserve in-house caliber called the Yema3000, is housed inside.

The watch is intriguing to all enthusiasts of this type of complication because it has professional qualities like water resistance of up to 300 meters and a very reasonable retail price of just over $1,000.

9. Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT – Best vintage GMT watch

This homage watch by Steinhart, a firm that has become well-known for this kind of manufacture, is one that will immediately capture your attention. The iconic Rolex Explorer II line from the 1970s is referenced in the German company’s decision to create the Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT. It has a 42 mm diameter and a lovely black dial with orange hour markings and a GMT hand arrow that stand out.

The Steinhart Ocean Vintage GMT comes equipped with a Sellita SW330 movement that has a 38-hour power reserve and a 300-meter water resistance rating. It can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for about $550, making it one of the most affordable watches in our collection.

10. Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” – Best luxury GMT watch

The Rolex GMT-Master II “Pepsi” Ref. 126710 BLRO, the prototypical GMT watch, must be included in this category. The moniker is derived from the red and blue hues, which have long stood for the watch’s most popular model. Over time, this model has altered little, adapting to public tastes and becoming more and more opulent, from the ceramic bezel to the flawless finishing.

The Jubilee steel bracelet that comes with this model gives it a more upscale appearance. The caliber 3285 modern and technical movement that powers this watch’s 40 mm case provides it with a power reserve of 70 hours and Superlative Chronometer accuracy.

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The Maison would have a list price under $10,000, but since everyone is aware of how long the waiting list for this model is, getting one immediately would cost an additional $5,000.

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