Amazing Top 10 Smart Home Devices For 2023

A smart home is a handy house setting in which appliances and equipment may be managed remotely using a mobile or other networked device from anywhere with an internet connection. A smart home’s devices are connected through the internet, allowing the user to handle features such as home security, temperature, lighting, and a home theatre from afar.

At CES 2022, the smart home took off, with new devices for every room of the house finding their way onto the exhibition floor. We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting smart home products shown at this year’s expo, in no particular order. Although most of them aren’t yet accessible, even prototypes provide a glimpse into a more connected future.

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1. Coway Smart Care Air Mattress

Coway Smart Care Air Mattress
Source: SlashGear

It’s possible that your mattress could soon be able to assist you in breathing easier. The new Coway Smart Care Air Mattress has a built-in air purifier, humidifier, scent dispenser, and self-dimming lighting to help you relax. When you go into bed, it fills the room with soothing smells and gradually dims the lights to help you fall asleep.

Coway’s exclusive, patented technology is used in the adjustable Smart Care Air Mattress for a better night’s sleep. The mattress adjusts automatically to one of nine firmness levels after detecting the user’s body pressure and sleeping posture. These next-generation air pockets regulate the hardness of the mattress by controlling their own air pressure. As a result of this long-lasting innovative technology that substitutes traditional fast-wearing mattress springs, the mattress always feels new.

The mattress circulates clean air from all four sides as you sleep, ensuring that you don’t wake up with a stuffy nose. The Smart Care Air Mattress is expected to be available in the United States this year for $5,000.

2. Kohler PerfectFill Bathtubs

Kohler PerfectFill Bathtubs
Source: Kohler

Kohler’s much-touted PerfectFill technology has finally arrived, bringing a sigh of relief to stressed parents worldwide. At CES 2022, the business stated that their smart bath technology, which allows you to fill a bathtub with a single voice command, will be available. So, if you’re downstairs making supper and want Alexa or Google to start the kids’ bath, all you have to do is ask.

Kohler PerfectFill Bathtubs
Source: Kohler

PerfectFill is made up of a drain kit and a digital valve that work together to bring the bath to the temperature and depth you choose. So you won’t have to worry about flooding the bathroom because you forgot it was on. The Kohler Konnect app and voice control bath time and you can configure up to 10 distinct bath timings for everyone in the home. PerfectFill not only fills the tub, but it can also empty it with a voice or smartphone command.

Kohler PerfectFill Bathtubs cost $2,700 and will be available in May 2022.

3. Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni

smart home devices
Source: Digital Trends

The CES show is never complete without a fresh crop of floor-cleaning robots, and this year’s crop looks promising, especially the Evovacs Deebot X1 Omni. The Deebot create elaborate and precise maps of your home’s floor layout, but you can also direct it to concentrate on those particularly difficult areas, such as a stretch behind the sofa or beneath the cupboards and refrigerator.

Voice command, on-demand cleaning, app management, and scheduling are all common Robo-vac capabilities, but the Deebot adds one powerful new feature: it vacuums and mops. It also looks after itself.

The Deebot will return to its charging station and unload when it is full of dust and debris. When it’s done mopping, it’ll return to the dock to have its mop heads cleansed and its filthy water refilled with new water, so it’ll be ready for the next job.

The Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni will be available for $1,549 in March 2022.

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4. LG FX Washer and Dryer

smart home devices
Source: Home Crux

Are you concerned that you’re wasting water or detergent when you wash your clothes? The LG FX washer and dryer take the uncertainty out of doing laundry. The washer detects the load size, fabric type, and dirt level using LG’s Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive (AI DD) technology, then automatically supplies the proper quantity of detergent and changes the wash cycle. The washer then transmits information to the dryer using LG’s Smart Pairing technology, which advises an optimal drying cycle.

The dryer also employs artificial intelligence to understand your preferences, provides unique drying choices, and has an infrared sensor for uniform drying. The $1,599 washer will be available in September. The dryer will be available in both electric for $1,599 and gas for $1,699 variants at the same time.

5. Samsung Bespoke Family Hub Refrigerator

smart home
Source: SamMobile

Smart refrigerators made of stainless steel are a thing of the past. Samsung revealed at CES that its Family Hub technology will be included in its Bespoke refrigerator range. That means you’ll soon be able to buy a french door refrigerator in navy blue, emerald green, or sunrise yellow with smart features like the ability to stream media or communicate with Amazon Alexa.

Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerators are available in a wide range of colour options to complement any kitchen. The Bespoke Family Hub has yet to be priced or made available by the firm.

6. Cync Smart Thermostat, Security Cameras

smart home
Source: Tom’s Guide

The Cync brand of GE Lighting is expanding its product portfolio beyond smart lighting. The startup debuted a smart thermostat, a room-temperature sensor, and a series of outdoor security cameras at this year’s expo.

The $119.99 Cync Smart Thermostat won’t require a common connection or a separate hub, and it’ll be available this January. To manage the thermostat, just use the Cync mobile app and couple it with a $29.99 Temperature Sensor to guarantee that separate rooms stay at a fixed temperature.

The Cync Outdoor Smart Camera has a 2K/1,280P HD video resolution, night vision, a digital swivel head, and cloud and local storage options. The outdoor camera will be available in both wired and battery/solar-powered versions, with prices beginning at $99.99 and $129.99, respectively, when it launches in February.

7. Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door

smart home
Source: PR Newswire

Smart locks and video doorbells are well-known, but smart doors might be the next big thing in entrance technology. The Masonite M-Pwr Smart Door is equipped with motion-activated LED lights, a Ring video doorbell, and a Yale Home smart lock and door status sensor.

It connects to your home’s electrical system and Wi-Fi network, and it has an emergency backup battery that can keep the system functioning for up to 24 hours if the power goes out.

This fibreglass door technology is available from Masonite in a variety of forms, colours, and finishes. The doors are now only available in Barringer Houses’ new homes in Charlotte, NC, but Masonite intends to announce more builder partners this year. The cost of the doors will be determined by the firm’s contracted constructors, according to the company.

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8. Withings BodyScan

smart home
Source: Nextpit

Any smart bathroom scale worth its salt will be able to determine your body composition and track your progress via an app. The Withings Body Scan smart scale takes it a step further, with a retractable handle and stainless steel electrodes that use a six-lead electrocardiogram to measure your heart rhythm and diagnose atrial fibrillation (ECG). It also assesses your tiny nerve activity by tracking sweat gland activity in your foot.

The Body Scan, which was created by specialists who specialize in cardiovascular, neurological, and metabolic problems, may provide individualized health programs through its companion app to help you achieve your objectives. We don’t yet know how much the scale will cost, but it’ll be available in the second part of the year, according to Withings.

9. Echelon EX-8S Connect

Smart home
Source: Echelon

A curved screen and LED accent lighting distinguish the Echelon EX-8S Connect smart stationary bike from its competitors. The 24-inch curved 1080p touch panel comes with surround sound and offers a more immersive audiovisual experience than flat screens, moving you to the front row of one of Echelon’s new Pitbull-themed workshops.

To keep you motivated, its LED flywheel light ring may change colours dependent on your heart rate zone or output rating. The EX-8S Connect costs $2,399.98 and includes a one-year Echelon United subscription, making it less expensive than the Peloton Bike+. The bike is currently available for presale, with delivery set for mid-January.

10. Samsung Home Hub

Smart home
Source: Samsung Newsroom

Samsung hopes to make it easier to monitor and operate the SmartThings ecosystem’s thousands of devices from a single location. The Samsung Home Hub is an 8.4-inch tablet that you can dock or move about your house to manage connected devices with a few taps or voice commands via Bixby.

At launch, Samsung claims that the tablet will function with all SmartThings-compatible products. We don’t yet know how much the Home Hub will cost, but it will make its debut in Korea in March before heading to the rest of the world.


As we come to the end of our list of the finest smart home gadgets from CES 2022, it’s worth noting that these products just touch the surface of what the show has to offer. Not only that but the year 2022 is only getting started.

This suggests that a slew of new and fascinating devices are on the way, and will most likely be revealed at various events throughout the year.

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