The Top 5 Best Auto Clickers for Mac

A computer program called an “auto clicker” modifies how your mouse clicks are recognized by your computer. With only one click, it can activate several buttons at once or click on your behalf according to a set of pre-programmed instructions. You can use an auto clicker to play click-based video games and finish repetitive chores that need a lot of clicking by modifying settings and even creating macros in the program.

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1. Auto Clicker for Mac

auto clicker for mac

MurGaa, a company that has produced multiple Mac auto clickers over the years, one of which it has been written about below created Auto Clicker for Mac.

Wherever you place your cursor, Auto Clicker for Mac can be configured to click an endless number of times, stopping only when you manually tell it to. A keyboard shortcut that you set up in the software or the middle mouse button (if you have one) can be used to perform this stop-and-start.

You may set the amount of time that elapses between clicks using Auto Clicker for Mac by entering the delay in seconds and milliseconds. Therefore, if you correctly adjust the millisecond delay, you may configure it to click 50 times in 50 seconds or have 50 clicks occur in 1 second.

With click-based games that disable you or prohibit you if you exceed a certain threshold of clicks in a short period of time, this program also lets you set a maximum click limit. To avoid bans, read the terms and conditions of a game to find out whether there are any click limitations, then configure Auto Clicker for Mac accordingly.

In Auto Clicker for Mac, you can also toggle the clicking sounds on and off and configure the clicks to be standard left- or right-clicks on your Mac.

After the free trial, Auto Clicker for Mac costs $6.54 for six months of use on a single Mac. There are some auto clickers for Mac that are free, however, this one may be more useful due to its variety and level of control.

2. Mac Auto Mouse Click

auto clicker for mac

Mac Auto Mouse Click is the other MurGaa auto clicker that we truly appreciate. This not only clicks for you but also moves your cursor to pre-set places. Mac Auto Mouse Click can therefore aid in automating some challenging operations.

Let’s say you’re repeatedly hitting the same buttons while uploading a large number of files to an internet database. With Mac Auto Mouse, you can program a string of actions. Click those buttons and select those files for you.

You can reorder the list of activities to alter when they occur, and you can amend or delete actions as necessary. You can use this auto clicker to input right- and left-clicks, double-, middle-, and Shift-clicks, as well as certain automated text-typing functions.

Mac Auto Mouse Click is quite helpful for repetitive clicking jobs, and there can be a lot of those. However, if all you want to do is repeatedly click in one spot or periodically tap your screen to prevent your Mac from going to sleep, it may be a bit complicated.

In addition to a free trial, this software is $9.87 for six months of use on a single Mac. You may find the control and automation that this Mac auto clicker enables to be completely worth that price, or you may find that it is more than you require.

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3. Mac Auto Clicker

auto clicker for mac

Mac Auto Clicker by FileHorse is a free auto clicker for Mac that we’d suggest. Like Auto Clicker for Mac, Mac Auto Clicker will keep clicking until you stop it or until you specify a certain amount of clicks.

However, Mac Auto Clicker offers a delayed start setting you may use to make sure you have enough time to position your cursor correctly before it begins clicking. If you want to stop the application that way, you may also specify a time limit for the automatic clicking.

The time between clicks and the time between groups of clicks can both be customized in Mac Auto Clicker, just like in the other auto clickers on this list. However, you are not required to know the precise number of milliseconds you desire.

For speedier customization and easier setup, you can adjust the click speed on a scale from Very Slow to Very Fast. This Mac auto clicker still provides the opportunity to enter precise millisecond and second values if you choose. Simply put, there’s no need as the computer provides a different choice.

Mac Auto Clicker appears to function best in versions of macOS Yosemite and earlier. It takes a few extra steps, but FileHorse offers instructions on how to enable Mac Auto Clicker to operate on subsequent versions of macOS.

However, Mac Auto Clicker provides exactly as much and is free as Auto Clicker for Mac. In our opinion, the extra labor required to get it to operate on your Mac appears insignificant in comparison to the fantastic free auto clicker that it is.

4. DwellClick

auto clicker fpr mac

Auto clickers are fantastic for many video games on the computer, but they can also be useful if clicking frequently gives you hand pain or is otherwise physically challenging for you. An auto clicker for your Mac can ease the agony and fatigue of computer use by minimizing the amount of clicking required.

DwellClick goes one step further by enabling clickless computer usage. You simply launch the application, move the mouse or trackpad cursor to the desired location, and wait while DwellClick executes the clicks on your behalf.

DwellClick can click and drag for you in addition to left, right, and double clicks. As a result, you may drag files into directories and move windows around the screen without having to hold down the mouse button. Objects can also be dragged and resized.

When DwellClick is activated, you only need to press the Fn key on your keyboard and choose the sort of click you want from the popup panel to access these options. The auto clicker’s preferences can be changed to turn certain clicks and features on and off.

Additionally, if your Mac’s mouse isn’t working or you use a head tracker to control the computer, you may program a key on your keyboard to function as a mouse click for you. You can even activate hands-free options using these features. If you want or need it, DwellClick also provides a ton of audio and visual signals to let you know when a click or drag has occurred.

After its free trial time, DwellClick can be purchased from the Mac App Store for $9.99. It is a Mac auto clicker that reduces the number of clicks you make rather than clicking quickly. However, if you require that reduction for the benefit of your hand or mouse, we think it’s a fantastic auto clicker.

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5. iMouseTrick

auto clicker for mac

iMouseTrick is the auto clicker you need if you’re searching for a genuinely straightforward one for your Mac. You can configure the time between clicks on iMouseTrick as well as the number of clicks (up to an infinite number). Even setting a countdown before you begin is possible.

There are options to hide the iMouseTrick window and pause its clicks when you move the mouse over it, but those are its only features. Therefore, using it is quite simple. You mainly set the values you want by clicking and dragging on scales, whose maximum values you can change by entering new numbers.

However, iMouseTrick, unfortunately, lacks hotkey shortcuts for pausing and restarting clicks as well as other more sophisticated options.

However, iMouseTrick is free, and given its simplicity, it might be all you require. We’d suggest it to anyone who wants an auto clicker without a lot of bells and whistles, as well as to anyone who occasionally struggles with technology or is wary of it.


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