Thomas Layton Walton Biography, Family and Business Life

No one can fully grasp the scope of the Waltons without putting their merchandise – Walmart – in mind. Walmart is widely known as a major retail store, operating almost worldwide, making it the largest company in the world. Thomas Layton Walton is a member of the broad Walton family and a partaker in this fortune.

Thomas Layton Walton is the third child of Jim Walton and grandson to Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart enterprises. His father is the last child of Sam Walton and is one of the top twenty most affluent men in the world.

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About Thomas Layton Walton

Thomas Walton was born in September 1983. He is the third child of Jim Walton and Lynne McNabb Walton. He is also a sibling to Alice A. Proietti, Steuart Walton, and James M. Walton.

Thomas was born and raised in Bentonville, which led to his passion for the region. He went to the University of Northern Arizona. During his schooling, Tom fell in love with mountain biking. Today, he still promotes the activity of biking in the region of Northwest Arkansas.

Thomas is also a present-day supporter of cycling and biking assets and is supporting organizations in this field. He also promotes the sport by making sure any individual can key into it easily. In addition, he is one of the individuals promoting standard trail systems in Northwest Arkansas.

Some of the companies that have benefited from Tom’s support include Bike Bentonville and Friends of Arkansas Single Track (FAST). Bentonville/Bella Vista Trailblazers Association, Girls Bike Bentonville, and Pedal It Forward are also beneficiaries. In 2016, Tom earned the Arkansas Tourism Person of the Year title.

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Thomas Layton Walton – Business Life

Thomas L. Walton is the managing principal in charge of the RopeSwing organization. The company is a Bentonville, Arkansas-based hospitality enterprise. Its goal is to create unique events that cover culinary, entertainment, and culture.

Tom remains supportive of his home region and supports it personally using several means. He also contributes his quota through the Walton Family Foundation’s Home Region Program.

Tom aims at upgrading several slacking areas of Arkansas. Thus, he has proven to be a vital instrument in reviving downtown areas and creating collaborative spaces for the region’s growing population.

Tom was also involved in top-notch projects that gained him recognition in Bentonville. For example, he participated in the 21c Museum Hotel project, which responded to the demand for downtown hospitality. The project was overseen by the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art and Business travel.

He was also involved in improving natural spaces like Lake Atalanta in Rogers, Arkansas. In addition, he collaborated with NorthWest Arkansas Community College to provide world-class culinary arts training in the area. Tom presently lives with his family in Benton, Arkansas.

Thomas Layton Walton

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About the Walton Family

Sam Walton

Sam Walton is the founder of the company and the reason for the family’s evergreen fortune. He founded Walmart Incorporation on July 2, 1962, after buying a branch of the Butler Brothers business.

Sam was born on March 29, 1918, and died on April 5, 1992. He presently rests in Bentonville Cemetery.

Helen Walton

Helen is the spouse of Sam Walton. She lived as a philanthropist and a lover of art. She dedicated a big part of her life to the development of her community in Bentonville, Arkansas.

One of her most significant achievements is instituting a committee for the National Museum of arts. It remains the longest-standing committee in the state. She was born on December 3, 1919, but died on April 9, 2007. She was once the eleventh-richest woman in the world.

Thomas Layton Walton

Jim Walton

Jim was the manager of Walmart Incorporation for years before handing it down to his son. He was born in Newport, Jackson County, Arkansas, and grew up as a footballer. Jim studied at the University of Arkansas and graduated with a bachelor’s in Business Administration.

He became the president of Walmart in 1975 and has managed it since then. As of October 2021, he was the seventeenth-richest man in the world. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, he also has a net worth of $61.9 billion.

He is married to Lynn and lives with his family in Arkansas. He has four children, with Thomas being the second. His first son – Steuart, is presently a director in the company.

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