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Undoubtedly, the star of Wynonna Earp is Tim Rozon. Several credits have rolled in as regards his sterling character. Not only did Rozon get the plaudits in this series, but he is also applauded for his role in Schitt’s Creek and many other movies.

Critics have labelled the Canadian actor as a versatile actor, and his ability to bend to the character asked of him – it is a talent that is rare. However, many female fans want to know if he is married with his good looks. Well, you will find the answer to this question as you read on.

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Yes, Tim Rozon is married. Sorry, we couldn’t wait to break it to you. His wife’s name is Linzey Rozon. They have been married for a while, and it looks like they are a perfect match.

While we have heard of several divorces in less than a year of marriage, Tim Rozon’s marriage has stood the test of time, even if it is for seven years now. In this article, we will be focusing on Linzey Rozon, the lovely wife of Tim.

Who is Tim Rozon?

Just in case you still don’t know who Tim Rozon is, we are here to clear all doubts. Timothy Rozon is a Canadian actor born on June 4, 1976, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is famous for his role as Tommy Quincy on the CTV drama Instant Star. Since then, there has been no looking back.

He also played Mutt Schitt in the critically acclaimed comedy series Schitt’s Creek. But, his first professional role came in the adaptation of “The Great Gatsby ” in 2000.

While his roles in the shows mentioned above are phenomenal, his performance as Doc Holliday in Wynonna Earp shot him to fame. He received the People’s Choice Award for Best Sci-Fi Show for this show.

Who is Tim Rozon’s Wife?

Linzey Rozon was born Lindsay Govan before her marriage. On May 16, 1985, she was born in Quebec, Montreal, Canada. Left to Linzey, there will probably not be many things you can write about her but for her marriage to a celebrity in Tim.

Her mother, Catherine sadly, recently passed away. Her father, Peter, on the other hand, is still healthy. Linzey grew up with two siblings, Ashley and James.

Linzey Is An Equestrian

Horseback riding is not as popular as it used to be back in the day. But there are still some people who derive intense pleasure from riding on horseback.

One of these people is Linzey. She is an equestrian who rides, trains, and owns horses. There hasn’t been any competition that she has partaken in, though.

Tim Rozon
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How did Tim and Linzey Meet?

There isn’t a clear picture about where they met, but they met sometime in the 2000s. We have no idea of what attracted you to the other, but of course, Tim is charming, and Linzey is a beautiful woman. When the relationship started, the lovers were reluctant to share their pictures. But these days, they have resorted to sharing their lovey-dovey pictures without remorse.
They tied the knot on September 6, 2015, in the presence of their friends and families.

They have A Child

It took four years before the couple decided to have a child. Finally, in 2019, they announced happily on Instagram about the birth of their baby boy. So far, the baby’s name hasn’t been revealed to the public.

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Tim Rozon
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Both Tim Rozon and his wife are happily married. For work trips, Linzey is happy to accompany her husband. She has been there from the beginning, and she is still here.

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