Toby Turner Net Worth And Career Success

Toby Turner is the sensational personality behind the well-known Tobuscus. He is an actor, musician, comedian, and internet figure. Toby Turner net worth is largely influenced by his internet merchandise.

Toby Turner net worth is estimated at $5 million. This sums up his earnings from his career, especially his YouTube videos, which have made him famous.

Toby is also a patron of many who envisions becoming an internet sensation. He keeps inspiring many who look forward to making millions on the internet using YouTube.

Toby turner

Brief Description

Toby’s full name is Toby Joseph Turner. He is 36 years old, fair, single, and presently in no relationship. Tony has no child or well-known relative. He is 1.79m tall and weighs 75kg.


Toby Turner was born on the 3rd of March, 1985 in Osborn, Mississippi. He grew up in Niceville, Florida, where his passion for filmmaking awakened. He studied telecommunication production and graduated with a degree.

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YouTube Career

Toby’s YouTube career began with his mother purchasing him a video camera. Toby appreciated this effort, especially since his mother had to take out a loan to make the purchase.

Toby Turner joined YouTube on May 14, 2006, with his first channel being ‘Tobuscus’. This channel gave him his stage name. With this, he began doing videos, and his first was based on the 2006 movie – Click. 

However, he still had to put in more effort to make much difference. Soon, he released videos that went more viral, including “Don’t Tase Me, Bro”, which brought him to an interview with MTV. In no time, Turner was picking more ideas from what happened in real-time and polishing it up with his style. 

This includes his rendition of the Dead Island and Iron Man 3 trailers. These new videos received praise from brands like CBN news.

Turner’s style remains an extroverted, energetic, and vibrant one which attracted his fans. His catchphrase is a long sing-song one used to begin his videos in the most lively way. Still, Toby ensures he never went too far to sound illicit to his target audience.

Gaming Career

Toby also portrayed his love for gaming. In July 2010, Toby registered a third channel which he named “Toby Games”. He brought this channel to life by using it, especially for gaming videos for his viewers to play as they watched. It featured many indie and AAA games.

Filming Career

Toby began his film career in the 2010 film – New Low with Adam Bowers. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and received coverage in other festivals. It was later available on DVD in 2012. This instantly gave Turner a warm welcome into the industry.

He also appeared in the 2015 comedy Bob Thunder: Internet Access and the 2015 film The Great Gilly Hopkins. Toby also played Neville in the animation The High Fructose Adventure of Annoying Orange.

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Personal Life

Toby moved to Los Angeles in 2008 where he continued his video-making career. On April 8, 2016, several mishaps met Turner with allegations brought upon him. His ex-girlfriend, April Fletcher, had uploaded allegations of Turner doing drugs, cheating, drugging, and raping her. 

Other allegations from past girlfriends followed afterward. However, another ex-girlfriend – Jaclyn Glenn – responded, saying she believed they were false. She received support from some other exes, including Olga Kay and Melanie Murphy. Turner also ruled out these allegations soon after, but not until it had done some damage.

Turner replied, saying Fletcher had been lying against him, probably to ruin his reputation. He gave a story of how Fletcher had been the one who wanted something intimate with him. He added that he only wanted nothing but the friendship which possibly led to her hating him.

While Toby had earlier taken a role in Marvel studios, the spreading news caused a stir. This led to his replacement by the voice of Ant-Man in the Marvel Avengers Academy game.

Toby turner

Other Works And Collaborations

He was nominated for an award for Best Host in December 2012 but lost it. His game “Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards!” is also a masterpiece he produced.

Toby Turner has worked with leading companies as an advertiser, including Disney, NBC, Fox, Timberland, and others. He was successful in many of them and his campaigns did excellently well. 

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