Top 10 Best Text-Based Video Games

Video games in the text-based genre have been around for a long time. When game makers didn’t have access to the amazing graphics shown today, it was the simplest way to construct a narrative within a game. But this was also a means of engrossing the players—it wasn’t merely a means of telling a story. It is similar to a book but has better graphics and an incredible amount of detail to get anyone into this fascinating genre.


Many people thought text-based video games were going extinct due to the new graphics and gaming trends. Fortunately, there are a ton of amazing modern experiences to satisfy fans’ nostalgia or love of books.

10. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Fans of the franchise who wanted these spin-off games to get the proper localization was ecstatic to hear about The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and were widely in agreement. After all, the Ace Attorney series has enchanted western audiences with fascinating murder mysteries and endearing characters that viewers will remember long after the adventures are over.

It is very simple to understand why, upon their release, everyone adored the localization of the two Great Ace Attorney games.

Both games have excellent writing and compelling stories. Many people believe the second game to be a true masterpiece because it builds on the previous game’s merits while making up for many of its flaws. Fans of the Ace Attorney series owe it to themselves to check out this fantastic visual novel game that is dripping with charm and steeped in mystery.

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  • Two games in One
  • An all-new cast
  • New gameplay mechanics
  • Bonus content included
  • Art gallery and auditorium

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9. Doki Doki Literature Club


There is no better moment to bring up Doki Doki Literature Club when discussing visual novels, which have a huge following despite the niche nature of the majority of these games. This game appeared to be little more than a typical visual novel in which the protagonist attended high school and had a variety of love options in a literature club that they were essentially obliged to join. Doki Doki Literature Club doesn’t reveal its true colors, though, for quite some time.

For many fans who might feel nauseous at the notion of abrupt jumpscares and horrific imagery, the game’s tragic incident transforms the experience into one that is truly horrifying and difficult to go through. The fact that players must remove specific files in order to finish the game as a result of the narrative turmoil should be evidenced enough of how insane yet captivating Doki Doki Literature Club’s story is.

8. The Fellowship Of The Ring

The Hobbit: The Second Age is a text adventure game that fixes some of the problems from The Hobbit: The First Age. In particular, this can be seen in the increase from 400 to 800 words that the algorithm can recognize. This makes the game less frustrating to interface with.

The Fellowship of the Ring succeeds because of the many ways that readers can engage with its environment and characters. You can pick what you want to do, and the finest games in this category will allow you to accomplish whatever that is, which is why these games are referred to as interactive fiction.

7. Zork

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A classic and well-known text adventure is Zork. It was first released in the late 1970s, but thanks to its excellent storytelling and cutting-edge text recognition, it has stood the test of time. The text parser is not especially picky about what you submit considering how ancient the game is.

As it turns out, Zork is actually separated into three pieces. With no more directions, the first one places you in front of the White House. You’ll need to gather as much treasure as you can once you’ve successfully made it inside the house to really start the adventure.

With the use of brief and verbose commands, you can modify how much information Zork gives you about new locations and save and restore your progress. This timeless title is a fantastic place to start if you want to play text-based adventures. Try it out and see how long you can last before being devoured by a grue.

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6. Unmemory


This text-based puzzle game will be available in 2020 for both PCs and mobile devices. This adventure puzzle game’s main character has significant memory loss and is situated in a world that has a somewhat noir appearance.

The player’s toughest mystery yet must be solved using the puzzles and items provided. Who killed the person’s girlfriend? One of the best aspects of this game is that it can be played in many different ways, like a book or a game, giving it the ideal experience to try if players are unfamiliar with the genre. At the end of the day, this is a suspenseful mystery experience that will make anyone feel like Sherlock Holmes.

5. Disco Elysium

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Disco Elysium, despite having some excellent voice acting, appears to be the direction text-based video games are headed. While still allowing for the core of the genre—those text-based choices and narratives that these games thrive in—it highlights the need for decent graphics and a fantastic soundtrack.

Disco Elysium follows a tough investigator as he questions some sketchy persons and becomes whoever the players want him to be using vivid colors, an engrossing plot, and some touching decisions. It is quite deceptive and ideal for folks who enjoy inventing their own narratives.

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4. The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy


Given how complex its world and people are, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy really is the ideal novel to be turned into a text adventure. This enhances the satisfaction of engaging with them in a way that feels real, or at least more real than in a book, and this game goes above and beyond in that sense.

Although it is only loosely based on the novel, this is superior because it prevents cheating by altering some of the riddles from how they are presented in the book. This text adventure is among the best works of interactive fiction ever created because of the writing’s depth and amazing level of detail.

3. The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold is a great way to learn about interactive fiction because it was made especially for people who have never played it before. In addition to being brief and easy to complete, the game also has a “tutorial voice” that provides guidance as you play.

The Dreamhold is still enjoyable if you are an experienced player, though. To turn off the game’s tutorial, simply type off. Additionally, you can enter the Expert mode, which makes some riddles more difficult, if you want an even greater challenge.

In terms of the game itself, the story revolves around you waking up in a cell. You need to look around to find out how you got there because you can’t recall how you got there.

2. 80 Days


This interactive choice-making game, which is based on the famous book Around the World in 80 Days, incorporates the text-based genre into a widely known and beloved story. However, because of these decisions, the conclusion isn’t usually what readers recall from the novel. The player must make difficult decisions that frequently mean the difference between roaring success and terrible failure.

Aside from the gameplay, the graphics are stunning, all of which are supported by some incredible storytelling that will keep anyone’s eyes glued to the screen as they wait to see what might happen. It definitely helps to bring the game to life and is exquisitely done.

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1. Baba Is You

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The riddles in this experience, which puts a somewhat unusual spin on text-based puzzle games, are really solved using the language. Rather than using the text as a guide, the user is actively urged to rearrange the words and shape them to fit the narrative they desire. The main character may be able to enter an area they couldn’t previously enter or discover a key that wasn’t initially present by just moving these words.

It’s a remarkably ingenious method to create a text-based game, yet one that lots of players will like. Despite the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to solve. Fortunately, the player always has the option to savor the charming artwork and endearing characters if solving the riddle proves difficult.

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