Top 10 Ideas for Cool Blue Hair for Anime Fans in 2023

It has been seen on some of your favorite celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Rihanna, so there is no doubt that if you decide to flaunt blue hair, people will take note. It takes a lot of confidence to pull off this color trend because that is after all the idea.

The good thing is that you can customize your style to fit your preferences thanks to the wide range of tints and application methods available. Some people prefer a dramatic and vibrant look using electric neon blue or teals, while others prefer a more understated and understated approach.

Many various skin tones can benefit from blue hair’s amazing ability to flatter. Additionally, it’s a great way to show off your playful side and demonstrate that you’re a woman who likes to take chances and doesn’t always follow the rules.

1. Aqua Blue Hair

Blue Hair

If you like the deep blue water, aqua-blue hair will certainly be your color. It will make you think of the ocean. The color, which is a combination of blue and green, can make you look more youthful. It also has a very refreshing sensation to it and is frequently connected to feelings of tranquility. You can select from a variety of methods and tones, each with varying degrees of vibrancy.

Find the hue that will go well with your features by working with your colorist. It’s a fantastic way to experiment with your hair and bring out your inner mermaid in the summer, and it’s the ideal hue for that season.

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2. Silver Blue Hair

Blue Hair

A lively and edgy appearance may be achieved with silver-blue hair, which is the ideal combination of color and metallic tones. Although the color is difficult to keep up and will probably require frequent touch-ups, there’s no denying it makes a statement and is a simple method to attract attention. It can also be used with different hair textures and lengths. It is completely up to you how you decide to design your style; perhaps you want highlights, a color blend, or intend to concentrate on only the tips. Enjoy your decision-making as there are so many options.

3. Electric Neon Blue Hair

Blue Hair

Electric neon blue is certain to stand out from the crowd more than any other color. Yes, this appearance demands attention, but that is the goal; it is not for the timid or those who wish to blend in. A great method to express yourself is by coloring your hair. It might be an opportunity to demonstrate to the world your unconventional thinking or your bold sense of fashion.

You should cut back on how frequently you wash your hair, and you might want to change your makeup routine to go with your gorgeous new hair. This color is perfect for you if you enjoy taking chances.

4. Blue Ombre Hair

Blue Hair

The term “ombre” refers to a shading method that flawlessly blends two hues, one lighter than the other. The hair typically starts out darker at the roots and progressively grows lighter as it descends. With so many options available, you may customize your style to fit your preferences when choosing to do this with a strong color.

Teal and dark blue are two examples of blues that can be combined by certain women for a really colorful appearance, while other women could prefer a more subdued color scheme. This is a wonderful chance to gradually color your hair a vibrant color without really committing to doing so. Less upkeep is another possibility.

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5. Light Pastel Blue Hair

Blue Hair

A lovely and romantic option is light pastel blue hair. Because of the pastels’ gentleness, it is a simple color to wear and looks good on ladies of all skin tones. Before dyeing your hair with your favorite pastel color, there are a few things to keep in mind, like the fact that the color will fade quickly and the necessity for light hair as a basis. Because you won’t have to spend as much time and money at the salon, it is an enticing option for people with naturally light hair tones.

6. Midnight Blue Hair

Blue Hair

The woman who wishes to make a statement should choose midnight blue hair because of its rich, opulent appearance. You may come out as self-assured and cool because the hue is frequently linked to sophistication and strength. It’s critical to take good care of your hair when getting your hair dyed blue, whether it’s a permanent or semi-permanent tint, as the process can be harsh and harmful.

7. Royal Blue Hair

Blue Hair

Why not embrace these characteristics and choose this daring color for your hair as royal blue is a color that is linked to elegance, sophistication, and loyalty? Being such a rich and opulent color, it is difficult to ignore and demands attention. Aside from that, it is a lovely technique to highlight your face.

For the greatest results, color your entire head with this shade rather than just dye your hair brilliant colors, which may be done in a variety of ways. You’ll need to bleach your hair first in order to create a deep and pure color. For the most effective way to get the desired effects with the least amount of harm, work with a colorist.

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8. Blue Natural Hair

blue black hair colors

It takes the appropriate person to color natural hair because it can be a difficult process. The blue hair of your fantasies can be achieved with little harm if you work with a skilled colorist. It’s also important to remember that bleach might change your hair’s texture.

Thus, make sure to discuss all of your concerns and questions with your hairstylist so that you are delighted with the outcome, which is likely to be stunning and aesthetically pleasing. Before making the commitment, you might also want to try out a few other looks. You can do this by adding low-maintenance highlights to different parts of your hair.

9. Blue Peekaboo Hair

Blue Hair

Blue peekaboo hair is the style for you if you love the notion of experimenting with vibrant hair color but are not prepared to commit to coloring your full head. Peekaboo color is applied to the layer of your hair beneath the top layer so that it can be hidden when your hair is down.

For someone who doesn’t want the blue to be visible all the time, this is a good alternative. It lends itself well to many situations because it is a low-maintenance choice that is not as bold. The greatest option when choosing a dye to utilize is semi-permanent color. Although it may fade more quickly, this is a more flexible choice.

10. Barbie Blue Hair

Blue Hair

If you like the hue of the Barbie mermaid doll, you might wish to replicate it at home. When you were younger, you might have used creativity to paint your doll’s hair using Kool-Aid or food coloring, but this time is a little different. You must have light hair, so if you are not already blonde, you will need to bleach it; this takes time and harms your locks, so it is better to have a professional do it.

Choose a pale color that has an ice sheen and may make a strong impression. It’s a great way to remember your youth and have a good time. You do not have to commit to having blue hair forever because it ages quickly.

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What You Need to Know Before Dying Your Hair Blue

There are a few things you should know before dyeing your hair blue; the most important one is probably that the color will fade quickly. If you spend a lot of time in the water, the vibrancy of your appearance will only endure a few weeks at most. Particularly if you don’t have naturally light hair, to begin with, it can be a highly destructive process. Your hair will need to be lifted with bleach, and you might need to make many color adjustments. Another consideration is whether you select permanent or semi-permanent hair dye.

It’s vital to keep in mind that even with semi-permanent dye, getting your hair back to its natural color can take a while because blue is difficult to remove from your hair. In order to accent and complement your new color, you may also need to slightly modify your makeup and attire regimen.

Blue Hair Dyeing Instructions

You have a few choices when coloring your hair blue, and you can choose between semi-permanent or permanent hair color. The main distinction between the two is that semi-permanent hair color should ideally wash off or rapidly fade after a few washes, appearing as though it merely coated the exterior hair shaft. Permanent dye, on the other hand, colors the hair all the way through.

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It frequently has substances that remain much longer, like ammonia or peroxide. If your hair is light in color, you can use semi-permanent coloring; however, if your hair is darker in tone, you must employ bleaching to lift the color and produce a more brilliant finish.

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